Do you believe it’s possible for you to have a business based on you talking to, hanging out with and helping your friends?

For you to increase the amount of financial abundance in your life just by being more of you?

So many people hate on this idea of something that flows so easy and so well, and laugh at people who appear to live an easy life of traveling the world and being themselves.

When you see this, you’re watching people still plugged into the system, who get angry when you show them alternative ways to exist.

Fuck those people.

It’s your reality, and things are possible now that not even Napoleon Hill could have imagined… so you might as well seize on it.

Come check out this livestream and listen to tales of a different way to live out this reality.

One of ease (of course you’ll work hard, but you’ll fucking WANT to!), flow states, location freedom and unlimited abundance.

And don’t forget…


Free your mind,


PS: If you’re looking for help with designing your reality, and are ready to make an investment in yourself, simply fill out the form below and we will have a powerful conversation about reaching the next level.


Fuck Yes, Patrick!!!
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One of my team members will spend 20-30 mins on the phone with you discussing how we can optimize your reality and help you create more time, money, freedom and fulfillment.

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