I know a lot of people are scared to talk about this for fear of getting “Zucced”, but I’m going to go ahead and speak on it anyways…

Simply because I feel like I have most of my ducks in a row right now in case he wants to try any fuckery.

What is getting “Zucced”, you might ask?

Let’s start with the basics.

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, has made it clear the past few years that he is not interested in alternative opinions, and has been actively working to suppress these views more and more with each passing month.

Yesterday, Facebook shut down around 30 of the most popular pages for controversial political ideas.

It was on both sides of the spectrum as well…

On the left, they shut down pages like Free Thought Project and Cop Block (both of which were ridiculous, imo)

On the right, that shut down pages like I, Hypocrite and Uncle Sams Misguided Children.

Regardless what you view is on any of these pages, or if you have even heard about them is irrelevant.

The facts: Censorship is real.

And yes, I get it.

Sites like Facebook and Google are businesses, and therefore it’s at their discretion on what content goes on their site.

While that may be up for debate later on, I want to stress how important this is for anyone who does business on social media and show you some quick steps you can take to make sure you are good to go in case of emergency.

If you have ever sold a referral off of social media selling cars or anything else, or made a connection that ended up plugging you into a network that helped propel your income to a higher level, you’ve benefitted from having a “list”.

A list is your book of people that are interested and want to stay connected with you.

For many, your Facebook friends ‘list’ was probably the first list you ever started, and from there it grew to what it is today.

More people, more opportunity, but what happens when your list is subject to deletion?

Depending on who you are, this kind of disruption could cost you anywhere from 0$-multi multi millions.

Your network MATTERS.

It doesn’t even have to be a big list.

Let’s just say you have a list of a couple hundred investors that’s part of a private Facebook group, and all of a sudden you get shut down.

There’s no way for you continue the relationship unless you have captured their e-mail yourself.

Which brings me to my main, but simple point:


You need to constantly be capturing the people who are interested in what you have to say in e-mail format.

I do this through use of my own personal blog hooked up with an e-mail marketing plugin.

It’s not that hard to do and definitely worth it, and will keep you relatively safe until an alternative platform arrives that can compete with FB.

My blog is my starting point.

It’s where the magic starts and ends.

From there, I SHARE my information to FB and the other social media outlets.

Matt Drudge warned us about five years ago the danger that was coming by all being hooked into what he calls “cyber ghettos”.

He stressed the importance of having your own PERSONAL website/blog, and if you don’t already have this I want to show you how to make it happen, very easily and inexpensive.

I’ll show you how to start storing the data from your clients as well, so you something from 2011 doesn’t come back to offend Facebook in a way that gets you banned.

Based on the types of pages they have been banning, it appears that they are going after anyone interested in expressing a free thought.

Very 1984’esque.

I thought it was going to just be conservatives, but it appears the utopia Facebook is attempting to create is an even darker place for ideas than Maos China.

It’s time to build your life raft, I don’t care who you are: You ARE a business.

You ARE a brand.

Technically speaking, you should already have a blog.

But I know a lot of people have their companies as blogs.

You need a personal blog with your name on it.

Click this link to follow my step by step guide for setting up your blog and fixing it up in a way that allows you to retain your personal data. ->

Think of this as a lifeboat, just IN CASE you may have said something years ago that offend the algorithms that will be combing through your content one day.

Also: This blog post will show you how to create passive income just by having a blog, so read it all the way through.

If you need help setting one up, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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