You’ve always felt something was different about this world.

The way you’ve described your experience doesn’t seem to add up with what everyone else’s account.

The things they’ve told you will guide you to fulfillment never seem to quite add up.

You’ve tried to become to square peg in the round hole that they want you to become…

You’ve tried to play it quiet, tried to dial down the power you know you possess.

You’ve gone out and made the money they told you would bring you some sort of ‘happily ever after’.

You’ve got the girls — or girls — only to realize you were still left feeling like something was missing.

Maybe you’ve tried getting lost in drugs, fitness, sex, alcohol, or starting random businesses.

And all of the college, the self-help ‘gurus’, the seminars, the books…

None of it seems to provide an answer for this one thing inside you that you can’t quite put words together for…

This blog is an experiment in providing a different answer to you.

Welcome to a place of adventure, excitement, magic, mystery, mayhem and mindfuckery.

Welcome to a new chapter in your story.