When you go all in on yourself, you’re going to notice support systems and things you kept around that make it damn near impossible for you to fully stay true to yourself.

You have to be honest with yourself about these things that you have created.

What are they here for?

Some kind of conundrum you have created inside this system.

A puzzle that you seek to try and find your way out of.

Puzzles are fun, but…

They are a game inside a game.

Just like jacking off or playing XBOX 360, it’s the same shit.

It begs the question, though…

Why the fuck are you PLAYING another game when you could be playing this one?

Why are you going back and forth, in between your higher self and your lower self?

You keep bouncing back and forth, like you’re putting your toe in the water, playing games.

Be the realest you in the realest reality.

I want to be the realest one in the realest one.

Being authentic is something that you have to stay, despite the fact that every day people are coming up to you trying to get you to sell out.

Every day you see advertisements offering you the chance to be part of a collective, to give up your individualism.

I think you have to let them know.

You aren’t authentic if you don’t blast it

Just sayin, fam.

I know you’re real as fuck offline.

And yes, you’re the funniest mother fucker in the room, the star of the show…

You say the realest shit that everybody should hear…

When you’re not on camera.

You get everybody laughing and the energy of the room goes up when you walk in.

You friends follow you, they enjoy your company and you always get invited to everything.

Being in social settings is a piece of cake for you, you used to have problems with them and then you learned how to amplify something else.

That something about you that just vibes with people, something that the value of the magic that is created by bringing them together and helping them.

You may have worked in sales or something and figured out you were really good at it…

Or maybe it saved you from something.

Maybe you just had a gang of close homies that you guided, and then everybody grew up…

No matter your background or where you come from,

You are a natural born leader.

It’s not something that is just in your blood; it’s something that is a fact of this reality that you exist in.

It’s a huge part of the plot in this movie that you are living.

It’s what separates you from everyone else…

It’s the thing that magnetizes people to you, and yet you are keeping this person quiet.

Trying to silence the voice of this person you know you are meant to be.

You sit there and make shit up in your head about it all day, how you would have handled this or that.

How the world would fall in love with you if they just knew about you.


I think that about a lot of my friends.

Some of them are fucking hilarious but I know they are going to keep who they really are a secret for as long as possible.

Maybe until they fucking die. (at which point, I have promised on livestream to bitchslap them if I am still alive)

When them being in their natural habitat is what’s funny…

That’s the shit we came for.

That’s the shit that would actually sells…

If the person with the content would actually distribute it.

Look at all these retards on social media.

They have no problem at all being themselves.

And you see now the opportunity that is available for you to have anything you want in life, it’s here no waiting for you to take.

But whatever…

Some people want that kind of life, some do not.

Or SAY they do not…

For me, there’s nothing better than speaking my mind and attracting people who like me and want to pay me…

It’s the most freeing thing I have found that I can do.

Sometimes I have to remember that they bought me, a piece of my soul.

I ask them shit that doesn’t pertain to the things that come from my soul and it’s like I’m speaking Chinese to them.

They don’t understand me when I’ve slipped into some kind of resistance and start speaking dumbass shit to them that I caught from someone else.

They understand the language that I’m speaking, which is GWOPONESE.

Just kidding…

But seriously.

I have a name for the language…


That’s the language I’m going to use here…

I realized something the other day.

That everything you read is a form of hypnotism.

Also, any form of media.

It’s about what you REPEATEDLY put into your mind.

Anything that doesn’t make your life better after you REPEATEDLY put it into your mind is likely a bad antidote.

I remember I fucking HATED rap music until I moved out to the country and one of my best friends, Kevin, kept making me listen to the shit on the way to school…

All I wanted to do was listen to my goth metal and hate the fact that I had to live in bumfuck egypt again.

But over and over again on the way to school; my mind let up and what had once been fine tuned with Marilyn Manson was now subjected to Lil Flip.

Was Lil Flip good for me to listen to?

It was perfect for my story, and that time in my life even though it took me down some roads that made things more difficult in my life.

My mind still adapted to something I never thought I would like and then one day I was going to the store to get it.

I’m glad I got into rap music, because I found out I really liked Kanye West, despite some of the shit he has said in the past.

The dude is openly admitting that his mind had been hijacked the whole time, and now he can see and think for himself.

So for that I forgive him, plus the fact that he goes in front of the world just being himself.

That dude should be a shining example for anyone…

Go listen to what he said during that presidential meeting and see how different your message is.

