People say that you shouldn’t always tell the truth…

This is bullshit.

We live in too fake of a world to even skimp on the truth slightly; especially when it feels so good.

Am I saying tell your girl she looks like a fat fuck when she asks you?

No, but it’s your job to communicate that she has let herself go effectively.

If you are repulsed at what she has become then she needs to know about it.

If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is the truth.

The more you let that subtle “omission” build up, the harder things will come crumbling down when she gets so big it becomes a medical concern.

Or worse… Depressed to the point of suicide.

You need to discover the root of why she is depressed and pull her through it.

Maybe it’s something you fucked up on you end.

Maybe you shouldn’t be together.

This is just an example, and no: I haven’t been with any large Marges lately and don’t plan on it anytime soon, I’m just dropping the first example that popped up in my head.

In this broadcast, we discuss how the truth shall set you free.

Free your mind,



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