It’s no secret that there are countless different forces out actively trying brainwash our minds.

And no, I’m not trying to say give you power away or be a victim here, actually quite the opposite.

There’s a difference between allowing things to become an excuse for failures in your life and understanding that there are also people actively pursuing a piece of your energy; and taking action to prevent it from happening.

That’s not making excuses or being a conspiracy theorist;

(Which, of course I am, always have been and always will be. If anything, the past couple of years should have shown everyone – no matter your political leanings – that most conspiracy theories have some truth behind them. We are living in a conspiracy theory.)

… it’s just being proactive, and it’s actually a process that – once turned into a habit – can remove the parasites sucking away at your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t be naive enough to believe that based on the world we are living in, there wouldn’t be someone preying on your most basic human instincts.

We’ve been doing it since one of our ancestors discovered that with the right recipe of grunts and hand slaps could get another human to move and take action on his behalf.


Even if you do just some of these the steps I’ve outlined in this post you will start feeling better about life and begin enjoying your individualism just a little more.

My goal is that the spells will start wearing off and life will start tasting just a little bit sweeter for you.

Your own life force will begin coursing through your veins again uninhibited and you’ll begin to regain something that was buried in the feces of agenda so long ago: yourself.


I write to leaders. I coach leaders. More specifically, the natural born leader that exists inside us all.

(No, I don’t believe that everyone is an automaton or “NPC”… I think a tremendous amount of people have bad programming that prevents them from thinking as an individual)

I speak directly to the the highest self; that’s who I am talking to right now, not automatons obsessed with everyone else, trying to BE everyone else.

That’s a product of these simulations that are constantly running behind the scenes, trying to catch everyone off guard. Many of this are running on autopilot, 24 hours a day 7 days a week hard at work, mining away at your energy.

I take my clients through a process that involves removing the blockades that prevent from sharing their message, a piece of their soul.

There are usually a fucking massive amount of issues that keep even the most powerful of messengers from releasing their true power on the world, and one of the main blocks is the one of worrying about what others think.

This is the result of being attached to groups or “tribes” of people and fearing rejection. A very basic human emotion, one that elicits something we will do anything to get away from: the experience of pain.

The untrained animal inside of us automatically resists anything pain related, and rejection is that ultimate pain.

We’ve all been rejected by someone or something before, so a lot of the times we stay within the herd where it’s safe: we find ourselves affirming one another and rallying against the same causes.

We get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside and sometimes when the collective is in a truly heightened state of going after the other guy”, it can even elicit a state of ecstasy.

All of this takes away from you getting anywhere near true fulfillment.

Take the first steps in removing yourself from these living organisms, the first and most critical one being social media.

You don’t have to remove yourself completely, just start unfollowing people (link to personal video on how to unfollow everyone) who don’t align with your true values. If you think you know what your values are, think again.

Most likely there is software already installed on your system that is the antithesis of what truly matters on your life, something that would give you the feeling of fulfillment that we are all after.

Once you discover this and unfollow the people not aligned, you should be left with a very small list of people to observe in any newsfeed.

After that, get rid of the news and anything else that you find irresistible, but hasn’t moved you closer to fulfillment in any way.

It’ll be tough, but this is one of the most valuable exercises I can recommend to you.

If this is too advanced of a move, try the newsfeed eradicator plugin for chrome. This will get you started and drop the noise that you see by at least 25%.

Do it the full way as explained in the video and get it down to closer to 90%.

You will start feeling the effects of this immediately. In fact during the process of unfollowing (because you’ll have to do much of it manually), you will feel the pain of removing these people that you are getting dopamine hits from just by watching.


This is your door way into writing and journaling.

I look at these activities as ways to discover what really matters to you outside the noise.

It’s like seeing the real you, the best you, sharing their thoughts on paper. This is you without the mask that has been carefully and meticulously built over the years, the one that we are wear to some degree, be it a full face helmet or an eye patch.

This is also a way to craft your own reality.

For some it could be your first step into what I call “reality design”.

Call it manifestation, call it recoding the simulation, I believe that the more your true self is able to communicate with the world in any medium the more you will be free.

Observe what you write down in the beginning of this is a new practice for you.

Ask yourself what you would do if you already had these things, whether it is material objects or a better relationship.

What would you do with yourself if someone with a magic wand could just give them to you.

Where would your mind be?

Could you even accept a world in where you were totally satisfied and everything was going your way?

Most of us cannot, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you realize you create much of the difficulty you experience in life.

