Are you the kind of person who can go out and get it, or do you rely on other people for survival?

Day after day, people around the world wait around on the government to send them a check.

Hoes be waiting on sugar daddies to send them some bread.

And slaves waste their lives away in cubicles hoping that the business they work for doesn’t go belly up.

All of these things happen under the false guise of “security”.

The word “sales” is a scary, fucked sound to the ears of most people.

One of the reasons is it implies them having to kill what they eat, rather than get paid for what they’re actually worth.

Most people think they are worth a lot less than they actually are.

In this episode of Manifest Reality, I’m going to share with you why the ulimate freedom is becoming self-sufficient, and how you can get started right now.

Enjoy, and free your mind.

-Your Imaginary Friend

PS: If you’re already in sales or looking for a way out, check out this short video I created on how to become self-sufficient and live life on your own terms.

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