Here you are…

Back where you belong, disappearing into your art.

It’s been awhile since you’ve been here… what have you been up to?

Testing the limitations of your mind, experiencing those emotions on the road to success

The fear, the despair, the confusion, the uncertainty…

Did it work out the way you thought it would?

Were you expecting something… different?

Even though you now know and fully understand the fine details and nature of this universe

That manifestation comes first and foremost

That your truth is the key to everything

Setting aside the numbers and limitations and theories and strategies and realizing that one thing runs this show

Your mind

Everything else is an illusion, and you’ve tested and proven this concept

And yet the human shell pushes you to make the move

Pushes you to throw aside what you know to be true to

Sell out

Be what they want you to be… Run around pretending you know the answers to everything

Step outside your art and become one of them

Find yourself right back where you began

This time, as the ether wears off and the dust settles, you now find yourself in worse situation than when you started.

This time…

Remember when you had your first big win as an entrepreneur?

When all the resistance shifted and suddenly you had it all figured out

Back when you trusted yourself and put your art first

Back when you believed

Now here you are again, back at square one

But the energy is still there, the magic is still in you

You’ve still got it

And why wouldn’t you

This is your illusion

This is your world and the reality that you have created around you

The reality that you simply come up with as you go along

The game

Not just relationships

But life


Everything in between inside this game you are playing

A game where you can easily and readily reach deep inside yourself and pull out what is needed



That these mother fuckers respond to you

These mother fuckers move when you make them move

They wake up only after you wake up

The clock ticks when you make it tick

The resistance falls apart when you say it falls apart

The money comes in when you say it comes in

The results happen when you snap your fingers

The checks cash

The money falls from the mother fucking sky

Remember what you wrote when you believed

When you were alive

When you understood exactly what the fuck was going on

That this dream is no different than reality

That life is the greatest trip

And boy oh boy are you trippin’

Trippin hard right now

So caught up in the experience

So caught up in these foolish emotions

Damn you are really taking this shit seriously aren’t you?

You really think you’re not going to pull through don’t you?

All you gotta do is let go and let the world fall apart

Let go of the mother fucking steering wheel and accept the impending crash

Let it happen

Receive the destruction

Then let go and receive the abundance

Let go and receive what you have called in

Let go and let it happen

Free your mind


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