Some of my earliest childhood memories involved questioning the nature of reality.

Even back as young as six years old I can remember talking to people and realizing that they weren’t perceiving the same reality I was.

I had this feeling that maybe reality wasn’t as real as people thought it was.

I remember asking my brother he was a robot just playing out a part in my life, and he just laughed.

I was dead serious.

Nobody seemed to be able to entertain ideas like this in a practical way.

Family, friends, even science teachers.

It left me feeling like I was just crazy or from another planet.

People talked about life as if they just totally accepted everything that was being presented to them as 100% fact, meanwhile I continued to wake up with more and more and questions.

As I got older and movies like the Matrix, the Truman Show, and Vanilla Sky showed up in theaters, it only served to reinforce the way I viewed the world even more.

After all, these options sounded infinitely more likely than a series of random events occuring seemingly out of nowhere, and made more sense to me (mathematically speaking) than the Big Bang or even some all-knowing deity that had been here since the beginning of time, watching over everyone making sure they didn’t step out of line.

Raised in the trailer park to a single mother with three boys, I would eventually turn to drugs, gangs and adrenaline as way of finding that sense of understanding, fulfillment and purpose we’re all looking for.

After getting in trouble with the law and having to serve some time, I ended up reading a book by leading mindset coach Tony Robbins.

If you’ve ever read Tony, he speaks a lot about using your mind to visualize things to get what you want in life.

I would continue this education by reading books like Think and Grow Rich and learn how to change the way I thought about money, and ended up overcoming the financial limitations of my scarce childhood.

One day in my early 30s, I found myself living a totally different life than I thought I would.

I’d worked my way up to vice president of a marketing company, drove a nice exotic car, and lived at the top of a high rise in downtown Dallas.

I even had a couple of girlfriends that came around at various days of the week.

I had altered my destiny, defied the odds and received the stamp of approval from my parents and peers that I was a “success story”.

So why was I so unsatisfied with my life?

The answer, I eventually find, was in the way I perceived reality; this randomness.

Just the thought of defying any kind of odds seemed to go against everything the views I had as a kid…

The significance; the feeling that I was the lead character in some sort of cosmic movie, book or epic story.

That feeling I was born for something more, and had a say in it the limits of what was possible.

One day, the world I’d built up came crashing down.

I went through a series of bad break-ups, and discovered that my boss was a deep narcissist who abruptly showed his true colors when his company reached a certain level financially and turned into a nightmare for me and everyone else in the company.

I didn’t mind, though.

I’d tried everything in life, doing it everyone elses way except my own, bouncing around in a world of uncertainty just chameleon changing into any identity I could grab ahold of.

Being what these bosses wanted me to be, these girls, this random world.

Everything except just taking my own ideas and running with them.

Through all this time, I’d been listening to people like Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Nick Bostrom and studying up on the difference between objective and subjective reality.

The objective world is the world we are taught to believe: the one that says everything is random, and everyone around us is experiencing the same reality through their own consciousness.

A subjective view of reality basically says that we are in the Matrix, and in fact there is no “we”, it’s just one consciousness:

Yours, and you are plugged into some kind of dream world or computer simulation.

Most people reject this idea and will not even accept it for many different reasons, mostly out of fear.

The biggest one being rejection by the herd or their tribe, and this way of viewing the world is a significant deviation from them.

People will happily watch movies and be entertained, but getting them to question the way they perceive their own reality is an infinitely bigger ask.

I’d already tried everything and failed at finding true fulfillment and purpose, so I decided to start viewing the world fully as a simulation as a way to just go with what I’d always felt for once.

I started interacting with it in this way; as if I was the only conscious being and that maybe I was in some kind of machine or game that I could understand and communicate with.

The transformation in my life was undeniable.

While I could talk all day about the different ways that it shifted my reality, I’m going to share with you the three most signifant ways simulation theory – the subjective way of looking at reality – saved my life.

The first way it saved me was by completely removing the irrational fears I had about living life on my terms

My reasons for not doing all the things that I feared doing seemed to vanish over night once I decided to go all in with this new perception.

I lost all concern for what anyone thought about me or my ideas, and suddenly I was able to get on camera and speak about things exactly the way I wanted to.

I started creating videos, livestreams, and podcasts every day saying exactly what I’d kept locked in my mind out of fear that people would think I was crazy.

I stopped trying to make things perfect and just put it all out there for the world to see, no matter what that looked like.

I just went for it.

I’d done this somewhat in my younger days, but because it got me in trouble I’d backed off big time.

