I’m about ten days into my nomadic experience in Bali, and I have to say it is truly and amazing place to clear out the mind and receive the things that I have asked for in my daily journaling and affirmations.

I wouldn’t say it’s too much different than the way I doing it in the states, however I only started practically applying the philosophy I’ve been developing for the past 10+ years of my life just recently and during that time, I was very much focused on getting my ass on the move.

Being a nomad is something I’ve dreamed about and felt was my true calling and nature my whole life.

While I had integrated the practice of truly ASKING for what it is I wanted and it started happening for me very quickly in real time, I wasn’t fully tuning into the often (seemingly) subtle messages that the game was sending back to me.


Well… One of my main requests of the game is that my life be an adventure, and an adventure it has been the past ten days.

Whether managing coaching clients and working on projects with my other companies or chasing down sim cards with through the dark and disgusting buttholes of this third world island country on the back of a motorbike with a crazy fuck named WonWon, it’s been one adventure after another.

Every day is full of purpose work, full of capers and full of learning and there is never a dull moment.

Yesterday I fried my fucking SIM card and will need to go deep once again. I knew it was fourth of July in the states and everybody would be spending time with their families so I decided I would skip that and go through my day without the use of my phone.

You really need the SIM if you want to connect online at a decent speed anywhere you’re at out here. The wifi at most places is too garbage to be doing the level of work that I do online, so these SIMs are a must-have for my travels.

My phone is not unlocked either, so I have to go an extra mile and get something called a “re-sim”, so it’s an extra couple of hours out of the day, and today I decided I was just going to turn down technology and receive.

I walked around and checked out McDonalds, to see if the burger meat was anything like that in the states. To my surprise, it was, and I pictured Kim Jong Un holding a knife to someones neck a la Joker in The Dark Knight: “I just want my McDonalds.”

I enjoyed the irony of walking nearly a mile turning down scooter pitch after scooter pitch on my pilgrimage towards some first world fat-fuckery.

During this walk I was able to take inventory of the messages that were reverberating back to me from my requests inside the simulation that had occurred over the course of the past week or so.

I was making myself available and aware to realize what was going on, and it was eye opening.

Since I had arrived, I kept having a thought laundry cycled through my mind at random intervals through the day, and it was the age-old sales addage “Find a need in the marketplace, and fill it.” (can also be used in the most basic rule of life… find a HOLE and fill it 

I had thought I was doing this with my art, with unplugging people from hidden systems that they are plugged in from the time they are born, freeing fucking minds.

But what I was missing was the fact that my art is my art, and it is untouchable by concepts like money or time.

I had, however, asked in journaling for quick access to more financial freedom, which the two will be connected one day but in a certain time a little longer of a way out than the level of financial freedom I desire at this point.

I have been asking for this about two months now, but I had quit looking for the answer back.

Now, on this stretch of beach sidewalk full of tourists and scooters, I was listening.

I read the news daily. I don’t give a fuck what people say, I want to know what the fuck is going on in the world.

Good, bad, the ugly, let’s hear it.

If you have to shut it off to make it through your day, I feel that. I’ve been there before. But what I’m about to tell you may change your mind on the matter.

A few days back I had read an article about something big happening in a certain industry, a huge fucking problem that I happen to know quite a bit about. It escaped me, as I was just feeling kind of sad about the dire situation for that industry.

A couple days later I heard a loud “BLUNK” iPhone notification that let me know of another news report. I looked down and it was another article about that particular situation.

The repetition of the occurrences caused me to think about it further, so I did.

I asked myself what was the message here, was it related to what I was asking and then BOOM. It dawned on me. This is what I’ve been asking for.

This is the need in the marketplace I can fill. My specific set of skills will solve the issue for these folks and I have to realize that I have that ability.

Not because I’m the chosen one or any shit like (if you’ve been paying any attention to me the last couple of months, I actually believe YOU are the chosen one), but because I asked for it and was open to receiving it.

On my walk to get my number one Big Mac Meal supersize with a water add bacon (to which they looked at me like I was fucking crazy, okay… no fucking bacon then, you complete savages)

I was thinking about the fact that there are no coincidences when you are being intentional about tampering with this simulation.

There is a meaning behind potential sign, something that you will not see with your eyes closed.

This is the story you are writing as you go along; every loose end will be tied up in the end. Every subplot will be closed out. It all matters, each word that you put down on the page.

With that being said, you need to be able to read your own story as you go along. You need to read the words on the page as you go along.

Far too often people spend time scrolling through social media reading everyone elses story, watching reality TV inside your own reality.

What a dull ass story to be writing.

What a way to totally miss out on studying the things that are happening in this one, true epic that you get to author.

Sure, I do believe that in the end you will have the opportunity to play another one.

I can’t it prove it, but you can’t prove me wrong, either.

That being said, when it’s all over and done and time for you to play the next game and you look back just remember that your imaginary friend ole Mister Anderson called you out and tried to give you a clue and you decided it was against your better judgement.

You decided to put the book on the shelf and jerk off instead.

To each their own.

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