For me, living in my truth always seemed like the hard way.

I could easily just drop a lead generation program and get some folks buying from me.

Do a little marketing, a little funnel action, that would be easy…

Snag up some fake followers and get them hyped up on the latest strategy that’s out there.

Maybe even come up with a different strategy altogether something they would eat right up.
The easy way?
And then I said you know what I’m gonna do it the hard way.
I love mindset, and the things I’ve helped people with in this area are the only thing that ever made any difference.
Yes, they could go leads and they could make some money and then what?
They are searching for the next hit.
They’ve locked themselves into those illusions and they got what they thought they wanted and then they disappear, only to show up months later with more problems.
I wanted to solve the problem of people backing themselves enough to lead others on a massive scale.
Not only that, to create lasting fulfillment with it.
Only thing is I would have to demonstrate this to bring attract people who believed in me enough to listen and take action with what I was saying.
That means truth.
That means showing up authentic every day.
That means consistently doing the inner work on myself and walking what I talk.
Which would be a tough road for a guy like me who had a lot and knows a lot of successful people, and has a lot of financially successful friends.
I’d have to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch if I was going to do it my way.
On this episode of PlayerTV, I talk about why this isn’t actually the hard way.
Why it’s actually the easiest possible road I could have ever took, and how I learned to enjoy it so much.
Enjoy and share with someone who needs to hear it.
Free your mind,


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