You get to travel wherever you want to go; as far as you want to escape (within the reach of respectable enough wifi, of course).

Even though some days I wonder how much I actually need that.

Personally, I prefer something right on the edge of a tourist takeover and rice paddies out the wazzoo.

That place happens to be Canggu right now… The ‘hip’ and happening spot; something of a party town.

It has everything I could have ever imagined; surf breaks, half-pipes and a solid digital nomad/influencer culture for networking.

There is definitely some magic going on here; I’ve never been to a place with all the right things in the right place, but then again I’ve never tried to create my paradise before.

It’s all available for you; maybe you don’t choose to do what I’m doing with it…

But it definitely awaits you on the other side self-doubt and uncertainty exists.


Not even what I’m doing.

So much more awaits YOU when you decide to finally stop playing it safe.

There is nothing safe about the things that you will have to do get what you were born for.

You started playing this game on hard mode and you’re just now figuring things out, seeing a new light.

Discovering what is possible.

Sure; you’ve heard it before, seen it on some memes or maybe read a book or too.

But now…

Now you can just FEEL like it’s that time.

It’s for the training wheels to come off and for you to rush into your passion and purpose with full force, even if there is a chance you will fall down and scrape your leg.

It is time for you to escape the negative vibes of whatever you are doing that is opposite of that voice deep inside you; that will not relent in it’s reminders of you having something bigger than what they have heard your whole life.

Nothing will drown that out; nothing can shut that down, because you’re not like everybody else.

The world that awaits you is free of so many different things that you are attached to right now.

The illusion that money has to be a chore to get; or that it takes putting you head down and “buckling down” to get a check.

You need to see outside of this optical illusion, and imagine a world where people just walk up and give you money.

You have to believe that you are this person and that’s just how the world works and it GETS TO BE EASY.

Of course, some people want something for nothing.

Of course, but you’re not that person; and I don’t speak to those people anymore.

I’ve made a conscious decision to stop even referring to them.

All it does is take away from our time together; maybe you laugh with me but there is so much to be done.

It doesn’t make my life easier to consider them; it’s like looking at the new which I have also scrapped.

I had to let go of the things that do not matter, and focus on that which does…

And somehow, by doing that (again), I always arrive at the same place:


Letting go of who you should be talking to and the message that you should be saying, and just letting it loose.

That message that is inside you; the one that does not give a fuck what others opinion of it is.

Your family, your friends, your enemies…

Those that you concern yourself with, who will judge your message and be offended by the topics.

Thinking of them pollutes your message; considering their feelings obstructs your flow.

There are people out there who need it unadulterated, in the full volume way that you explain things.

They need it and they deserve to be free and you have the gift that they need.

You can help them get to the places they are trying to go, and you know this.

Deep down inside you fully understand this; and you also know that when you do the rewards that will come with it, as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Things that you already knew were going to be available to you, you just forgot.

Maybe you were born into poverty and latched onto the idea of having nothing or limited resources.

Does that shackle you to the floor and keep you imprisoned in your own thoughts.

Or is it the nature of society, and that so many have convinced you and assimilated you be a “people pleaser”?

What’s worse is being awake when you have these realizations…

That is the ultimate nightmare; trying to feel your way out a pasture packed nuts to butts with the moo’ing masses.

They know you’re not one of them; but they’d like you to be.

Stop being so different, they moo.

Keep that shit to yourself.

The tragedy is somewhere along the way you bought into what they were selling.


But now here you are and you know what’s available on the other end.

You know the magic and sorcery that is right here in your fingertips, this piece of technology that can broadcast your message to the stars.

Look down at it and awaken to the world you live in; nobody could have ever imagined this time that you exist in now.

It also happens to be the time when so many are closed off; choosing to live their lives through other people rather than take control of their destiny.

Isn’t ironic… Don’tcha think?

You get to be anything and do anything you want, and have the job of your dreams.

The harder you work at this job, the better and better you will feel and the more money you will make.

The more freedom and time you will have to …guess what?

Do more of what you all of that crazy shit you want to do.

Exists in a totally free state as you always knew you would.

You’ve got that little somethin’ that nobody else has.

That one thing that everybody else is missing, you happen to possess it in spades.

An infinite supply of it always and forever readily accessible.

When you tap into, this higher state of consciousness, the music changes, the words flow and you become that thing that you are.

That masterpiece; the artist that they world cannot explain.

Outside of the herd, you can feed them their precious oats and grass or whatever the fuck they eat.

(you’d think I’d know this, living on a farm for a time)

Grass, they eat grass…

But they love the music, and you have that which they love.

Your words and the vibrations that come from that higher self will be unexplainable by anyone else, but the other artists will recognize that.

You have to commit totally to the faith that will be required to move this mountain; that mustard seed.

Total faith in yourself and the powers you have chose to bury so long ago.

The hard work is done; the digging is finished and now you lay on your back next to your resurrected soul.

Total faith…

I’m not gonna lie, this shit is the hard part sometimes, but there are ways to stay connected.

Namely burning bridges and making sure you have no way out once you get started.

You have to have faith and keep your eyes off the other horses in the race because in this game they do not matter.

You are here on a mission, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve fucked everything up since the time you were a kid until the time you are now 50 or 60 years old.

It doesn’t matter.

The time to liberate your mind and let go of those things is here and it’s now.

The only thing that was hindering your progress was the ability to take action in present moment…

You already knew everything else which is readily available thanks to the internet.

You know what you need to do, you just needed that breaking point.

You will get many more breaking points as you level up and learn more about your true nature…

Bypassing those things that are so deeply imprinted into your character.

Passing through the money blocks, the fear blocks, everything in the way of you actually achieving every damn thing that you have requested of this reality.

It is how it looks like, it’s also different and it’s also infinitely more amazing.

And it’s totally worth it and it gets to be easy…

Working with your friends every day; getting paid just by helping and speaking to other people about the shit you are most interested in truly.

Not the bullshit they told you to be interested in; but that which you are truly interested in.

That which moves you and makes it easy for you take action in the present moment.

You may say you don’t know what this is right now, but you do.

You definitely do you just need to tap back into the source and bring it forth.

It’s all here, and it’s all waiting for you in infinite amounts.

It’s as crazy as it sounds, amazing as it looks and has always been available for you.

Free your mind,


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