The other day me and some friends were exchanging stories and the thing that they are always so interested in is my prison stories.

Of course, it goes without saying that I’m not proud of where I ended up.

It’s just a period of my life where I learned some pretty heavy lessons that I do not intend on learning again.

But everyone loves the stories…

One of the things that people love hearing about is the gang initiations.

I wasn’t in a gang, but I saw many people join up as soon as they arrived.

There’s a process that involves a test to see if you are going to stand up for yourself and fight, called a “heart check” in some form or another.

Usually it involved fighting two of your other fellow gang members for about 30 seconds.

If it sounds crazy, it is even crazier to see in real life.

It looks like something nobody would ever want to take part of, and yet they do.

(you’d be surprised at what you are capable of when your back is against the wall)

It got me thinking of how crazy it is to speak the truth when you’ve been living a lie for a long time.

We’ve been programmed by society, movies, news, etc. to accept lies and fairy tales that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When the truth comes out, it bitchslaps us in a way that forever changes us… and we are left wondering what the fuck?

Some people go into depression or a grieving state.

Some people even get stressed out to the point they manifest sickness…

All because they weren’t ready to face the truth.

The best way to live is to hit it head on.

To walk right up on the yard and go let the world know you ain’t no fuckin’ punk bitch.

You’re here to be you without apology.

In this broadcast we talk about getting your paper (prison slang for fighting for yourself).

It’s heavy shit, as usual, so make sure the kids are tucked in before watching.

Enjoy and Free Your Mind,


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