The world is changing quickly. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Everything is moving lightning quick, there’s a culture war raging…

Ideas about relationships and family are evolving.

And yet it’s never been a better time to do business and create a lifestyle of your dreams, no matter what age or where you are in life.

Kids are becoming multi-millionaires at age 16 from playing video games.

70 year old women are creating cults of hundreds of thousands of followers, when they were dead broke the year before.

Right now you have the ability to create you own reality with a device the size of a paperweight that we carry in our pockets.

If only you can just grab ahold of something long enough to make it…

Who am I?

I’m just like you.

Well, a little different, I suppose.

But I’m sure you can find some similarities.

I often look at my history and wonder who I am as well, how I got here…

The island of Bali, surfing every day, DJ’ing at dope Bali night clubs, leading a movement, all while owning a successful marketing agency and coaching business.

I wonder how I became a sought after expert on communication, persuasion, advertising, and mindset.

Coming from someone who spent his formative years in a trash can in the middle of a Texas trailer park, watching rats butt fuck each other in his school clothes.

(You know, that white privilege shit)

Yeap… I was the stinky kid who shit his pants daily and had a plethora of other bad habits.

My single mother did try her best with my two others brothers, but since she was working her ass off the only thing we could do was act out and cause chaos.

My brothers chilled out but it never stopped for me; my mom couldn’t deal with my shit and sent me to my dads in a small east Texas town called Elmo and from there shit just got worse.

At 15 I discovered the joys of smoking meth and skipping school.

Once my dad and the teachers finally gave up trying to get me to be a good kid, I was golden and ended up failing every grade they ever came up with.

I failed PE over five times and became the oldest kid in high school.

I was busted at this charter school for cheating on my senior finals, I got into a fight with the principal and got kicked out for good.


I was a fuck-up.

I ended up joining a gang of other fuck-ups who accepted me as one of their own.

We terrorized East Texas for years, burglarizing, fighting, fucking hoes, robbing, and copious amounts of drugs.

By the time I’d racked up six felonies in five different counties across Texas, all my friends were in prison and it was finally my turn.

The cops caught me in a stolen car in 2006 and put my ass away for five years.

While I was in prison, I read a ton of fiction books, especially Stephen King. One day, after I’d read the last of his books in the library I saw a book by Tony Robbins called Unleash the Beast Within and decided to read something different.

It had all these visualizations techniques that I started doing exactly as if he were there in front of me, and all I had was time so I read the book from cover to cover.

It was a revelation to me, that I could use my mind to get things I wanted and become something different, so I started visualizing my early release, even though I had aggravated time and didn’t think it was possible.

One day, I met this prison lawyer and he wrote some kind of legal document for me that I paid him fifty ramen noodle soups for (approximately $10, minus inflation).

Six months later I was in the middle of a riot, coughing up tear gas thinking about how much it sucked being in this fucking prison.

Five hours later, the guards came in and told me to roll it up.

Turns out, that legal document cut my time in half and I was on the way home after only two years.

I figured there must be something to this mindset shit and made a pact with myself that I would never go to prison again. I settled my ass down and got a job in car sales working 70 hour weeks.

I didn’t give a fuck, it was cool making money the right way.

The years ticked away and I was making a good living, built my credit up, got some trucks, a motorcycle and paid off my owner financed condo.

I even found a chick I thought was ‘the one’.

This was a good enough life, I thought. I didn’t have to be anything spectacular.

Fuck, it never crossed my mind that I’d make it to thirty.

I’d had my fun and this shit would do nicely.

That is until I found out that this chick had been married the whole time we were together to some other dude in prison, and when dude got out, she went back to him.

This was a revelation to me, that I had been living in someone elses lie and making shit up in my mind. This really soured things at work as I realized that none of this stuff that I was working so hard for made me happy.

What did I actually want in life?

Who was I, anyways?

The stinky kid from the trailer park, that wasn’t me.

The gang member and prisoner; that wasn’t me either.

I quit my job and broke my pact with myself to never get into trouble again and started selling weed.

