You really think all this busy work you’re doing is going to get you to that next level?

I think you know that it’s not…

In a true heart to heart conversation with yourself, a no bullshit one-on-one, you know this to be an absolute fact.

And yet the excuses still persist…

The ‘ideas’ come.

“Once I get this piece of my business up, everything will shift.”

Spending entire weeks hedging a bet that everything will shift once this one “little piece” in play…

And lemme ask you something mang…

Where did this “little piece” come from, anyways?

Some person online you happened to see when you woke up and were scrolling through the daily “who gives a fucks”?

And you thought you were past all that…

Past doing what everyone else was doing.

Finally going all in on your truth and what you want to create, and yet here you are:

Building an entire fucking enterprise in the image of some random apparition in this matrix.

Might as well give yourself the title of NPC.

Here, I’ll give it to you: I DUB THEE AND NPC

Might as well plug you back in the Matrix; erase your memory and let you stumble around as one of them, one of the damned.

Forget about who you once decided to show up as in this other life.

“Plug me back in the power plant, boss.”

It’s not you like you can’t clearly see it, the end result of what they are doing and their “lifestyle”.

Does that actually align with your higher self, the ultimate artist in this realm, the one that creates from another dimension?

That’s what they be doin’ tho?

Well alllrighty then.

But we both know that is not the case.

We both know that you made the decision to level in a way that you can’t even put into words most days…

You try to sketch out something on paper but it doesn’t line up with that feeling you get when you go there in your mind.

When you try to map out the pictures of where something inside you tells you that you were always meant to be…

This other place, doing a work that brings you to fulfillment in every way and allows you to continuously live on your own fucking terms, truly…

You say you could give a fuck what anyone thinks, and yet you keep leaving yourself open to these distractions.

You look at numbers and figures and statistics and the latest pieces of the puzzle, these charts and graphs of the damned.

Like if you look at enough of these numbers and if you put enough of them together all of a sudden the hidden combination will reveal itself to you and everything will fall into place…

The money will fall out of the sky and everything will be suddenly hunky dory…

Banking on money again, are we?

You’ve seen where that gets you, which is why you even condsidered doing this ‘calibration’ thing in the first place.

Connecting with your higher self, your imaginary friend, getting lost in art and saying FUCK IT to all that old shit.


I’m going to do it my fucking way, bitch, now and forever.

How do you keep forgetting about that?

The resistance…

Resistance to trusting this person that you have inside.

The resistance that creeps on you no matter what time of the day…

Shit, it even gets you in the night, in you dreams and suddenly you wake up and realize that you are even dreaming of losing.

Dreaming of failure, and your mind constantly grasps at any straw but your own.

It comes out in every detail of your writing, even when you are in flow…

Write the first sentence:

“Well, what would this person think if I wrote this.”

No no, I’m creating art, fuck what they think.

Write the next sentence:

“Did I write that write? SEO says you need at least five keywords thoughout the blog post.”

No, fuck SEO.

How many mother fuckers that work for powerplants tell you about SEO every day?

And you know how it is…

People appear to be non-NPCs and yet they continually strap themselves to missiles aimed for Nowhere, Nevada.

Resistance is the quietest and deadliest of ninjas, and if you try to hide from it in China it’ll be in a rice bowl waiting to pop a cap in your ass.

Get it together…

Always go back to remembering that you have it in you to be one of them.

You are already aware of how to do this.

You have the roadmaps, the tools, the templates, and…

You’ve been there before.

You remember what it was like to do it, where it got you.

So forgetful…

Come back to REALITY

On the outskirts of what is normal

Down a psychedelic vortex; back to the art

Bring it back to the original, a place where there is nothing behind the walls of the room you are in right now

It’s just you, centered in the present moment, putting it all together with your mind

Bring it back to the flow…

Back to that other dimension where this amazing things come from.

Come have a seat, and let’s create something.

Let’s create something that they haven’t heard before: A new type of experience, something their minds aren’t quite ready for.

It’s time to go back to creating music

The sounds that will stir the emotions inside people but they will never be able to trace the origins of

Because it didn’t come from this place.

And just think…

Earlier today you were concerning yourself with a dead body that deleted itself from your e-mail list.

With the e-mail domain of a dead person power plant.

You allowed that feeling of rejection get to you, and alter the way you viewed things.

So easy for you to get caught up in this place and forget that it’s virtual…

Forget that it is your land and you are just creating it so you can bring your creations into it.

You are the one pushing the buttons here and making alterations, not the other way around.

Anything else is mastubatory on your part.

Holy fuck…

Masturbatory is actually a FUCKING word???

Lawd heb mercy…

It IS a word.

That should be enough for you to take a look around at this place, and realize something isn’t quite right.

Which, by the way, have you done lately?

Have you stopped and took a look around, or have you had your head down staring at the ground like a little beta boi?

Afraid to look at the things that you control…

Afraid to look at your kingdom

Scared to accept the fact that when the music comes on, you are the one listening.

When you start pressing the keys, when you start creating from that higher dimension, things start changing around you?

And your ass is over here comparing yourself to everyone else…

Wasting your fucking time man.

Wasting your fucking time thinking that you are anything like them.

You’re wasting your time giving a fuck about the people from the past and what they think while they watch you do you.

Of course they are going to hate it; you have stepped outside of the box.

You have shown yourself to be the alien from Krypton.

Of course they are going to be around to continually watch and critique.

EVERYONE is going to want to get a piece of your energy…

Why would you expect anything less?

Nothing less exists in this place; it’s designed and built for you and your ideas to fuck shit up…

It’s built for you.

I think I might have said this before but, it’s YOUR simulation.

And fuck them if they sit around hawking your music.

Fuck em if they sit around trying to bootleg it and sell it in the back of an 03′ Pontiac outside of a fucking 7/11.

They’ll do that… that’s what they are here for.

Unoriginal mother fuckers…

But hey, what would you EXPECT

Do not get annoyed by this, it is as it’s meant to be.

EVERYTHING is as it is meant to be.

You have set this table, and now it’s time to eat mother fucker…

It’s time to quit finger fucking your food and EAT

Eat like a ravenous tweaker who is coming down off a seven day bender of pure adrenaline, no food and just woke up from a 48 hour siesta…


Put the food in your mouth and chew, chew until you accidentally bite your fingers and then pick up ANOTHER BITE












The answer to them…


The answer to them is always no as well.

I’m not sorry to say, but fuck them.

Fuck their critiques…

Fuck their opinions and everything they try to push on you.

You will feel the other players in the game.

You will notice the difference in the conversation; you will see the reality begin to slip.

You can’t feel that if you’re in fight or flight mode; hooking into morgue energy.

Dark energy; soulless dead energy.

Plug into you, and let’s do this damn thing.

Let’s get calibrated once again (ONCE AGAIN), and bring it back to the real shit bruh…

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