So I’m still out here doing the damn thang.

I know it’s been awhile since I created content or wrote a blog post, but it is what it is.

For some reason, I do feel like I owe an explanation, even though I know it doesn’t really matter.

I create these things to share my message and help people, and that’s all they are for.

That being said, the reason I haven’t done anything is because I kind of got sidetracked focusing on other things.

I went all in on some more behind the scenes stuff that I’ll talk about later, based on some training I was doing.

I was hell bent on building a product that I could make more predicatable than what I do right now.

I went all in on that, and thought that I needed to drop my message to focus on it.

Bad idea?

Like I said, it doesn’t matter.

It was a learning experience nonetheless.

And not for the fact that I took any financial hit from not dropping content.

Matter of fact, dropping content doesn’t make me much at all.

For a year and a half I was putting out blog posts and doing live streams, and it wasn’t doing anything signifant for my bank account.

Slow boogie.

And it didn’t matter to me, I kept it going because it was just the message and I believed in what I was doing.


I did some training and got sidetracked on some other stuff.

Going in on “the one thing” as much as I possibly could.

My financial situation increased dramatically.

It’s been cool.

I’ve been able pay some debts and live a little more comfortable than I was when I was just living off the message.

The problem is that my best self has bitch slapped me for this.

I have found myself become more and more like everyone else.

A long way away from the artist that creates from within.

And more just like everybody else.

Everybody else.

What they’ll do for the dollar; what they’ll do to run from the person they really are.

To stay away from the message, the voice inside that wants to shake this whole fucking thing up.

This has been chewing away at my own soul.


Because I could be doing both.

I could be dropping the message and doing the other stuff that I’m already good at, which is lead generation and helping companies scale.

That’s a skill that has served me for over a decade now in any business I’ve been in.

Using social media to bring in more customers, it’s always been my bread and butter.

And I fell back on it for a bit.

In the process I kept my message from those who needed it.

Facts: I got comfortable.

But now I’m uncomfortable because I haven’t been doing what I’m here for: Which is to free minds.

Yes, I’ve been helping a few people here and there but not on the scale I once was.

I’ve been living outside of integrity.

Yeah, I said it.

Fuck it.

And that’s fine.

The show has been going on, as it usually does for “everyone else”.

Whatever boring ass show that is.

Whatever risks I haven’t been taking staying inside that comfort zone.

They’ve been passing me by.

I miss taking those risks…

And this is coming from a guy who takes risks every day, whether it be jumping in the ocean and surfing on shallow reefs.

Or riding on scooters with no helmet tempting the grim reaper.

Or raw dogging hoes with no jimmies.

Reality does not give a fuck about these dumb risks.

All she gives a shit about is what I’m giving back to her.

Am I putting it all on the table, being real and authentic?

Am I sharing this message on a massive scale?

I could give you a million reasons about why I haven’t been.

A million different excuses.

Usually they involve other people.

Wondering what others are thinking.

Pissed that certain folks that I don’t particularly like were taking my words and using them for their benefit.

Trying to show people that I didn’t need to do any of this shit.

All ego bullshit.

I am no more enlightened than anyone else.

I am just like everyone else.

All I’m doing at the end of the day is stepping away from the best version of myself.

It’s just me and that guy in the room anyways, fuck everyone else.

Obviously there’s a reason that this message exists and pops into my mind.

There’s a reason that I can do it better than I can do anything else.

And so that’s what I’m going to do.

I am probably the most inconsistent person posting content online right now.

And that’s okay.

That’s where the journey has gone.

That’s the rabbit hole I’ve gone down.

That’s where the learning lessons have been learned.

At the end of the day, I’m cool with everything I’ve built going down the shitter and living off coconuts on the beach.

Wandering around, helping people.

That would work for me.

As it happens, I can still drop this message and help more people than I could on that beach.

So that’s what I’m going to get back to.

And that’s what I’m going to do until the world ends.

Free your mind,

Patrick Grabbs
Your Imaginary Friend

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