The only thing you should try to match is their certainty

If there’s one thing worth taking from someone else it’s their certainty

Every day I listen to shit people say and I’m like “well, that would never work for me”

But the way they said I could see how someone would immediately take it and apply it to their life, without fear of consequence.

And vice versa. It’s very difficult to listen to someone who is uncertain, but when I do, occasionally I’ll hear some things that challenge my thought process and have me going back to the drawing board.

The mind is trained to ignore uncertain messages, as they could lead you off a ledge. Certainty implies experience on any given topic. It also implies leadership.

If you want to deliver your message to more people, you will need to be certain of what you’re talking about.

Be knowledgeable and understand what the fuck you’re talking about, of course, but be certain to be heard.

If you’re following someone, be challenging their ideas.


There are countless people with private jets that hate their life.

There are countless people with beautiful wives that hate their life.

The ability to sound certain despite this fact has allowed many folks to succeed and bring people along for the ride.

If you’re going to try to compete with someone, compete with their certainty.

Run their ideas through a rigorous battery of questioning to make sure it’s compatible with your reality in this specific time.

That’s the thing: shit changes.

Reality for you shifts faster than shifts in a business or an industry.

One day you’ve got a wife and loving family next thing you’ve got three blond girlfriends and split custody of the kids.

How to the fuck is a married man going to give you advice on those situations?

And yet, all too often: he will anyways.

He will appear to be certain in the face of your questioning; be bold in the face of your money.

It won’t.

Shift and be adaptable.

Absorb their certainty, likely it’s all they really have.

Allow it to flow through you.

Speak the sound of certainty into a mirror and taken note of how uncomfortable it feels for you.

Take note of the feelings, the thought you have.

How everyone would criticize you if you spoke like that.

That’s the difference.

That’s what you have to overcome to get you broadcast your message in a way that begins to shape reality.

When seeking life advice, Do the work in your mind that is open to infinite options, because you’re the one that know.

Do the work that takes your mind down pathways to figuring things out for yourself.


Free your mind,


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