I just found this little throwback video from back when I first started blogging and doing livestreams a few months ago in my group.

I thought you might enjoy seeing it; back when I was just taking the training wheels off:

Saying fuck my job, fuck my car, fuck my apartment.

Six months later I’m still going strong and my business is flourishing.

It doesn’t sound like that long, but it’s been one roller coaster of a ride since I decided to go in all in on myself instead of everyone else and design my reality.

One of the things I credit is being able to get rid of the distractions that were always around back at home, away from purpose.

Being there meant tons of opportunities to get caught up in shit that wasn’t surfing and exploring the world.

There are basically two bars in Dallas that are popping.

There is one football team that has been sucking balls for who knows how long now.

Deciding to say “fuck all that shit” and do me – no matter how messy that gets –  was the best thing I ever did.

Somehow… just somehow…

It worked.

But I always knew it would; just like you know the same will happen for you.

Let’s face facts: it’s ordained:

We’re both players in this game and, well… we love a good a challenge.

But yo seriously fuck all that challenge shit.

It’s time to get to it and start changing things in a major way.

Anyways, I’ll be uploading these “throwbacks” (so-to-speak) every now and then as I keep finding this content I never got around to uploading.

I finally got the first member of my team today as I’m expanding this operation at lightning pace, so these gems won’t be slipping through the cracks anymore.

Enjoy the livestream and let me know in the comments what distracts you.


Free your mind,


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