A little over a decade ago, I was in a halfway house trying to figure out where I was going to live when I got back into a world I’d disappeared from for two years.

The East Texas town I moved to in my teens was a place of drugs, old friends and old circumstances.

I had nowhere to go; but I sure as hell wasn’t going back there.

Thinking back, I wouldn’t have gone back to my old life but I knew it would have made it much more of a challenge.

I crashed on my brothers couch in Dallas.

My younger and older brothers were room mates in the hood of Dallas; and when I showed up they were partying harder than they were when I left.

It wasn’t the best of circumstances but I was just happy to be free and around them again.

But what was I going to do?

I had no job, and nobody was going to let me rent anywhere.

I’d never lived by myself before; but I was already walking around looking for jobs.

Little did I know, my mom and my step-dad had found a little condo in an a littler quieter part of the hood that was available for owner finance.

My mom put her name on it, and I moved in, got a job at Mens Wearhouse right across the street and began walking to work every day.

I walked to work every day, rain sleet or shine for about $8.00 an hour for several months, paying the small monthly note on the $28,000 condo.

About eight months in, I was promoted from customer service associate to suit salesman (aka wardrobe consultant), and I was on my way to making $30k per year.

Soon enough I had enough money to purchase a 1998 Ford Expedition from a Buy Here Pay Here lot, and finally I had some wheels.

Two years went by and I moved from Mens Wearhouse to the car dealership making money grinding it out.

All this time, I’m making payments on the condo slowly but surely.

I was very proud of it; I fixed up the floors and put in new countertops with new appliances.

Even though most of my neighbors were section 8 and there was always something going on, I had many good times in that place.

Many women came in and out those doors and I spent the rest of my 20s and early 30s there.

I worked my way up in various jobs and ended up landing a marketing gig where I was making enough to moved into a more expensive place.

My mentor told me to go ahead and level up my thinking, sign a lease on something nice so I could think bigger.

I ended up getting a place for around $1750 a month, a far cry from the place I’d started it all.

I decided that I didn’t want to maintain that condo for any longer, and that it would be better to sell it.

It was a bitter sweet moment, but I ended up selling it for far less than I’d bought it.

I had the cash in my hands and put it in the bank, looking forward to the day I would have the opportunity to double it through an investment.

That would make it all worth it.

My mentor ran into a guy who was doing things on Amazon and promised giant returns on womens shoes.

It looked like a home run.

I was running on a high thinking the job I was working was the my last stop, that this was the place I was going to grow.

I was told that I was part of the “family”, and the guy that did the Amazon thing came to work with us as well.

Everyone was making money and everything was on the come-up.

The Amazon guy, we’ll call him “Al”, ended up pitching me one day on the shoes.

I could double or triple my investment, guaranteed.

My mentor put his stamp on this guy and told me it would be a solid investment.

He also took him in front of his network and told them all to get in on this thing as well.

I went to the bank, pulled out my condo money cash and put it in his hands.

Fast-forward a year later, that investment is nothing.

I got back a couple of grand, the rest would not sell.

He’d been putting everyone in the same niche and people were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That condo, the nest I’d had for many years, the place where I tunred everything around…

…was gone.

The five years I’d paid on it and stayed there, all of the memories made in it, was for nothing.

Or so I’ve been programmed to believe.

So we’ve all been programmed to believe, that we are victims.

That there are sharks out there circling around us looking to take advantage of people.

That the world is the dark place and that you should hang on to your money for dear life.

Fuck this thinking.

I spent that mother fucking money because it was NOTHING.

Neither one of those dudes, the mentor or Al hold any power over mind my mind or how I compute and aquire abundance.

How the fuck would they?

They are nothing in my reality… simple learning instruments on my journey towards having everything I ever wanted.

I’m not here to play it safe; I’ve never done that before.

It felt good to give my money away; it felt amazing to take action at such a high level.

Throwing away my safety net into my first investment, something I thought had all the markings of something solid.

Something I believed I did enough research on, had all of the social proof and locked in on.

I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t wait: I took that action at that level.

When I think back on it, that’s what makes me different than other people.

I don’t just sit on the pot scrolling through facebook for hours; I’m here to take a fucking dump.

Good, bad or the ugly this is my fucking game and I am playing it.

Each day, you have the opportunity to make a decision knowing that you may get spanked.

Be thankful that you have that opportunity.

Explore the facts, do as much due diligence as you possibly can, but remember that whatever happens is yours.

I got more value out of that experience than I would have if that investment paid off.

Eventually I would have had to receive this learning experience one way or the other.

Spending my money was my way of showing how little power it has over my personal fulfillment.

I didn’t do it at the crap table, or the strip club…

I did it with something my gut told me was correct, and learned a bit more about my own nature.

That my mind is more than happy to believe people have things figured out, that people who talk a good talk can deliver.

Lesson learned.

While I will never work with those people again, I will always invest when I feel I know enough.

This morning I threw a few more grand in various parts of my business to level it up knowing the consequences.

My opportunity to shine again is here, and I will never fucking quit.

Condos be damned; what I’m here for is unlimited abundance.

The mindset that money flows to me easily and readily, that opportunity comes only with ability to consistently take action in the present moment.

That is your power, and nobody can take that away from you once you accept it as yours.

Seize this power and show up, even when shit goes south it is your opportunity to show just how little effect losing money has on your mind.

Even when it is a substancial amount, even when it has memories and emotional ties behind it, do not give it your power.

It is abundant in your life.

You were born for it to flow in and out of your life endlessly…

Asking the question of “will I ever have it again?” will cancel it out.

The question itself assumes that you believe it possible that it will not.

The markers of someone who believes something will never come back to them, attachment to one fucking symbol.

This is not the attitude of demeanor of someone who believes they have 100% control over their reality…

Who believes life is abundant and that this is a game you are playing with the cheat codes on.

Money is nothing but an idea in your world; once you get this down you will have more of it.

It will arrive consistently in every area, and not just money…


It’s yours to have as much of as you want and it always was.

So act like it.

Free your mind,


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