Little did I know, doing this had made me the very thing I was trying to avoid becoming again: a prisoner.

A prisoner of what people thought about me, and what society thought that I should be.

I was once again liberated, and in a way I’d never experienced before.

It wasn’t long before people started listening to what I had to say and showing up more and more saying that what I was doing was helping them.

I started coaching them and helping them discover how to harness this in their own lives, and they started seeing massive results and transformations.

It was almost as if reality was answering me back, saying: “Yup. Now keep going.”

The second way was by giving me a sense of purpose, a ‘heroes journey’, that I was just unable to create in an objective world

Playing this world as a game meant seeing the world as the story I’d always thought it could be.

I started reading what was going on in my life as some sort of story with plots and subplots.

I’d started my own “heroes journey”, and was looking into every chance meeting as an opportunity of invitation from this simulation for me to go on my next quest.

Instead of randomly just taking actions that I thought would lead me to the next dollar or relationship, I started seeing where actions inside the present moment would take me.

I did this without judgement or bias, and totally ran with it.

These actions lead me to some places and situations that I would have never experienced otherwise.

I ended up on an island in Indonesia called Bali, surfing every day and living each one seeing where the next connection would take me.

I just kept following the “signs” from reality, and the epic story continued to unfold more and more every day.

I would talk to a person at a store, just decide that maybe it was a new subplot, and follow the breadcrumbs.

These sort of encounters would take me to across island, to different countries and the connections would put me in touch with another circle of people that would lead me down an even bigger story.

The entire time, I kept sharing my ideas and it was changing the way people thought.

I found a purpose in showing people this alternative way of viewing the world, and in return the world was giving me the journey I’d always known was available.

The third way was by showing me an alternative way to create abundance, one that didn’t involved selling my soul or following other peoples ideas of success

By trusting in this view of reality, I began to let go of the current concepts of money.

I’d learned how to “make” money when I perceived an objective world, you know how it goes:

“10X it bro!”

“48/7 GRRIIIIIND!!!”

I’d done all that, and it left me exhausted, unfulfilled and surrounded me by people I absolutely had nothing in common with.

I’d never tried something like just trusting that this was my game and if I went all in on it, and played it like it was meant to be played that everything would be provided for me.

This is absolute blasphemy to a strategist, someone desperately trying to put the pieces together in their life, and it took me going to an absolute breaking point to take my hands off the wheel and just trust.

Trust is such a hard thing to give to anyone or anything when you’ve been screwed over so many times by it, and reality is no different.

Most people aren’t consciously looking at reality as something that they have a relationship with, and yet they do not trust it.

My journey wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t trust that the way I viewed the world was correct, so trusting that I MY WAY would provide was something I was going to have to get used to doing.

And so I did, and it provided, and the rest is still being written.

So here I am, on this island, awaiting the next invitation from this wonderful reality I have an amazing relationship with.

I always have my eyes open to the next connection; I’m not trying to push pieces together to see the puzzle, I’m constantly setting intentions that it will be revealed to me.

I make it know that I want to go on an adventure, and it shows me the way.

Sometimes it throws me a curve ball, and in these experiences I find value that help me help the next person who happens to be going through something similar.

Every situation is connected and interwoven, down to random thoughts I have during the day…

But that’s because I choose for it to be that way.

Now, you could be viewing things totally objective right now saying that all of this is absolute woo-woo balderdash that only worked because of my own tenacity and life experiences and is happening out of coincidence, and to that I say:

That’s your prerogative.

That’s your absolute right as a human existing in your own specific reality.

You might even make fun of these glasses that I’m wearing to view the world, but you can’t disprove it and I can’t disprove yours either.

That’s the fun thing about reality:

Nobody knows or will ever know what is actually going on.

What I know about this way of viewing the world is that I’ve found my fulfillment in it.

I’ve found my purpose, and it has not only change my life but saved it.

I encourage anyone and everyone to at least explore this way of viewing the world, and see where it takes you…

If only for a day.

Free your mind,



If you’re interested in seeing how far down this rabbit hole actually goes, this only the beginning.

For decades I have been harnessing the power of this perception, trying on different lenses and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

There are many challenges and obstacles with beginning your own journey with subjective reality, many of which I have already managed to overcome.

I created a basic crash course to serve as a guide for anyone looking to explore this with more understanding, something that I wish I would have had when I was younger.

It’s yours for free, all you have to do to get access is click this link or the white rabbit below.

(I think the white rabbit is way more cooler)

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