It’s been a hell of a ride thus far, arriving at this point in my life, starting a business and contiually adapting and navigating across treacherous waters.

This past year I’ve fully gone out on my own accord.

I haven’t lied about or embellished any part of my journey.

You can go on my blog and map this whole thing out if you want to binge watch that shit.

It hasn’t just started though, it’s actually been a process that’s been happening over the course of a decade.

I’ll stick with what’s happened in just the past year though, the things I’ve learned that will help anyone going through some similar circumstances.

These lessons I consider to be very important.

1) Listen to what people say, especially the ones you are seeking guidance from. They are happily telling you the truth, but it’s their TRUTH.

Listen to wtf they are telling you. Don’t adopt it until you are sure it’s a sound philosophy.

Just because they have a large following means nothing.

Here are some examples:

“I pay for friends”

Translation: “I don’t value true friendship. My intregrity is for sell and so is theirs.”

“If you point dirt out on someone else, you’re the one that’s dirty.”

Translation: “This is my truth. For example if I say someone is a victim, this is true of myself. I’ve told you what I believe and this is it.”

“The universe is coded to make your life difficult, to magnetize you down, pull at you and make your life hard. You must fight it.”

Translation: “This is how I live my life and how I believe the universe works on a cellular level. I refuse to live it any other way. I refuse to believe it is easy, and I want you and thousands of others to adopt my philosophy to validate my incredibly difficult and empty existence, and not actually do any of the inner work that truly matters.”

These are just a few examples, but if you read between the lines instead of mindlessly following someone off a cliff, you will be able to see the truth.

2) Get contracts for EVERYTHING. Do not think you are going to easily navigate around the sharks out here. Some people will offer you a percentage of their company early on.

They see your value or they wouldn’t be offering this to you.

So take that as an opportunity for you to see your own value.

You have talent.

You are a leader.

People will exploit this and then attempt to destroy your name when you do the inevitable: you.

If you’re working with people, get contracts or leave.

3) You can NOT read minds; only patterns.

A beta can appear to be successful and a leader, based on things they’ve learned in books, training, and mentors.

They can learn how to sound certain and even convince many people that they are the man, but behind the scenes they are not congruent.

I’ve seen millionaire beta males threaten to fire their entire staff if they didn’t make enough sales where his wife could have a Gucci purse for her birthday.

I’ve seen them tuck tail and run away from the simplest of risks, the smallest of adventures.

Motivating, and yet this is only known by the staff, who would never bring it to light for fear of retribution.

And thus a follower would continue to believe this beta male to be an alpha leader, despite the fact that he’s anything but.

Let the patterns guide you.

4) “Doing the work” means working on the business, not inside the business.

If you’re working inside the business you are not an entrepreneur yet. You’re doing someone elses job.

If someone is trying to convince you to learn how to do the marketing side of your business, that’s a role INSIDE the company.

Ask yourself: Why am I doing this job?

Why am I training on the marketing side of my business and then putting the plan doing that job myself?

Go back far enough and you’ll find the origins of the seed that was planted.

Pay someone to do the job and learn all you need to know while they are doing it for the same price.

And, if you see someone “teaching” the job happens to be talking bad about the people “doing” the job, well now it should appear obvious.

5) Integrity has a price tag on it

I’ve seen coaches back straight up frauds in front of the highest level members of their masterminds, and then when hundreds of people lost millions, the coach say something to the effect of: “I told yall not to spend money with them.”

Depite the fact that the clients would have never invested without the backing of a prominent influencer.

A few months later, a different coach is backing the same guy despite being part of the original coaches mastermind as well and knowing full well what he’s done.

They’ve sold their integrity.

And why wouldn’t they?

They sold everything else that was of any value in their life long before they met you and your wallet.

But how would you know this?

They’re on the internet and they make you feel good.

6) Content is all you need, the rest will sort itself out

You need to learn how to message your truth and that’s all. I know this sounds simple but it’s not, and it’s what makes the difference.

It’s what the ones that are actually successful are actually doing to win; but rather than help you with the hard task of backing yourself and your voice, they’d rather sell you a quick-fix tool or a strategy… essentially, what you WANT rather then what you NEED.

You can skip on the latest technology, the latest software tool that everyone is using, because after it’s all said and done you will end up back at the same place as everyone else:

An inbox full of contact information of people who don’t know, like, or trust you. Something you have to spend months following up with and badgering when all you had to do was use social media to communicate your message effectively.

That requires deep inner work if you can’t do it already.

The things that kill you if you don’t say them, that’s a message.

The things that you’re afraid to say, but know that you should say, that’s your message.

That’s what brings people who love and want to spend money with you over and over again, without any pressure at all.

An easy universe, one of abundance and little to no resistance.

One where the only force pushing you or pulling you down are in your mind, where you are fully aware and accepting of it.

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