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I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone who has been entertaining the crazy ass ideas I throw out there as I continue on my own life adventure of seeking my highest self.

If you’ve been following my YouTube or Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of the insane shit I do on a daily basis, be it surfing giant tsunami waves, surviving earthquakes, hanging in the jungle with psychotic monkeys or getting lost in the mountains and stumbling across monk villages…

I do this all while working from my laptop (sometimes iphone when the goin’ gets rough), running a business with contractors and several coaching clients.

Shit wasn’t always this way, though.

In fact, it was only May of 2018 when I was shackled to a desk in an office with a narcissistic boss that spent every day trying to make my life a living hell.

I had a lot of “nice shit” (high rise apartment, exotic car, etc.), but I fucking hated even getting up in the morning.

Hell, more than a decade ago I was trapped in a Texas prison feeling the exact same way!

Once I got free, I spent years digging out of that hole. I worked my ass off from the bottom, scrubbing toilets to reach the finally reach the “top” I’d always wanted: an office job with a desk and the parking spot.

Only to get there and find myself wearing the same exact chains I wore on the bus ride to prison.

How the fuck was this possible?

Comparing a life of freedom and nice trinkets to the day in and day out life behind bars?

Was I just being an ungrateful piece of shit, or was there a deeper issue at play?

One day, something shifted inside me, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I snapped.

I realized I’d backed all of these other people my entire life, my entire 33 years I’d backed other people – jobs, bosses, girlfriends, friends – just so I never had to give myself and my crazy ideas the opportunity to be ridiculed by the world.

No matter where these people all ended up leading me; prison, heartbreak, mental slavery… I still refused to give myself a shot in the drivers seat.

I realized the problem was that I didn’t trust myself to lead, even though deep down I knew it was something I was always born for, and something I naturally did.

I quit that job cold turkey and went all in on myself, 100% no fucks given. I decided that from here on out, I would no longer be anyones slave.

When I had something on my mind, I’d say it, no matter how fucking crazy it was (turns out, the crazy shit is what pays the bills lol).

In this liberation I found a happiness that had been lost.

I found satisfaction in the moment and discovered magic again.

This blog is a continuation my work beyond true freedom.

It’s the catalyst for a philosophy I created called “Reality Design”.

It’s a guide for anyone stuck in any spot of life; all you have to do is start speaking your truth and everything will begin to change.

This is my philosophy, core beliefs and journey… and I created it all for you.

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