I’m not a baller in the traditional internet marketer sense…

Matter fact, my peers don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.

This higher dimension shit might as well be martian language to them.


I went ALL THE WAY FUCKING LEFT of what everyone told me I should do to make money.

Seems like every time someone tells me the best way to make guap, I find myself doing the opposite of what they say.

And, I’ll be the first to tell you that shit is not always hunky dory for me financially.

Four months ago, I was sitting pretty.

I had a nice high rise downtown, nice, furniture, sweet exotic car that yes, I did pay a hefty monthly price tag on despite what booty hurt haters will tell you.

I partied it up, had something of a good time in my own way and did travel occasionally.

The problem was, I hated my fucking life.

I hated working for someone else.

I hated the way people I’d surrounded myself lived.

The fake laughing at people who are really not that goddamned funny just because they a providing something for them.

The fake relationships.

The fake everything.

It’s like at some point in their 30s everyone bands together and decides it’s okay to sell out.

So, I said fuck it all and went out on my own to fully back myself and go all in on myself.Not only that, I wouldn’t rely on my previous skills of marketing to make it through this.

The truth is, I really fucking hate building marketing automation systems.

I’m not biased against it, there’s a lot of shit that I dislike doing.

I hate stopping what I’m doing to take a piss about three or four times throughout the day.

I hate messing with anything tech related, even though that’s something I’m really good at.

(I’m really good at a lot of shit)

But most all, I hate doing anything that doesn’t pertain to my craft.

These days, I really hate not being in my creative element.

It’s what guides my energy, directs my mind.

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in anything outside of that, even though I’m really good at it.

The fact is, to grow a successful business out of that I would have to really fucking love it, which I do not.

So I stay far away from it, and occasionally help close friends with their systems.

But that’s about it.

Due to this rule I have for myself, I really haven’t allowed myself to experience the high level of financial freedom
I have gone all in on what I love: Mindset.

Mindset changed my life, and, out of everything I’ve learned over the years, the tech, the funnels, all that shit…

Mindset is the one thing you HAVE to have to anything work.

If you don’t have it, you will chase your tale for months, years, decades.

I see so many people crash and burn because of it.

Ive seen so many people succeed.

For me, it’s the only thing that ever made any sense.

For that reason, it’s the only thing you’ll ever see me backing, my art and the creations that come from it.

I go where my better self pushes me.

This invisible person that I can’t see on the other end of some quantum field in another universe.

Someone with my exact same DNA, living out the life I know is available to me.

I’ve never met him before, yet I know he’s out there and I communicate with him on a daily basis.

I decided to start trusting his viewpoint on every aspect of my life a while back.

This has caused me non-stop issues at the dawn of my entrepreneurial journey.

I don’t have a huge audience for these things right now.

Many people in my current list know me as the “funnel guy”.

There has been a couple of people who have bought my programs from that audience, but for the most part I am building something from scratch.

And yet, that’s what this higher version of myself continues to tell me to do.

I don’t have to concern myself wondering what it’s like in his dimension, I know it’s the place to be.

He has very limited amount of time to tell me these things so he just guides me with simple sentences that I download at random times during the day.

I ask for them, and eventually at some point in the day they arrive

Sometimes I can ask the question, and the answer will arrive immediately.

Sometimes it doesn’t, and I just keep pressing forward.

I make the decision based on what that higher level self would have done, and sometimes it’s a dead end.

Sometimes my decision fucks many things up, and yet…

Even then, the learning experience has been paid.

One thing that is consistent is that I should always continue to just release things that are in line with my craft.
Things that just come out when I least expect it, and in those moments I find the things that I will offer up for sale.

This requires so much trust, as I see people every day balling out of control.

I see people with nice cars, nice houses, living what appears to be a wonderful life.

And I know I could give it all up and go sell a strategy, go copy someones setup and sell some coffee mugs and then package that up and resell it as a training program and then repeat the process and get this things rocking.

I know I could go buy some fake followers or do a strategy to get more followers and feel good about the amount of people watching and following me.

I know I could run traffic with “3 simple steps to becoming a millionaire” and build my list quick and fast.

And yet…

My higher self tells me not to.

He tells me to keep doing what the fuck I’m doing.

Keep broadcasting, keep being me and keep saying exactly what’s on my mind.

Keep talking shit, keep downloading the message and presenting it to the world.

Well, fuck it…

Alright then.

So I keep going and keep moving through, sometimes reluctantly.

I used to question these messages quite a bit.

Especially as the bank account gets low sometimes, and I have to do a project or something I’m not interested in.

That’s a deviation and a step away from trust that takes me back out of calibration, and it always ends up being the wrong answer.

Sometimes I fail a simle test and it’s always due to lack of trust.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I trust fully and I win.

(actually that’s every time)

When I first got to Bali, I would go work at a little surf hut called The Sunset Hut.

I would practice every day on these big soft boards that the absolute n00bs use.

The last time I rode there the waves were too big for that soft board and a wave ended up busting it, which cost me around 60$ to settle.

One day, a pro surfer named Christian Fletcher walked up to have a beer at the stand and we talked for a while.

He does his own thing and lives life on his own terms and doesn’t really get mixed up in the pro circuit, but everyone knows him.

Everyone says he’s crazy as fuck and will ride the waves that others do not want to ride, even shallow reef rides in absolute darkness.

I asked him how he does it, and he said he trusts he will come out on the other end.

He doesn’t think about failing.

That’s thing I love about surfing, you really have to push the idea failing all the way out of your mind to progress.