This is a different world.

Yes, anything IS possible.

Yes, it is possible for your message to penetrate the mind of millions.

Yes, it is possible for you to possess a power that allows you to create a life of your design.

A life of total freedom.

Observe Kanye speaking… to many around the world who have had their minds programmed to block out the things he was saying, he sounded like a raving lunatic.

To others, like myself, I understood every point he was making and where he was coming from.

But I’m from his world…

I’ve decided that what Kanye is doing for America is a positive thing, and therefore I will take in more of what he is saying.

Could he say something that disrupts the path to my highest self?

Most definitely, but not likely.

I keep a close watch on what goes in and out of my mind these days.

For a long time I thought their was something weird about mass media, and then it was proven correctly with the 2016 election.

Most media outlets calculated Hillary to win by 98%, with Trump only doing 2%.

This was from the New York Times, I believe.

The most reputable newspaper on the planet.

This wasn’t a simple mistake, it wasn’t a small error in numbers:

It was a premature ejaculation by the propaganda wing of the democratic party.

It blew my fucking mind, and revealed to me the mass hypnotism that is EVERYWHERE.

Not just the news, but everywhere.

Your mind is susceptible to hypnotism.

It’s a real thing.

You have to understand that first and foremost if you are going to adapt to your environment.

There has been an active war on your mind for decades now; and being online makes it ten times worse.

Most people know that their minds have been fucked with.

I always use 2011 as the rule.

Look at your way back memories on Facebook for 2011…

You’ll see people used to speak their minds a lot more freely, I check mine from day to day and I’m like damn if I don’t nail this entrepreneur thing nobody is going to hire me.

One day, big companies will screen for that type of shit if they don’t already.

You back posts, your past memories…

I guarantee you 2011 will be the year they find those nuggets of free speech.

You know, the offensive shit back when your Uncle Ron got on Facebook and thought this was America.

My mission is to bring back this vibe.

And you can call people racist, bigots, whatever the fuck you want…

Just make sure they are free and have the ability to speak their minds and share ideas.

Right now it is kind of fucked up which is why I say you should own your own business.

You’ll get fired for thinking the wrong thing, so you want to break away from that as soon as possible.

You may have to fly pretty low if you want to fully get into the business of you but as you must understand by now it is worth it.

Maybe you’re like me and you’re just doing what your higher voice tells you

I feel like I’m on the movie Waterworld and my higher self came out of the sky with a map to Dryland and then rolled out.

I’m just going with it…

Going all in on myself.

It’s interesting…

The universe keeps throwing curve balls at me.

They aren’t really financial obstacles or anything like that, in fact…

I actually feel like this month has been crazy for me financially, one of the most uncertain months in recent history and yet I do not feel that attachment to the financial emotion of money.

It’s like I have set that aside to be able to focus on the other shit that is in front of me…

The other battles within myself I need to take care of.

As if to say “Stop looking at that for a minute, come over and take this test.”

This test is different than money; this is a test of authentic self.

I cannot cross into the next level of my life as a dishonest person.

I cannot cross into the next level of life not living fully in my truth.

The treasures waiting on the other side don’t exist for people who won’t let go of all simulations of the mind and be free.

They are not reserved for the sleeping… how would they access them if they weren’t even conscious?

You’re at a crossroads.

You’re at one end of the piece of this puzzle about to cross over, but you know when you make that move you have to do it pure.

You have to do it free of the resistance…

The story that you’ve told yourself, the house of cards that you’ve built.

You have to let go of these things and go all in on belief…

And from here on out, you have to operate in that higher dimension.

There’s no going back once you cross unless you want to keep experiencing deeper levels of disillusionment and slaps in the face by the universe.

I’m always comparing these things to waves being that’s what I’m into and what I like to do out here…

You wait for the right wave as other pass and pass…

And you see them coming as you float over the tops of each one thinking “That would have been the one.”

So then you decide to get on the next one, but you aren’t ready.

You get tossed because you didn’t prepare because you were caught up with getting the next one.

You get back up and go for the next one, except this time you get your position right and nail it and take off.

Once you get that, you don’t back to surfing smaller waves.

You go after the next biggest one.

In the same way we are doing this with our mind.

Just like surfing, the room for improvement exists in the mind.

You make adjustments to your thinking to be able to do one of the most dangerous physical sports on the planet.

Everything is about expanding mental freedom and clarity.

Adjust your mind and become something more, be your authentic self.

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