I decided I would do that until I could start some kind of other business, so I started testing out shit online.

I started selling backpacks and survival gear online based on what I saw someone else having success with.

It didn’t work out well for me and I always lost money.

On March of 2015 I went to the St. Pattys Day parade with some friends. I was about to turn 30, and a young 18 year old chick offered me LSD for the first time.

Out of all the drugs I’d done, I’d never done psychedelics.

My mind opened in a way I’d never experienced and I continued to trip every month that year.

On the last trip I had, a friend from my old days showed up out of nowhere and didn’t take his hit.

During the trip, he revealed to methat nothing was real, not even him, and that he was just my Imaginary Friend, and that this was all a game and I should just live life, play the game and quit trying to sort everything out all the time.

He told me to quit fearing the consequences and to live this life as a god. It would forever change the way I related to reality, and turned out to be the thing that I was looking for.

He disappeared the next day and I never saw him again.

Back in the car business, I’d befriended a cat who was on his way to becoming a high level sales coach for real estate agents.

He ended up being one of my regular weed clients after I’d left, and he came from a similar background.

He offered me a job selling his info products, and I was on my last few dollars anyways so I said fuck it and gave it a shot.

From there I learned everything about digital marketing, funnels, lead generation, persuasion and mindset.

I trained with high level entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson, Katrina Ruth Show, Kevin Nations, Alex Charfen, and a ton of others.

I also had one-on-one training with the greatest stage hypnotist of all time, Marshall Sylver, and studied hypnosis extensively.

Soon enough I found myself living in a high rise downtown with a lot of money in the bank, girls, and a nice exotic car, but I was hating my life.

I always thought about that trip, and the fact that if I could do anything and I was just playing the game then I wasn’t really playing it like I knew that.

I wasn’t playing it fearlessly.

I mapped out what I would be doing if I could have it all and what that looked like for me, and so if it truly was the case then I would be surfing every single day.

When I was a kid in that trailer park I used to watch Kelly Slater videos on VHS, and I would always think “maybe in another life”.

I love music, so I said I’d also want to be a DJ.

And I was also live right on the beach.

I ended up selling everything I had an going all in on exactly that in 2018.

I had that life three months later, and still live it to this day, always adjusting it and adding to it.

So why do I tell you all this crazy fucking shit?

You probably just found me on YouTube or LinkedIN or some shit.

It’s very simple.

I have been searching for you.

We were always destined to cross paths…

So that I could share with you these lessons I have learned.

That’s what’s happening right now faster than anything has ever been able to happen.

The exchange of information.

The learning, adapting and evolving.

You’ve never lived my fucked up life, but you can take what you need from it — And I’m here to give it to you.

As you read this, just pretend that you are here because you were always supposed to be here.

Think of this as a certain level in a game you are playing: A character giving you information so that you can move on to the next part.

Nothing more, nothing less.

My hope is that it will lead you to freedom, but who else knows where your journey may take you.

The location, money, surfing and girls seemed to be easy to aquire.

The true freedom comes from being able to say and be anything I want without fear.

This is the greatest reward I believe anyone can ever have, but it’s also the most challenging as it requires major uplevels in communication.

These days I use the lessons from my Imaginary Friend to help people out of fucked up situations they are in.

The hard ones, like you have everything but you’re still not happy.

Or you fear being yourself and fully stepping into your power.

These were things I faced myself and overcame myself.

I use a combination of mindfuckery, mindset, persuasion, marketing, hypnosis, and sales to help leaders get what they’re looking for out of their lives…

To live truly free.

To give no fucks.

And if you’ve made it this far, I’m betting you are exactly the person I’ve been looking for.

So let me affirm for you that yes, this IS a game that you are playing.

This is some sort of simulation that you exist in.

I am Your Imaginary Friend and the time has come for you to understand the power that you have over this place.

The time has come for you to start playing.

So let’s fucking go.

Free your mind,

Patrick Grabbs
Your Imaginary Friend
Yung Y33t (DJ Name)

PS: You’re probably wondering why everything on my site is pink. Pink is my favorite color, for a variety of reasons.