People think I’m crazy.

And they are right; fortunately, it’s a great time to be crazy in this world.

If you’re crazy enough to let the world know what’s in your mind, your YouTube channel could blow up.

You might even go viral.

Strange times.

You could do the unthinkable and broadcast your deepest thoughts to the entire planet.

You might even do something extra trippy like believe that you have the ability to change lives through your message, and live the life of your dreams from it.

Along this journey you could end up getting a glimpse of your true self; someone you have refused to look at for a lifetime.

You could end up getting knocked the fuck out.

I woke up one day and there was a problem at every corner with my business.

It seemed like I had finally tied up all the loose ends from my previous life, you know: the life of the slave.

The 9-5 (5 the next morning)

The 100X doing shit you absolutely fucking hate …no matter what!

The life of building businesses on things I really hated doing just to buy some shit that would allow me to drive myself somewhere in style to I could drink everything about what I was doing away.

I had unplugged myself.


My “owners” actually did the unplugging for me:

It’s not in my blood to be a slave.

I imagine myself in a previous life building a pyramids…

Getting my back whipped to shreds over and over again:

Finally the masters come together and decide to chop my head off.

(Or whatever the fuck they did back then)

I would have had my moment in the sun before it happened, though.

Freely running through the sand, the cool breeze of freedom that I’ve felt time and time again throughout my life.

The other slaves watching me, shaking their heads…

Some of my friends and family hoping I pulled it off.

Then the abrupt crack to the skull by some blunt object.

Maybe I would have made it out, only to find myself dying of dehydration.

Disillusionment is the most powerful drug of all.

Imagine the countless great minds over the years that faced the gallows shortly after their own…

In the present year, waking up isn’t nearly as physically taxing.

However with the mind still intact you have a much greater force to deal with: yourself.

In the Bible, Jesus goes to the desert for forty days and forty nights to fast.

During this time, Satan appears and tries to tempt him to worship him (judging from the fact there is literally nothing around to commit a sin with other than masturbation, this is probably what he meant, just sayin)

This is the way of doing your purpose work: you’re baptized by truth and then venture off to starve for an unspecified amount of time.

Your mind is fucked with, relentlessly.

Somehow the universe provides you what you need, but also with devils to tempt you.

Every hour or so, there was a new hit to my business.

The first call was the most powerful one.

It left me sitting there shocked, and suddenly the gears started turning in my head.

How did I get to this point?

What had happened?

Living in the past, while simultaneously switching over to show some attention to the future:

What can I do now?

What if it doesn’t fix?

If I don’t recover from it, then this will happen.

A total state of perpetual depression and anxiety that turned on in the blink of an eye:

Even though I have everything I need to make it for a long time, and even live smack dab on the fucking beach…

A life many people tell me they envy that I can live.

But yet suddenly, I found myself in hell.

From one. Phone call.

Then, something else happened.

Another hit…

A major key to my business was out of commission.

And then, a little while later, another hit came to the financial part of my business.

I sat there in disbelief for a while, I don’t remember how long, playing out those past and present scenarios in my head.

I’d been there before though, so it didn’t take long for me to recalibrate.

In the past when I thought this way, it was a never ending spiral.

One time (actually a couple of times), it even sent me crawling back to my previous life.

All of those are dead ends and will be until the end of fucking time.

And I know this to be an absolute truth of the universe.

You have to disrupt your mind.

I use surfing; it used to be weed until I moved to Bali where they pretty much chop balls off that for that shit.

Some people use working out, hypnosis or meditation.

What all of these tools actually do is ground you back in the present moment, which you need to be always if you want to survive a plague of locusts on your big debut.

If you stay in the present moment, you can battle whatever devils come your way.

You do not stop doing the things that your higher self would do, as that is what got you this far in the first place.

You don’t curl up into a ball and sleep all day.

You don’t pace around the floor and call everyone to talk about how fucked up things are.

Every time you do, you are giving a piece of your power away.

You center in the present moment, the paradise you have built for yourself, and you keep fucking moving as if these things do not exist (plot twist: they dont)

Once you are there, you go back to doing the things that got you there in the first place.

Not the bullshit fiddling with gears and knobs, all the redundant shit that makes you look busy…

That’s not going to change a damn thing.

You go back high level immediately: you give and give via your message, while it’s hot and ready.

You get it all out and go right back to the main things.

If you haven’t found that something to take you back to the present moment yet, save this and read these words if you’re ever in a jam:

Each call I got was a new temptation to give away my energy, to accept that I was not quite available to receive the things I was requesting.

Much like Jesus in the desert, you have to realize that the devils you are seeing are of your own creation.

Just like God created a higher version of himself, he created a worst version to tempt him.

A version to do constant battle with.

(Gotta admit it looks a little fucking weird on paper.

Gotta take ownership of that, God.)

But so familiar…

The beatdowns.

The crashes, the martyrdom.

But then again, gods and demons are modeled after the people that created them.

By the way, I’m not religious by any means, but I do hail from a Baptist family and have an extensive knowledge of all religions so you’ll see me going there quite frequently.

Do love me some New Testament, though.

Jesus ended up victorious in the battle of temptation and came back to spread a message and create a movement that changed the world forever.

But he still sent himself through the onslaught, which is what I compare a day of waking up and seeing everything in shambles to.

It’s your own venture into the desert.

This is your time to reel yourself back in and show the world that you are truly at that next level; not just in the physical but in the mind as well.

In fact, your entire reality is now molded down to the rib in that higher self.

You are now a walking, breathing instrument of another dimension.

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