Bali is a beautiful country full of amazing people and great vibes.

I think it’s also important to note that it’s the kind of place you can wake up in the morning and watch a tarantula crawl out your door.

Lizards on your walls, bats flying microns from your face at night, it’s all here…

It’s the type of place that you see in those viral videos where they pull the snake out of the toilet.

You gotta watch your dick around here.

What would you expect from a place with as spotty a wifi connection as Bali?

Nothing less.

Don’t even get me started on the goddamned earthquakes.

We’ve had a quake a day for the past week and a half.

It seems they didn’t start occurring until I got here.

I’m causing a disturbance in the simulation by being here…

But this has been a long time coming.

Worlds are collapsing in on each other; shifts in the natural order of things are happening.

But again…

What would you expect when we are channeling time and calling in different quantum realities?


We’re fucking with EVERYTHING

Not just a little bit; ALL of it.

All under the premise that we are in control; that we have this one game to play right now.

We’ve pulled back the veil and now know what’s going on.

New shit…

All you have to do is call it in; everything you desire and then just EXECUTE.

One thing you have to get past…

The execution part.

You need to let go and realize that we are already well on our way in this process.

Everything is coming to you now that you are on this path, now that you have decided to make this transformation.

Now that you have chose to BELIEVE.

Now that you have made the decision to accept guidance from that higher self that lies just beyond a distant nebula…

When you make alterations to this simulation, you’re making it for everyone.

Not just me, but everyone and everything around you.

As I’ve said; I’m just a product of your mind, which continually processes me and everything I am doing on a quantum level.

I’m just out here letting you know that you are in control.

And you need to take control, and say fuck it.

Let go of the things that you SHOULD be doing.

Fuck a “should”.

The only thing that matters is the art that is lurking deep beneath the surface, outside of the physical.

If you’re going to be seizing control of this reality, and you truly believe that’s what you are doing, as you have done time and time before…

You’re going to have to release that art, otherwise you’re going to end up just like these other mother fuckers out here.

I don’t fuck with that shit.

Right now, I’ve got a small circle of people calibrated with this core message.

Leaders that are already creating things that are reconstructing reality for so many people around the world.

We’re on a collective course to redesign this place as we choose, but it all stems from the message inside.

A highly original message that has been called in and recieved as a transmission.

That’s the kind of shit we are on over here; creating realness and originality in a world of bullshit.

Bringing the truth to light…

Why the fuck not?

Look at all the top influencers and speakers that you see…

Not the ones living their lives in their button up shirts with their khakis.

Fuck that.

I’m talking about the rebels.

The ones who live life on the edge and do what the fuck they want, when they fucking want.

Those are artists.

You belong in that crowd, utilizing your message to bring about the massive amount of freedom that you’ve always known you were destined for.


You speak, and it ARRIVES.

Massive amounts, if you’d like.

You just have to call it in, and then “create” your art.

I say “create” because it’s more like channeling from a higher dimension.

You are merely bringing about the message, and being humble enough to realize that you can.

Being intelligent enough to realize that you have this level of control of your reality.

That your mind can make things happen…

That you can have-

-Great relationships where there is NOTHING hidden, your partner/partners know EXACTLY who the FUCK YOU ARE, and you live in a constant state of TRUTH.

You hide nothing because if you did, that would fuck the magic up, and you don’t live in a world without magic.

You are the CHAOS.

-You have the body of god. You are peak physical performance. I don’t give a fuck how old you are, I don’t give a fuck how out of shape you are right now.

The rules do not matter in this time and space, and it’s time you started acting like they don’t.

It’s time you become absolute certain about who you are and the words that come out of your mouth.

The things you say have an air of aristocracy, with that same fire of not giving one single fuck that you would expect from an immortal.

People can tell from your vibes; the way you walk, talk and demeanor that you are not from this planet.

There are different rules for you…

There ARE no rules.

And that’s what makes it exciting — that’s what allows you to live different.

The fact that you paint your own picture, and the world has to figure it out through their own interpretation

Each person gets their own meaning, and when it hits them, it forever changes them.

When you create, you do so in a limitless fashion.

You have an abundance of time that is enhanced by the fact that you can bend it, and manipulate it.

If you need it to slow down, it will slow down.

If you want it to speed up, it will speed up.

And it should; as you sometimes may choose to live a fast lifestyle.

But each iteration of the lifestyles you create; the worlds and simulations that you build up and tear down will be simple for you.

You will always have the right things to say, because they are right for the simple fact that you are speaking them.

And you are the owner of that reality.

You are the tarantulas on the ground; you are the bat flying.

You are the earthquakes and the tsunamis of creation.

The world cannot be prepared for the unlimited construction you are about to unleash upon them.

The hyperawareness of the simulation you created that allows you to visualize this place for the simple matrix that it is.

As you watch the ones and zeros scroll across, as you are able to see through any bullshit people try to trap you in, and realize the joke that it all is.

Realize the fun that is meant to be had; understanding how to toy with the friction that cripples the masses.

Understanding how to use your message to inspire and alter timelines.

That’s what we’re doing, which is why I’ve sent this call out to the true artists that believe this is in the nature.

This is in your DNA, that you feel this and understand it is the way you vibe.

This is just how you are, however over the years you’ve allowed yourself to be caged like a lion at the zoo, yet knowing full well you could break out at any time and tear the faces off of everyone looking…

That being said…

I’ve finally caught the download for my inner circle.

