So what the fuck is reality design?

The easiest way I can explain it here it’s the art of redesigning your reality by changing the way you look at it, and then taking action while applying the new perception.

99% of the people on the 7.5 billion people on this planet look at their own existence the exact same way and never question it.

Even when they learn some new information about it, rarely do they take action.

They spend their lives without experimenting with what they are actually experiencing, without asking any questions or diving any deeper.

They read or watch something that sounds profound and feel good but never apply it.


Human consciousness is one of the least understood things on the planet…


The one thing people fear more than anything else is the unknown.

I created the Universal Institute of Reality Design as a place to experiment with consciousness.

It’s for those who have tried everything they “told you” would bring you happiness.

For those who feel like they simply can’t find the right answer to a question that has been burning in the back of their mind as long as they could remember.

Those who have run out of reasons to fear…

Take your first steps in the direction of true fulfillment.

Sign up for Reality Design 101 and get started with the basics and work your way up.

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Free your mind,


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