If you’re going to get into the game, and start putting your message out there it’s best to start off in the right direction.

Nah, I’m not going to give you a roadmap or anything like that…

In fact, this “3 things” was just some random clickbait I don’t normally throw up, but figured I would just to prove a point.

The people that click on click bait usually aren’t my ‘true believer’ clients, aka the people who actually purchase my products.

The things is, my product isn’t a coffee mug or a Trump hat or any other of the latest fads: It’s me.

I am 100% totally supported by my message, and nothing else.

The things that come to my brain from dialing into my art provide every last dime I need to live the life that I never thought I would.

Most of my days are spent literally talking shit online; doing all the things they say you shouldn’t do if you plan on having any amount of “success” online…

And yet, if I was doing anything less than what I’m doing right now, even if the monetary dividends were high, I don’t think there’s any way I could achieve the level of fulfillment I currently feel right now.

That being said, let me share with you the three things that I’ve given up in order to make this sort of life a possibility.

Number 1: Stop giving a fuck about the rules.

An artist does live by rules, they make their own.

You don’t need the perfect thumbnails on YouTube and you don’t need your blog to be designed by pros in order to create the life of your dreams.

This is a trap that you can get sucked in by people actually selling you on the rules.

That’s right: There is a giant marketplace for rules right now that you can easily get in on if you want to make a quick buck, but understand that this road leads to nowhere.

I know most people will figure they gotta go find out for themselves, right?

Just like the lottery…

Most people know that they are the type of people with such character flaws that they would destroy their lives after winning such a large amount of money, and yet they still buy the ticket.

But my message is not for people who do not learn from the mistakes of others, which makes sense because they are a lot like me.

Contrarians to the core; rule-breakers, which is the point of thing number 1 on the list.

Fuck the rules and make sure your movement has nothing to do with them, less you become caged inside them with no visible way out.

Number 2: Stop worrying about how many followers you have

I’ve created the bulk of my current level of success with a handful of “followers”.

I consider them more of leaders and individuals than followers.

These are folks who pay me to learn how to connect with their higher self and receive the downloads as an artist (essentially).

They are learning how to be more and them and I just serve as a benchmark of what’s possible.

By doing me, they are able to give themselves more permission to be themselves; and in turn that brings more abundance and fulfillment to their own lives.

But it isn’t a lot and it’s certainly made me a lot more money than many people with 10k, 50k and 200k+ followers.

I used to get focused in on this all the time, and buy into the “strategies” of others about how to increase my following.

These were just mindless tactics that included pods of people being fake together; fake commenting, fake liking, fake everything.

Everybody even copied the way they took pictures together.

People can pick up on vibes, and while you can make money doing this shit what are you left with?

A mask and a strategy and a bunch of people who don’t know the true you, what is that even worth?

Fuck this method, especially if you are just starting out.

The only way to truly pay for followers on anything is buy paying for shoutouts: ie getting someone to promote your name on their channel so that people who have slight interest can go check you out and make the decision if they like your content or not.

This is something I would look into only waaaay later in your online business though; when you have your message and audience dialed in and have done the inner work on yourself.

Make sure the true you is up front and visible at all times, and that when you go to pay the price for the shoutout it’s not something you struggle with.

It’s just the next level and the money you received from your clients to make the investment was in total aligment.

Number 3: You’ll have to watch on the livestream, because again: Fuck the rules.

Go check it out and leave a comment while you’re there, maybe even talk some shit.

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Free your mind,


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