Many people think don’t even consider that total fulfillment is something they can achieve in their lives.

They figure if they can just make it to a certain level, they will find something like satisfaction.

They hope to get to a certain level in their career; get the girl, settle down and have the kids then they will be good.

They trust  that this pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow; and it’s not even an entire pot…

More like a brick or two and that’s supposed to be good enough.

A lot of folks don’t even think the couple of bricks are possible; they are just bobbing and weaving through life hoping that circumstances don’t get so bad that they can’t handle it.

They don’t even believe a life of total fulfillment is a possibility.

It’s not “in the cards”, this round.

Fuck that.

And then, of course, many have absolutely no clue, desires or care to access anything higher than the level they are on.

The now-infamous NPS (non-playable character), those who just refuse to play the game at all.

I always have to mention them, as they are quite the enigma.

I used to ask myself why they are even here in the game; I couldn’t fathom people that complain and bitch about their circumstances and yet never seek to change anything.

Why don’t they fucking play; why don’t they even try to make alterations to their reality?

I understand the answer now:

They’re here to show you what is possible if you don’t ask questions.

The NPC makes statements instead of questions:

“I hate my life.”

“Shit is fucking lame.”

“This shit always happens to me.”

(Sometimes they will ask “why does this always happen to me?”… getting close, but no cigar. Never the cigar.)

The number one question that drives a true player is “how can I ‘have it all'”?

Not just a little, not just some, not just a buffet at Lubys: ALL OF IT.

“Since I only get one life, is it possible for me to have everything I ever desired?

Is it possible for me to have unlimited ceaseless fulfillment in every aspect of my life, no matter how ludicrous or “day-dreamy” it may sound?”

In this epic livestream, I talk about how it’s a choice to experience true fulfillment.

Anything less than this is a choice as well, and you need to be fully aware of that.

This is the essence of reality design.

You could experience true fulfillment in your mind right now if you were so inclined; you have all of the tools, it is simply resistance on the part of your human nature.

However, this is not enough; becoming a monk is not what you are here for.

That job is already filled…

You are here for something far greater; to change their world with your message and your movement.

You’ve always known this, deep down inside that you were born to do this.

Not to play it safe on the sidelines hoping that you don’t say the wrong things and rock the boat too much, eventually capsizing it due to your stupid illusions of grandeur.

You were born to go out and make those illusions a reality.

To take take and create your fulfillment.

After all, it is yours and you do get to have it that way.

The first step is making the choice to believing that is the truth, and then going out and living every moment as if that is the case, even when the world tries to convince you it isn’t.

Check out the livestream and learn some of the ways you can keep the switch on.

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