One of the “in” things right now for many people looking to “level up” in life is going on a spiritual ayahuasca (aka DMT aka psychedelic trip) retreat with your mentor or coach.

DMT trips are the new cocaine for many entrepreneurs;Β  they get high, talk about all this next level shit they saw and come back down again to go back to their same exact routines, only this time with a story to tell.

I see so many people come back talking about the major breakthrough they had and how they experienced “ego death”, like they have been totally transformed and freed from the narcissistic asshole that everyone knows them be.


Yeah, you experienced ego death but the asshole is still alive and kickin, and will always be until true death do you part, or maybe you keep fucking around and knock yourself completely sideways with the wrong type of drug.

And let me tell you from experience…

You haven’t gone full ego death until you got a bad batch of crank whipped up in a tupperware inside someones old ass RV.

Or gone to any doctor and told them you have any random anxiety and been prescribed a cocktail of SSRIs, courtesy of Big Pharma.

Those are some of the quickest ways to get the true ego lobotomy you’re looking for, but of course that’s not hip enough.

It’s gotta be IN.

You gotta have the shamans, the Instagram photo ops, all of that has to come into play or this would be just another “toot” in the bathroom stall.

Of course, all of these are just false ways to get the appearance that you are creating a new reality or achieving true enlightenment.

Psychedelics really don’t do anything except show you what is behind certain doors, you still have to walk through them when you are back on the outside, and that’s a tough thing to do.

They simply show you what you should do, you have to walk it when you get back in the here and now.

There is no quick fix to bypassing your lower self, your actual human nature.

It’s a major life challenge that you must confront head on inside the greatest trip of all; your life.

I’ve been on countless trips, and some have revealed some powerful next level revelations to me.

In fact, most of my personal philosophy is built off of the last major trip I had, where I saw the entire world as the simulation it actually is.

As strong as all of this was for me, I knew when I came back I was still the same person I was when I went in, the only difference is I had a glimpse of what I needed to do; a nice sparkly fourth dimensional view of the work I needed to do on myself.

The crazy thing is I always knew this work was there, it just opened my eyes to it a bit more.

It was essentially going to Disney World for my problems, having them spelled out in fireworks across a galactic sky.

When the trip wore off; I was back in this reality still left with that work.

I still deal with this work every time I get on camera; thinking about whose watching me or comparing myself to everyone else.

These are things that take practice to overcome; it’s easy to say you don’t give a fuck, but the truth is that fucks are the most difficult thing to get rid of.

Competition and comparison to others on your social ladder are deeply rooted into our psychology, and if you have a lot of work to do in this area then it’s going to be a long road for you.

You’re always going to have to do the work on your mind no matter what, there’s no way around that shit and of course no quick fix.

Check out the the livestream for an a real talk on what goes through the mind when you are actually confronting your true nature, whether starting your journey through entrepreneurship or been in the game decades.


Free your mind,


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