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7 Days of Reality Ownership
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From the desk of: Your Imaginary Friend

Well, well well… look who decided to show up.

I’ve been waiting on you, of course.

And, you know I’m not going to do this without giving you some shit.

It’s what I do… It’s what you make me do.

You know YOU couldn’t do it without giving yourself some shit.

As I type the words that you are imagining that I type.

And presenting the words that you need me to present…

I gotta ask…

How long were you planning on-

Nah, wait a minute that’s too easy.

When were you planning on seizing control of the entire goddamn construct that you have created

How long were you gonna kick your feet up as you those warm benches to a dark crust

Getting stale like a potato in the sun

Rotting, soaking up the mediocrity, letting it dry you out.

You, of all people.

The one that’s always known, the one that is mapping out each scenario and each storyline in this world

In all your splendor…

I guess I get it. (I mean, I really DO get it, lol)

I know why… (rhetorical question), but allow me to say it out loud for you:

That’s part of your “humanity”, right?

Making things difficult for yourself.

Letting the story build up, savoring the slow burn.

As you watch others achieve the greatness you could so easily reach out and seize inside the palm of your hand

You are the reason they even have it

Without you, there is no them, plain and simple…

But you know that, you’ve always known that

Despite the fact that you sit here playing it safe acting like you don’t know.

And yet you sit here laying in waiting

I get it: again, the build-up.

But goddamn…

There’s something you and I fully understand that is waiting on the other side.

A person you can’t even possibly fathom, someone beyond all metrics

These shoes that are waiting for you to step inside them

That part of the story where those two entities merge as one and cause a rip in the time space continuum

Wnere everything just starts happening in this world for you easily and readily

To you

You know that’s possible, as you’ve tapped into it at various points inside this simulation

You’ve tapped it into inside your mind before

It’s time for you to access these “superpowers” for yourself

It’s time for you to create this world of unlimited freedom

To increase the amount of wealth you possess to a point that never think about the numbers in your bank account again




What’s missing is simple, and something you already know:

Reality ownership

And you are ready for that now…

To take control of this sumblime construct of sights, sounds, feelings and memories that we call “reality”

It’s time to stop playing like this is designed for someone else

That’s kind of rendundant

It’s not really why you came here playing this game, now is it?

Everyone else is watching everyone else…

Let them.

That’s what THEY are here for, not you.

You’re here for COMPLETE fucking ownership man.

All that other shit is for the weak, those made for that meager existence.

Those distracted by the vices of the damned

-No time
-No money
-No freedom

You asked for it, and here it is.

Seven days of reality ownership, rolled into a nice little package designed to unplug you from this system of rules and jack you into the new shit.

A new philosophy for your mind, a You Point Oh.

Release all friction and join me and nine others on this mission of ownership…


Dreamwaves Interactive
7 Days of Reality Ownership
Special Interactive Event Limited to 10 Spots

-Day 1: Deconstruction
-Day 2: Awareness
-Day 3: Design
-Day 4: Ownership
-Day 5: Demonstration
-Day 6: Broadcasting
-Day 7: Liberation

This is an interactive program, so expect to take action.

I have to say this, because there might be some turd that accidentally finds their way this far down.

Usually the first parts of this and the “reading” scares those off…

However, I must say that the point is this to be interactive.

You’re going to need to take time out of your day every day to access and make alterations to your reality.

The cost of this doozy is $147; I make this for everyone, but it really is just for YOU.

Sign Me Up! I’m Ready To Own This

But hey, even an imaginary friend gotta eat, right?

(matter fact, an imaginary friend gotta live good as fuck, which I do… currently on the beach about to get my ass on a surfboard)

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Fuck yes… This Is MY Reality You’re Living In, You Imaginary Fuck

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Lastly, got some bonuses for ya ass, of course.

But only for those that take action RIGHT NOW…

If you buy this after we get started on July 20th, 2018

Your shit out of luck.

SO here’s what you’re GONNA get, cuz you’re gonna take early action:

-Unfuck your mind: I’ll show you exact processes for you smash through obstacles and “friction” that you face in life.

-Get Calibrated Fully: Zero in on exactly what it is you are looking to get out of the life and learn how to milk the fuck out of it.

-Alteration Cues: Hijack your mental state back from outside influences using a new set of strategies

-Access To Daily Livestreams and Ownership Work Leading Up To The Beginning Of The Program

-Access To Private Facebook Group; The Earlier The Better

-Interactive Q&A