Ever wonder how people like professional athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs get to a place called ‘the zone’, also know as a ‘flow state’?

How do they get up so early in the morning, and just seem to be ON for the whole day, cranking out work like it’s nothing?

These people weren’t born with something different about their brains that allows them to access near-superhuman control of their mental faculties better than anyone else.

What they have, however, is a set of skills for quickly getting their minds jacked into a state that serves them endless creativity, energy and positivity.

The first rule of getting into a flow state is that you have to be interested in what you are doing.

This can be tough if you’re currently busting your ass inside the simulation trying to break out.

When I was in the car business, I would achieve this state of mind at random intervals, and even then I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just knew it felt good and I would crush it that day and make a fuck ton of money.

Achieving this state of mind without passion is the quickest way to burnout, and that’s exactly what I did.

If you want to tap into this state of mind easily and never burn out you will need to discover your passion and your true purpose work as a human.

Since all thats required of you in the most basic evolutionary guidelines is to survive and replicate, everything else extra that you do towards is what separates you from the pack and causes you to shine.

Everything you do towards this higher human experience will help you achieve escape velocity from the forces of average and propel you through the stars, but you first must discover what this is and then start living it.

Keep following me and reading my blog for more information and lectures on this process.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you are somewhere comfortable and free of distraction.

Some people think this is next to impossible, especially if you are traveling.

I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit, a lie and a trick to keep you at the bottom.

You can get into flow state anywhere at any time, after all: It is simply a state of mind.

If you’re new to doing this, you’ll notice some interesting things that happen around you when you start tampering with the universe.

What you are about to do is sheist it out of keeping you at the baseline where you belong.

That’s right: You SHOULDN’T be in control of your own life, and you SHOULDN’T have power over your own reality, and yet you are.

You are actually designing everything about your reality as you go along,

The good, the bad, the ugly…

So don’t be surprised when that chick you’ve been banging on and off for years that’s going nowhere pops up in your texts, once you get nice and settled into your frame of mind and are about to press the first unadulterated key on the board.

Don’t be surprised when you suddenly get very sleepy out of nowhere.

When someone wrecks into your brand new car without insurance when you were on the way to work, with a brilliant idea on your mind:

Don’t be surprised, mother fucker.

My mentor broke it down for me like this: The universe is ran like a computer. No matter which way you slice it, God buddha whatever…

The universe runs mathematically.

Just like computer code and programming, the same rules apply.

Everything has to even out on the other side and remain at a baseline.

The higher you try to go up, the more you will experience your lower self attempting to pull you back down.

That’s what it’s designed to do; keep you safe from the unknown levels you are about to reach.

Once you realize this and understand it, you can dodge this force and continue with your mission of getting into flow states and producing the most amazing content of your life.

So you’ve locked the dogs in the room, silenced your phone and are sitting at a desk, laptop open, ready to rock.

What’s next?

I recommend putting on some ambient type music to get your brain waves moving at the appropriate wavelength.

Follow me on Spotify if you need some ideas, but remember this is very important.

When you are telegraphing into the universe, altering the code and moving forward, you don’t really want to have Lil Jon or some stupid bullshit playing in the background.

Most popular music is garbage; mantras and chants of the ignorant masses.

Baseline shit for baseline people.

Stay far away from it during these exercises.

The next thing you want to do is begin writing or typing your affirmations somewhere that you can save for later.

And affirmation is a representation of the character you want to be in life.

The person you are a year from now, two years from now.

When you write this down, you are basically modifying the code of the universe.

Yes, these words on a page or on a screen that you are typing will change things. If you don’t believe that, go fuck yourself somewhere.

You aren’t ready for higher level thinking.

What would you tell yourself in the mirror if you had it all?

Let me give you an example of the type of stuff I write in mine:

I am courageous.

I am confident.

I can manipulate the universe at will.

Everything is the way it is because I choose it to be.

I create my reality.

I help people create their own realities.

I can easily jump into tasks and get right to work…

I have many beautiful women wit dem big ole tiddies in my life.

Get it?

You can write as many of these as you want, and if everything else is in alignment, once you get to a certain point you should be able to break right into whatever task you are doing and absolutely fucking crush it, which brings us to our final tip:

You must keep fighting against your lower self as you go through.

If Sarah from accounting walks in with a question, it will tell you to break free of the flow state.

It will tell you to jerk off.

It will tell you to do anything and listen to anyone rather than keep accessing your higher mind.


“Got a minutes?” are cancer for flow. The work you are producing at this level will be higher than anything Sarah could possibly comprehend, I assure you of that. Sarah can leave that question in a chat or an e-mail.

Be an asshole.

Fuck what people think.

They need to know that you take your lifestyle and mindset serious af.

Most people will never understand, but then again you aren’t most people and you will not be liked by most people.

That’s just the nature of fucking with nature.

Once you’ve entered this flow state, if you are at your computer you should feel like Mozart on the keyboard.

If you are a roofer, you should feel like Jesus, building away with a direct connection to God.

You should feel totally free in your mind and able to produce a quality of work that is uniquely you and beautiful.

This is new clean code uploaded directly into the mainframe, so watch your life change after consistently channeling this energy on daily basis.

It takes practice, but it’s completely worth it.


Free your mind,


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