If you ask most financially successful people how to overcome money blocks – how to increase the level of abundance in your life, you’ll usually get one of the following answers:

a) Hustle hard
b) Do your job well so you get promoted
c) Invest in the stock market

These are just a FEW examples commonly thrown out there that are enough concepts for anyone to grasp, and I mean anyone.

And they’re right, to a degree:

You can go work harder than you are currently working and increase you level of income.

You can excel at your job and move up the ranks over the years, and do the same with your returns from the stock market.

I’ve applied all of these techniques over the years and got some results but ALWAYS ended up hitting a plateau.


Hustle hard is one of my personal favorites.

I’ve always found it hard to believe that anyone could possibly surpass the work ethic I’d established from my time in prison.

While I had been living outside the law up until the point of my incarceration, and never maintaining a steady job in my life (even got fired from Mickey D’s), once I was in I quickly learned that I could escape my circumstances by staying totally present in my work.

The more dishes I did, the quicker time flew by, and there is no better currency in the system than time that passes quickly:

Not ramen noodle soups, tattoos, packs of cigarettes, NOTHING is more valuable than the relative feeling that months of your life are flying off the calendar, and the most effective way to get it was through hard manual labor.

Back out in the “free” world I found it to be an equal skill set for getting back on my feet and becoming a productive member of society again.

I had had the hustle from the streets, and the grind from scrubbing dish after dirty ass dish.

And sales jobs are the best for people with a lot of that, especially the car business.

Put your head down, work the long hours and take a big check home, which was groundbreaking to my 23 year old self trying to prove to society I was one of them.

I’m was all in, and then some.

I’d worked the 16 hours day, went home crashed and then came back the next day to do it all over again.

I excelled in the beginning, but always found it hard to make it past a certain level.

I never even made it to the coveted “salesman of the month” position, and even came up short of a record month by ONE deal.

This was using a combination of my hustle, grind AND online lead generation skills that I learned from one of my first mentors, who was himself always number one in his department.

I simply never pulled it off, and that was a question I could never find the answer to, and never paid much attention to.

Was I just an average salesperson never destined for anything greater?

I’ve certainly been labeled that by people before, even old friends and mentors, but I’ve never bought into it.

Not that they aren’t right about the matter, I just don’t feel it in my reality.

It didn’t add up with everything that has happened in my story so far; which is, of course, chock full of haters and people with their more easily identifiable identity issues.

(Seriously, if you’re a millionaire constantly hating on someone who is just getting started in entrepreneurship, STOP IT. Get some help lol)

There’s not a one-size-fits all for anyone except those who have made the conscious decision to bow out of the game, also known an NPCSs (non-playable characters).

A player never actually LOSES unless he gives up.

Just ask Ray Croc and Colonel Sanders, a couple of guys who were stuck on the same level for years, which is exactly what I was experiencing as a salesman and eventually new entrepreneur.

Starting my own business made me want to finally tackle my money blocks head on, reading everything on the subject and making myself available to receive new information and try outside-the-box techniques for handling them.

I’d created a new philosophy on reality and wanted it to encompass the simple idea of having it all, and being able to receive an unlimited amount of financial freedom solely by doing what I was born to do: speaking my truth.

It was a lofty undertaking and it wasn’t fried chicken but to me if was something just as far-fetched of an idea.

I’ve always been one to study older people for guidance.

I value their guidance far more than the advice of my peers with any amount of success can tell me, as they’re the only ones who can tell you what truly ends up mattering in the end; they have the proof, especially those laying on their death beds.

If the world was going to reject me, they were going to have to do it because I was being me, and eventually they’d just have to get used to seeing me around.

Nobody could tell me where my plateau was coming from, and nothing I tried would break through it so for a long time I left it alone.

It wasn’t until I began turning inside for the answers to all of my shortcomings that I discovered where the money blocks were, and I had to rewind the clocks many years to find them.

Flashback to six year old me, at the grocery store with my mother shopping.

Of course, I wanted everything in the store to which the reply was always a resounding “No”.

I don’t fault her that we were poor; she’d had three boys while married and then couldn’t stand the idea of not living her truth anymore, so she made her move and got divorced.

Now that I think of it, being born into her willingness to make a decision that freed her own mind despite the massive odds against that choice was a key factor in molding me into the successful risk taker that I am today.

When it’s clear that it’s time to walk away from something that’s been out of alignment for me, while it’s never been an easy choice, it’s ALWAYS been one that I have ended up making despite the insurmountable odds.

It’s a “chips fall where they may”, shotgun approach to life that’s not exactly the easiest or most well thought out route, but extremely effective.

It’s choosing to deal with the lower self afterwards rather than bring him into the picture and ask his opinion on the matter, and once the decision is done and the bridge is burned you can always just drown that voice out by staying as much in the present moment as you possibly fucking can.

For me it was hard work, and now an added bonus: Getting paid to speak the truth.

But it was from these same circumstances that I picked up a completely different beast, a bastard mutant baby born two streets down from Chernobyl: the infamous scarcity mindset.

I remember that the only thing I wanted more than anything in that grocery store was to have the cereal that came in the box.

You know, Lucky Charms, the Cap’n, …the real shit.

But the answer was always no because we couldn’t afford it, and that we had to just settle for the bags.

For a long time I would watch commercials dreaming of getting my hands on those boxes.

The toy inside, everything so well presented.