It’s coming on the heels of my meditation program that I’m supposed to release soon, but I felt this one before that one so it’s all good.

It’ll be great for those that choose to join the inner circle.




So you believe you’re the one?

You believe your message is the one to reshape this world?

You believe you are 100% in charge of this reality?

That’s a pretty hefty claim to make, you understand that, right?

The citizens of this simulation do not respond well to the likes of people like you, the ones that attempt to separate themselves.

You can see evidence of that everywhere you look…

The true rebels have traditionally been attacked by society, like a parasite attacking the host.

When you wake up, that’s when they know.

When you act with intention, that’s when they attack.

Through your art, you will be able to control the minds and even the attacks, and use them to your advantage to build something so powerful you can’t even fathom yet.

That is…

If you are this person.

Which most people are absolutely not, not even close.

You could be close, and make quite a long way, and it will still be better than living as the soulless NPCs.

I’ve created a collective, a place where I can weed out those that are not expanding the power of the specific simulation we are recreating in OUR image.

It’s just the next level.

But this is just the beginning, and I’m absolutely not trying to fuck with anyone who is not calibrated with this mission.

This program is my one-on-one intensive calibration matrix for the hackers of this reality.

The leaders with the message; we will be honing that ability and broadcasting it into the world.

First, let me tell you who this is not for, so we have a clear understanding that this group will be so fucking pure:

-Anyone that is not already naturally a leader, you haven’t felt this since the day you were born, you’re out. Don’t worry-I’ll know.

-Anyone who is determined to settle for less than their own message. Willing to sell out, and work for someone else, or work in some other industry that is not THEM. Fuck that. What kind of goddamned ownership is that? It is repulsive to the members of this elite faction.

-The timid, the weak, the DNA that should have been weeded out a long time ago. The thin-skinned, the offended, the whiners. The excuse makers… bitch, this is reality ownership. I don’t know how tf you even found this shit lol…

-The egotistical. I don’t give a fuck where you come from, or how ALPHA you are. I’m a fucking alpha, too. Realize that you are coming to me for guidance and will be paying me a substantial amount of guap to guide you away from a house of cards that will crush your ass if you don’t do something about it. You’re coming to me for assistance in making the alterations to your reality, not the other way around. We are going to be tapping into some real psychedelic next level shit here, some of which will be confronting old simulations that are preventing you from accessing your higher self. It’s gonna get real, so be ready for that.

-The fraudulent. Do NOT attempt to use my group to copy and replicate what actual fucking artists are doing you low integrity piece of shit. Running around hopping from coach to coach getting strategy after strategy in hopes that you will achieve your own surface level financial goals. Fuck you. First of all, you’ll only think you can duplicate what they are doing but you’ll NEVER be able to make sense of it. Second of all, what we are doing is beyond you, you fucking strategist, and your kind is dying off QUICKLY as the true influencers are separating themselves from the basic bitches in record setting speeds. I don’t want your money, it’s more important that you do not taint my group.

Who this is for:

-The leaders, but not just that, MOTHER. fucking ARTISTS. Okay? We are going to be creating things that LEAD. That INFLUENCE. That change lives in revolutionary way. You see your favorite coach popping up in the newsfeed? You will be accessing frequencies that they could only DREAM of having. You will be producing content and a lifestyle that they look at with ENVY.

-The lazy. Look- I understand that sometimes sitting around is not actually laziness. I am the poster boy for thinking, sometimes I sit and think all day. But this is for action takers; there’s a level of action that must always happen even though we are calling things you STILL have to call them in, and I’ll be holding you fully accountable and regularly tracking your progress. This will be a very, VERY tight knit group that I will just be allowing to naturally flow and monitoring the progress of over the course of a long period of time. I have no intention of moving quick for the sake of my pockets. My pockets are fine right now. This group is for observing; that being said I will have a very high level of attention to your progress and calling your fucking ass out when need be. The way I’ve had this thing set up, if I have to call you out too much on your inaction it could result in expulsion from the group. The level of talent I have in the group already are people who just naturally get this shit, and if you aren’t fitting right into that, then there is no point in us continuing. There are other places you can go.

I write all this because I have to… I could just journal my people, but I also have to take steps to recode this world myself, as a demonstration to you.

This is what it is, and how it happens.

If you want to truly influence the world with your own original creativity, the most beautiful and liberating endeavor someone like us can hope to achieve, then this is what it will take.

You are in the right place, in fact you have created this opportunity for yourself if you believe the words that you are reading on this page.

This is my highest level mastermind, and it will be ongoing so I do understand if you are not ready financially yet, in which case keep watching and purchasing my lower level items. They will always be of massive value and a piece of myself that I believe will help you access that next level of freedom in your life.

But if you are ready, if you’re ready to begin a one on one relationship where you get pushed; where you get coached and checked in all areas; to make sure you are on the path to being 100% the highest level in any dimension, send me a message and I’ll send you the outline.

If you’re ready to make money using your voice, building a business that cannot be duplicated or altered, creating unlimited wealth and freedom not just for your mind but for your body; becoming a leader that changes lives every single day on a global scale and fully lives in integrity…

This is the door for you to walk through.

But I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it.

Send me a message here on facebook or to my e-mail and I’ll send you that outline.

Free your mind,

Your Imaginary Friend – @pgrabbs

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