I just woke up, on the other side of the planet from my home state of Texas.

It’s wet season here in Bali, and it was the intense sound of the rain that woke me up.

It started out as a little rain here and there in the beginning, now it’s on full blast at random times through the day.

Usually lasts about an hour or so.

Straight up island shit.

I usually wake up and get my morning routine done


-check socials



-maybe a livestream if I wake up in flow


These vary and always change, depending on what’s going on but I’m usually pretty consistent.

Like this morning, I checked my socials and looked at the memories side of Facebook.

It kicked me right into flow, as I saw some things from November that kicked my own memories off and dropped me into that coveted flow state.

I really love November in Dallas, the weather is perfect, the vibes are dope.

It got me thinking about the things I actually find myself missing back that way so I figured I’d drop a Paradise post here (which is the travel side of things if you follow the blog).

1. Friends and a Family

Of course the top one goes to my people. It’s easy to make friends here, and they are great people but they come and go.

You still get to establish a bond, but it’s not long before you have to go your separate ways.

I miss hanging with my brother and doing random shit around Dallas.

It’s not so much the random shit, it’s just being around him and getting into capers.

We took a trip to Rio back in 2016 and those adventures really kicked off my travel vibes.

We had so much fun that when I got back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about taking it to the next level.

Even though there is shit to do in Dallas, we need to be moving on a larger scale.

He’s got my niece to look after, but will be joining me before long on a vacation of some sort.

I hope when he gets here he’s not all travel zombied out in a rush to drink monkey shit coffee and all the other touristy activities, but knowing him he’s never been one for that either.

He will be down for the the underground lifestyle.

Being a consummate contrarian like myself, Im sure we will be surfing and finding the weirdest of adventures to get into.

And can’t wait to hang with him again. Until then, we stay in contact on Instagram.

Of course I miss my parents as well, dinners with my mom and stepfather.

I call my pops from time to time but he’s busier than a pig in shit with his Elmo activities.

Same with my older bro, my sister in law and my nieces and nephews.

I miss going to the races and just seeing what they were all up to, and I’m going to miss the holidays as we always do it up right.

The family is bigger and I’m going to miss out on the kid eyes lighting up when they see Santa Claus and the crazy sounds they make when they are opening presents.

It puts things in perspective and has a way of reminding me of better ways to look at the world.

I do miss my friends as well, like my best friend Travis Plumb.

He’s busy at work creating a business as well, so we hardly communicate that much anymore, but I miss hanging with him, gettin’ some Starbucks and just back to back chiefing out and playing some call of duty, and pettin on some dogs.

I miss his family who were always welcoming. Some of the best people I know.

2. Weather

It’s crazy, but I actually miss that November weather just a little bit.

I absolutely love a hot climate which is one of the main reasons I’m here but damn if i wouldn’t like a damn of crisp cool Dallas November.

It’s perfect for going out and sitting on a patio, or having a night out.

Night outs here are rather scarce for me. Not because I don’t like doing it, but because it’s absolutely one of the most dangerous things you could possibly do (on the planet)

No joke: people get smashed in scooter accidents every night here, people just don’t talk about it.

One of the waiters that works at this hotel/restaurant I stay at got into a motorcycle accident this week.

His little sister was on the back and died.

When you’re here for vacation, you take the gamble of going hard as fuck a couple of times, but when you stay here longer you keep an eye out.

It really causes you to question how many dice rolls you actually have here.

One of the first nights I went out I saw two scooters crash into each other, blood leaking everywhere.

It didn’t register at the time, but now I hear of it all the time through whispers around the village.

It’s just one of those things I guess if people talk about too much it actually happens to them, like getting bit by a shark.

Shit… the first week here in Canggu I drove off the road into a rice paddy, my scooter laying on top of me.

I spoke to a girl yesterday who has a friend that was mangled by a scooter, and she will not ride one at all anymore.

I can understand.

It’s just like that surfer from Australia that was the baddest in the game; he got into a tussle with a shark and was never the same.

Nobody is going to call you a pussy for that; it is what it is.

So in that regards as much as it pains me to say I do miss the

3. Safety

Just a tiny little bit, but not much. Occasionally it is nice to get in the car with a big ass blunt and just cruise and smoke, knowing nobody is going to fuck with you and you’ve got a fighting chance if you get into a wreck.

I rode my scooter on some hash the other day and it was the worst thing ever.

The whole ride – just around the block – was filled with paranoia.

My lower self amplified, telling me to be uncertain, telling me this isn’t a game I’m in, telling me I will die.

The smoke out here isn’t Colorado quality by far; you really gotta steer it the right way.

But I was tripping, because as slow as I could drive on that scooter, it wouldn’t stop the lights speeding towards me and swerving into my lane.

I miss the occasional breather from that, as driving chilling and smoking is one of my favorite hobbies.

Still, nothing makes me feel more alive than all of this risk and danger rolled into one big blunt to smoke.

The closer you are to death, the closer you are to life in my opinion.

Dancing around with it, playing with the certainty that this is all just one big game and you may be the only player…

You won’t know for sure until that day comes, but what it?

What if you never took the risks?

To me there is no greater death than this.

Anyways… there are some things, maybe contradictory to what you believe I have going on out here, maybe not.

These things I do find myself missing but I’m willing to make some sacrifice to do this.

I love what I’m doing and actually just won’t NOT do it.

I was born for it.

So, even though i miss these things and my people I know I can serve them better as a happy and free man.

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