I remember watching one commercial where a man was trying to convince me that the bags were a better choice.

He kneeled down in the aisle next to the boxes, snapped his fingers and – poof – the boxes disappeared revealing…

You guessed it: BAGS.



Because my older brother had already dropped spoilers on me about the magic of Christmas at an earlier age that I couldn’t even remember, this was my true “Santa Claus” moment in life.

All I could think about was how full of shit this guy was…

“Mother fucker you’ve missed the point ENTIRELY.”

(I don’t know if I was available to ‘mother fuck’ people at this age, but if I recall correctly, yes… yes I was)

I watched in disbelief as this mediocrity merchant got down on his haunches, did a turtle walk across the bottom shelf and attempted to sell me my lifetime membership to the #baglife:

I was having absolutely none of it at the time, but back then I saw the world with a different set of eyes than I did later on.

Sell out?

Give up on Lucky Charms?

Absolute fucking balderdash that was coming out of this mans mouth.


I don’t know exactly when it happened, or how exactly…

…but somewhere along the fast lane of growing up, I ended up becoming a bag person.

I would eventually accept the programming from the constant battery of “boxes are actually bag” men whose job it seemed was to convince me to settle for lesser and lose the worldview of expecting the box with the toy.

These people are literally everywhere; on every corner in every office in every aspect of society, selling the fuck out of their bags to anyone who will listen.

They are the Jehovahs Witnesses of scarcity mindset.

“Bag mentality” is something that is a mental condition that is prevalent in society.

It’s a parasite of the mind, and when you are infected with it your job is to convince others that they should be bag people as well.

So what can you do about it?

Well, as I grew older and networking more and getting new friends on the same track, I realized they did things differently than I would.

Where I would buy pre-owned vehicles, they would always go for brand new.

I asked them why they didn’t go with the deal, and they would be taken aback by the question.

“No way, bro. I like my shit brand new.”

I thought this was a boujee way of looking at things, which, of course, was actually bag mentality at play.

I was always buying pre-owned shit.

If someone had a couch they were giving away, I was all over it.

Hand me downs were my next level; Craigslist my Amazon.

It didn’t matter to me, there was no psychology behind people buying better things than me.

I looked at it as they balanced their budgets better than I or drank less, and yet this wasn’t the case, either.

They made more money than I did, despite having the same training and an even worse work ethic.

The difference was that I was a bag person, and they were not.

I was someone that came from a reality of scarcity, a place where resources were extremely limited.

No only had I become completely accustomed to it and looked at it as a term of endearment.

Me and my friends I grew up with enjoyed being bag people together, and turned our weakness into a strength out of necessity for pussy:

We convinced ourselves that the bitches loved bag people and wore it proudly, despite the fact that said bitches were damaged goods with tremendous personality shortcomings.

My new friends from work probably went through a similar upbringing but just never accepted what the bag people were selling him.

Maybe he’d experienced less programming attempts than I did or just had stronger control over his lower selves susceptibility to buying into soul trade-offs; either way he was different than I.

The difference in the buy in, and what you consider as acceptable in your life.

What WILL you buy into?

Are the resources in your life limited or fully abundant?

Is the money flowing out or is it always on the way in?

My six your old self just KNEW this was the case.

Are you available to be SOLD on the extras?

Do you say FUCK YES to the things that make the most sense, the things that will make your more money, the braindead decisions, or do you keep a skeptical eye at all times?

Do you go all in or stop right before you’re about push the buy on something simple out of fear that the money will never be coming back to you?

Do you consider money to be a limited resources, something you have to scoure the earth to find?

If you’ve said “yes” to any of the following questions, you’ve said “yes” to the bags.

The bags…

They’re no different than the boxes, except when it comes to your entire fucking worldview for a signifant amount of your life.

My six year old self knew this was unacceptable; he would have sold a kidney for any of the random items in the back of a Highlights magazine, the spy kits, the “Throw Your Voice” thing, the fake dog shit; it was all life-changing equipment in his eyes and was completely non-negotiable.

He was a BUYER, a “would” and “should” type of guy, and his brain developed right off the bat as everything in this universe does: abundant.

Abundant as the stars in the skies, the water in the ocean and the cells in the mind that would one day end up buying into the big garage sale on scarcity: everything half-off.

You were actually born with not just the desire to have the best, but to expect it, and question reality when you did not get it.

To witness those attempting to sell you on this thinking and call them the fuck out on it.

If you’re wondering why you can’t break through on the next level of money, if you’re always in a mediocre position financially despite the fact that you are 10x’ing fucking EVERYTHING…

You probably have serious money blocks.

You’re probably a bag person, and it’s probably time to try something different; revisit some of the places you’ve been with an intention to make some serious changes to the programming.

Start by accepting the sale I’m making to you right now; the sale that the other shit isn’t your problem.

It’s easy to say that you don’t work hard enough and just go back to working harder.

It’s not easy to go back to your childhood with a pen and a pad and hash things out; it’s not easy to try different methods for overcoming these blocks when the solution requires you to do that which you are have had years of programming not to do.

In all likelihood, it WILL be your “last dollar” that you spend on something that helps pass that next level as it is always your “last dollar”, unless it’s tax time or Christmas bonus time.

Make the choice and the decision to listen to your higher mind and buy in when it feels right and your bag brain is telling that it’s not.

Trust me, you’ll know.

Free your mind,


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