How do you react you’re presented with something that could possibly change your life for the absolute best, something that appears to be destiny right in front of your face?

Do you shy away from it, put life on pause for a while to go “think about it”?

Most of the times that’s an opportunity for you to step up as your higher self and make a decision from that mind.

Think about it…

If you meet the woman of your dreams and feel a connection you’ve never felt before with anyone before, you’re not going to just have a friendly conversation and part ways without trying to get her information.

You know she is something special and you know you have to keep the connection going, or poof.

You’re going to act, unless you’re operating out of fear and scarcity.

Maybe you track her down and try to keep reignite the flame, but by then she’s likely to seek out a restraining order.

The same way with business opportunities that you have all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

If you know what you need to know and feel like it’s a braindead decision, and still operate from a scarce mind…

Yeah, you can probably still come back and buy that toaster at Target, but your Dream Home may be off the market.

The biggest and greatest decisions in life are made when you decide to go all in.

Even if they lead you down a path that turns out to seem like a terrible decision, it will STILL be full of learning experiences, and those are priceless.

Playing the game of life well means going all in when you feel like you’ve been presented with a choice that was designed specifically for you and you take action.

Those times when you see reality slip a little and reveal something that you know was meant just for you, something that appears to be destiny, even it means fucking up.

Your higher self does fuck up just so they can extract the higher learning experience, it’s called “failing forward”.

You’re making moves and you’re doing it from another level.

And again, I’m not telling you to not be informed.

That is not the case.

You should be totally informed on any and every buying decision you make.

But when it comes to things like buying into yourself, don’t let the clock run out.

Just don’t miss the opportunity to show up as the bad mother fucker who completely owns and design everything about their reality, the good, the bad, and the sometimes downright fugly.

Don’t cock-block destiny.


Free your mind,


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