It’s a lot like entrepreneurship.

Anyways, I told Christian about the busted board and he gave me the dimensions of a board that would be perfect for me.

The exact shape that would allow me to not only have fun, but be easy for me to float and maneuver and most of all, get up.

He told me it would be better to own the board, to get something that could withstand the waves without busting apart, and also because a board is a lot like a girlfriend.

You gotta know how she ticks.

I jotted down the dimension in my notepad and continued on my journey.

I would glance at Facebook marketplace from time to time for used board that matched that dimension, but I never found anything so I just kept renting boards.

Constantly bobbing around in the water, constantly trying to adjust to a different board…

It’s a mess.

But I continued on, doing what I do and following the roads as they guided me from place to place.

As I was leaving the last hostel I was staying at, I realized I had lost my wallet.

Fucking  A…

Out of all the things to lose, I had lost all my cards AND I had just bought dinner.

A dinner I could now not pay for.

If there’s one thing that you classifies as shit creek in a foreign land, it’s losing all of your personal identification and bank cards.

I was truly fucked, and yet…

At this point, as far as I come, I felt a sense of calm as I wandered from place to place searching for where I could have left it.

There was really only one place, and that was back at that hostel.

I had already searched that place high and low, but could find nothing.

I asked the higher self for help…

Where could it be?

No answer.

Back and forth I walked until I stopped back at the hostel and just sat.

There was only one thing I could do, I was at an absolute dead end.

Finally, I just decided I was going to say fuck it and just surrender.

Just do what I always do, continue about my work and just wait for the answer.

And so I did, I pulled out my laptop, plugged my phone in and started working.

It wasn’t 15 minutes that passed before the people that worked at the hostel walked up smiling with my wallet in hand.

Hours and hours had gone by without it and I just so happened as I sat down and accepted it, the wallet was delivered.

The answer.

Shut the fuck up, and listen.

Keep going, and receive.

I was overjoyed.

I went and got my new accommodations as well as a membership to a local co-working space where I can get more work done.

As I was walking back from space, I saw a surf shop.

I walked in and started looking around at boards, and the first one I picked up to look at said those exact measurements:

7’2, 24 in, 3 in.

It was the one…

Higher self: Buy that shit, right the fuck now.


I hadn’t checked my bank accounts in weeks due to some bs with my logins.

Then I had some other questions pop up in my mind.

Where are you going to put it?

How are you going to get it around?

Shouldn’t you use that money for something else?

I started fighting those questions right away and quickly.

They wouldn’t register on the mind of my higher self.

He would not be concerned with something like this at all.

Not as far as I’d come already, not the things that have been revealed to me.

There are only a select few people who live life attached to purpose, that let their art and their higher self guide them.

Was I one of these people or wasn’t I?

I quickly ran the card in one machine, it wouldn’t work.

I tried another, and another, and another.

They were all declined.

(typical problem with balinese payment processors, not my card lol)

I heard that voice from my old self telling me that this was a sign not to do it, to run and go check my accounts.

I ignored that just as I had the other three and crossed my fingers that the reader would work on the fourth time.

I practiced believing that it would work, and believed that I deserved the best there was.

Not a used, not a hand me down, but the best board there is.

MY mother fucking board.

The clerk made a suggestion, “Maybe we try credit?”

That had never worked before as it was a bank card, but I said fuck it, yes run it every way.


It’s going to work…

And it did.

The receipt scrolled out of the little yellow box and he snapped it off and handed it to me to sign.

I’d done it, and had passed the test of the higher self.

You may find yourself saying “So what, you just around buying shit you don’t know if you can afford Pat?”

And you’d be missing the point.

It’s about a trust issue.

It’s about knowing the story of your book, knowing what page your on, what chapters you’ve already read, rather than aimlessly wandering around living out someone else story.

Your story has a voice on the other side guiding you the right things to do in each step of the journey, but most aren’t even aware it’s there let alone listening and accepting.

Most are definitely not calling it in.

I’ve been calling this in for over four months now, trusting this guiding voice sometimes and sometimes not.

When the higher self tells you to step it up and become the premium person you know you are, you best fucking listen.

An hour after I purchased the board, I got an alert from my e-mail.

Not a “low balance” e-mail from the bank, but a payment from a client in the same amount of the board.

I’m not telling you these exact things will happen for you, I’m just saying that’s what’s happening in mine.

One where I choose this type of magic to exist, one where I’m connected to higher purpose.

One where I trust myself to be this person that I claim to be, and show everything as it is, rather than make up a bunch of a bullshit.

I could have chose to tell you that I was already a millionaire, and some would have believed it.

I would have got way more kudos and maybe tricked some unsuspecting follower into buying my stuff.

But instead I’m out here living in truth and it’s not always pretty, but it is the truth.

And I get to do all the things that I consider cool and calibrated at the moment.

Getting up early af to kick around some cow shit to find some “truffles” in a Southeast Asian country with hardcore drug laws?


He’d do that.

Surfing until the sun sets upon a psychedelic island landscape and then working on his purpose all night long?

Yeah, he’d totally do that.

Ignoring the bullshit, working as an artist, and saying fuck you to anyone and everyone who can’t respect that?
I’m not waiting until I’ve got fuck you money to live a fuck you lifestyle.

The future is now, old man.

It’s all coming together.

And the truth shall provide, and it shall set those of us who choose to accept it and live in it completely free.

You ready to catch your wave or nah?

Free your mind,


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