We’re all so well adapted to ignoring these facts, to blinding ourselves to the truth.

It’s a fact of this world, one that you will cause to come pouring out once you put the pen on paper.

This often a difficult exercise; many people say “I love to write, but when it comes to getting started I had trouble.”

The truth is; they know what’s going to come out is going to change things. Work is going to have to be done.

But this is the REAL work.

Everything else is bullshit and masturbation.


One of my personal faves.

It’s simple enough and allows you create the reality you truly desire, all while taking what feels like a light, invigorating nap.

Once you learn what you truly want, listen to some self hypnotism at some point throughout your day.

If you’re listening to someone else, make sure you listen to the entire body of content before you actually take action and participate in the exercise.

Make sure it’s something that is aligned with your true values.

Some people are extra susceptible to hypnotism (which is a good thing if it’s positive suggestion), but you don’t want to get knocked out while halfway through the speaker starts telling you to suck some dick for crack.

Just kidding.

You don’t actually take suggestions that aren’t aligned with your values, but certain things can pass through that aren’t.

While this is not likely, because it would probably get called out on YouTube or whatever medium it’s hosted on, many things would slip right by that you wouldn’t suspect

For example, following politics and getting angry about the current state of the government probably isn’t aligned with most peoples desire to live a positive, happy and fulfilling life, and yet they accept the suggestion every day based on the way it’s packaged and presented.

Listen to a couple of self-hypnotism audios on YouTube and then use it to create your own with your own voice.

Sure, it will take a little work, but it will be amazing for you. You can add in all sorts of things you’d like to receive more of in your life, and take your own suggestions rather than everyone elses.

Plus, you’ll learn to fall in love with your own voice.

Why not?

You’re repeatedly falling in love with the sound and opinions of other people even though it’s a one-way toxic relationship for you.

Try you on for a while and watch the change begin to truly happen.


Writing is by far the most therapeutic action one can ever take. It allows you to bring that inner monologue out of the shadows so you can get a good view of who you actually are inside.

This is so important for personal development, yet so many skip over it.

They write down goals and things they want to attain, but never unpack the endless desires of their true selves that is often hidden behind a mask that is presented for public consumption.

Even if you don’t put them out into a public forum for the world to see, you can still observe the amazing you way that you view the world.

So much of this is ignored as you move throughout your busy day that we often forget it.

We never actually take the time to view ourselves and get to know ourselves more.

Do this in the morning before your mind has had the opportunity to be raped by outside influences.

Do it before you roll over and pick up your phone.

Listen to yourself first, and then see what the rest of the world has to say about things.

Often enough, it doesn’t match up to anything you have actually spelled out on a piece of paper.

Not only that, when you physically put down these thoughts it has a way of reshaping things around you…

Most often known as: Manifestation and law of attraction.

Believe it, or don’t believe it; I choose to live in a world where these happen, and they do happen.

What kind of world do you live in?

Examine every emotion at the door

Why did you get angry on the way to work?

Is it because there’s fucking traffic everywhere again, or is it from something else?

Back when I used to slave away at my old jobs, I remember totally losing my shit every morning on that drive.

And yet, I did the same thing over and over again for over seven years without ever examining WHY I was getting angry.

My dad used to get angry about shit he couldn’t change so I figured that was the way it was for me as well.

I just have that Grabbs temper.

I’m passionate.

When really what I should have done was examine the situation more in depth.

Ask myself what the emotion was coming from.

A negative emotion is an opportunity for self reflection and improvement, and once you locate the source can usually make some big changes in your life.

It’s also a trail of breadcrumbs towards early hypnosis.

In my case, my anger was from an installed idea: The idea that we are like our parents.

That we handle things like they do, that because they do things a certain way their children do them a certain way.

This idea took power away from me, and it was something stupid someone had told me.

I don’t remember all of the places I had learned it and had it reinforced into my mind, but someone was using it as a means of control.

Someone was giving me an excuse to be mediocre, possibly so I could settle in and become the same person they were.

Someone made a suggestion, I took it, and it affected my outlook for years.


All emotions must be examined.

Figure out why you are experiencing happiness, and you’ll discover how to create more of it.

When you dehypnotize yourself and fortify your mind against these outside influences, you begin to realize a truth that you can say you understand, but your actions will show the opposite:

You are the puppet master pulling your own strings.

You are the commander of your life.

Take control of it and become the individual that you were born as before you allowed others to convince you otherwise.


Free your mind,


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