An awakening is coming, I can feel it.

Each day that passes brings me closer to enlightenment, every day I get a new message in the download.

Each connection made is yet another affirmation that the story unfolds…

There are no meaningless connections, they all matter.

The higher self picks and chooses the conversations, the flow of things.

I am examining it all right now and also just doing what I do.

I do love to get lost in my work and create my message.

At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about:

The message and the art.

So many people get caught up thinking it’s about everything else.

They buy all these software tools and learn all this shit that is outside of the message.

They hire these people to tell them who they need to be what they need to say.

What niche they need to tie themselves to for the rest of their life.

I see this shit all the time, and it makes me realize that all you really need is a medium to connect.

I pen, some paper to get started telling the universe what else you need…

A way to amplify the message, maybe a smartphone and internet connection.

Then bam…

You’re off to the races.

You can connect.

You can start changing things with that setup right there.

And yet people lose focus…

They lost sight of what it is that actually matters.

Maybe all these software tools are just ways around actually working on the message.

Releasing it to the world for that ultimate criticism…

That ultimate challenge:

Do you really exist as this person that says what the fuck is on their mind, do you REALLY speak your truth or are you one of these dead mother fuckers, REALLY?

If you say it; the universe is going to call your ass out.

You will feel it.

A the legendary blues man Buddy Guy puts it:

“I go by feel.”

Maybe there won’t be an audience around while you get called out, maybe it will just be you and your higher self, but that should be enough.

Both of you sitting there, knowing what the truth of the matter is.

Knowing that you are hiding from your message most days, if not every day.

You look like you’ve got it together, but when you meet people and do things in business with your mask on you are taking shots.

Every day outside of this truth; the things you’ve been through and overcome.

The screwy way you view the world.

The way you actually are…

This person that is trapped under the staircase, Harry Potter style.

Just you and your higher self that know this… maybe a couple of close friends.

Maybe family.

Maybe it doesn’t matter to them who you project out into the world.

Here’s the short and skinny of them whole situation: nobody actually gives a fuck.

The narcissist inside of everyone wants to know what you can do for them, except on rare occasions.

How can you help them look like the dude in the picture so they can get the chick with the fake titties.

What’s the end game, the intention?

Who gives a fuck.

You’ll always be in that room, just you and the person you know you are, staring at each other, wondering when you are actually going to start living for you and your message.

Wondering when you are going to actually have some real experiences outside of these false illusions and realities.

Continuously sold over and over again on your own bullshit.

And you are at fault in this.

It’s not some play on your nature that you have no control over, people make you the offer of selling your soul and you do it.

That is a choice that is consciously made, to sell out and step outside of your art and message.

That’s a transaction that you have full awareness over, and I’m here to make it even more real for you.

I want to paint it in fucking broad strokes across the sky and make you stare it every fucking day.

I exist as something you look at and realize the funeral you have for your higher every day.

You can look at everyone else and see that they all strive for the meaningless bullshit that you can go for as well, and find comfort in the dead body you see on the inside.

And that’s good for you; they are dead as well, and you know this.

Dead recognize the dead.

Or you can begin the resurrection.

Bring the truth to the light; shake up this fucking reality and deliver the goddamn message.

Deliver the fucking truth.

You don’t need shit except your mind for that.

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