Sir Isaac Newton, one of seven people responsible for 99% of all modern human technological achievement, once decided to invest money he’d earned into the stock market.

He ended up losing the 1700s equivelant of three million dollars.

He had this to say about his loss: “I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people.”

Ain’t that a bitch?

This dude underestimated his own greed, then blamed the madness on the “people”.

Possibly the most intelligent man to ever live.

He was so mad he wouldn’t even let people speak the name of the company in his presence.

This mother fucker discovered gravity, a central law of this reality, and yet he still couldn’t figure out himself.

What makes you think you have what it takes to play this game without doing the inner work that is necessary to level up?

Do you honestly believe you set this game up to be easy?

Nothing about this universe you find yourself in appears designed to be easy…

You’re not walking around a hobbit house with the other Teletubbies on soft green grass with a baby face in the sun smiling down giggling at the stupid shit you are doing.

The sun will give you fucking cancer in your butthole.

These are the facts of your reality.

You can see evidence of this in every paragraph of any history book that exists; when you click the news section of Google.

Even though this is a game, and it’s your game you can see clues to the nature of it.

You can absolutely KNOW that it is programmed to be played at an advanced difficulty.

The answers are easy to find, but they require a different direction of focus.

People are looking outward for the answers, just like Isaac was looking to the stars.

Will you walk around mad about alternative circumstances in life such as the “madness of the people”, or will you recognize the need to dig inward?

At least gain some basic and somewhat unbiased concept of how you operate.

In this broadcast, we talk about discovering and owning your own madness.

Also – Russians, communication barriers and possibly the chicken shits.

Free your mind,




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