A few weeks back my friend Glenn Smith and I were talking on the phone and conversation got too real.

Glenn is an up-and-comer in the influencer world; someone that was doing a lot of good things behind the scenes for people recovering from drug addiction, but keeping a low profile, kind of like yours truly: and I’m sure so many of you out there right now.

He finally decided to say “fuck it” and started dropping content on his blog that has been total fire.

On his new blog you’ll find hard hitting parables of back alley drug-fueled romance in the OC; mixed with a brutal overdose of reality.

We were on the phone talking exactly that one day when I said what I usually say when I feel that “flow static” heating up in the atmosphere:

“Man, we gotta go live.”

So we did, and we went to depths that took me to places I haven’t been in a while, reminders of challenges and battles with addiction lost and won.

I’ve been in my own bubble so long I forgot about the real devastation people are going through due to addiction.

I guess my own thoughts are from my friends back home; it feels like there is nothing I could ever say to get through to them.

Glenns techniques for getting an addict to change their perception were so powerful that he decided broaden his horizons and apply it to people with every day problems; because as bad as heroin addiction may sound to you, being addicted to McDonalds can be just as life threatening.

It’s all the same shit, really: One is a needle and the other is a hamburger.

One gives you the shits, the other gives you the shakes.

The same with alcohol.

Every week here in Canggu at least two or three dumbfuck tourists get into scooter accidents from getting shithammered on their annual two week excursions away from their hometown power plants.

Hate me for saying that all you want, I can handle it…

Just realize you are triggered by the truth and ask yourself why.


Glenn has been coming under fire lately from his peers for breaking out of the status quo institutional step-based approach to things, which I dig…

Because Glenn is also a client of mine, and I only work with fucking rebels.

I love seeing people get all bent out of shape when their reality gets challenged; that means they were in a comfortable slumber and they are being forced to wake up.

My friends dad used to do that to us when we were kids trying to sleep all day; he’d grab us by the foot and say “Off your ass and on your feet, outta the shade and into the heat”.

I fucking hated that man at the time but ended up having mad respect for him over the years, just the way people will when you start shaking things up.

I have the utmost faith that you will, like Glenn, decide to stop playing it safe on the sidelines and say the shit that is truly on your mind.

This simulation we are in is full of the sleeping dead and they are primed to attack anyone who speaks up, but they are really all bark and no bite, which makes it all the more easier for anyone whose got the nuts to come in and stake out their place in history.

As Achilles said in the movie Troy; “Gentlemen, over that mountaintop is immortality. Take it… It’s yours.”

Climb over that mountaintop of bullshit you tell yourself about when you’re going to decide to show up fully and take your immortality.

This is the time and the place and there has never been more opportunity to get your piece of the pie.

Anyways, enjoy this wildly popular livestream we did.

It’s going to blow your mind and change everything you thought you knew about perception and reality because, quite frankly:

Perception is reality.

Free your mind,


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