I’ve been doing a lot of surrender posts lately, mainly because I’ve had to do a lot of fucking surrendering.

Whatever, it’s what it is at this stage in my business and that’s what it’s going to continue to be for awhile.

So that’s what you gon’ get.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Money don’t grow on trees. (yet)

I’m out here – literally – on an island, trying to make shit work.

Trying to build a coaching business from scratch.

Actually scratch that I AM making it work, not trying.

Things go wrong CONTINUOUSLY.

Take today for example…

I’m in the middle getting my morning agenda completed and feel a burning sensation on my leg.

It’s my laptop battery, and it’s searing hot.

Jesus (motha fuckin) Christ.

The one thing I’d once said would be the pinnacle of things going wrong is happening…

My laptop is frying.

Now would not be the best time to have to plunk down two grand on a new one.

Now is not the best time for me to go hunting for one either.

And yet here we are, at this point in time, and Murphy’s Law is in full effect.

I’ve got clients to tend to, right in the middle of a product launch, and now my laptop is in the “shop”.

There are no official Apple locations around here…

Just random offices of people who happen to have an even more random selection of Apple accessories laying around.

The only thing I have to work with is an iPhone.

Even then; at this stage in the game, I know know that a laptop frying is not the pinnacle.

Doesn’t even qualify for shit hitting the fan.

Not even close.

Neither does losing my passport, identification or all banking information for that matter.

I’ve had to surrender to that before.

No biggie.

How about having another surfer crash his board into your fucking skull when you’re in the middle of a pop-up?

Now we’re getting close.

Sitting inside a Balinese quacks office waiting for an overpriced prescription of ibuprofen because they’ve banned all the real drugs here.

Talking prices on MRIs and X-rays in a world of no insurance, including my own.

Hot damn.

We’re getting closer, and yet we are still nowhere near close.

In fact I have no idea how close my shenanigans can actually get me yet.

(If you’re having troubles starting your business, I really REALLY recommend you take a little time to sign up to my blog.)

I get premonitions about bad shit happening.

I don’t think I’m psychic by any means, Ive just watched a lot of Faces of Death and Rotten dot com videos to know how mother fuckers look like when they do stupid shit and end up dead.

I’m just a weird fucker like that.

I like to ponder on ways that I might be taken out.

I’ve seen damn near every way that it can happen; from complex ISIS beheadings to simply pushing a rolling ladder around the job site and getting it caught in the power lines, turning the employee of the month to dust.

I do believe you are immortal.

You’re different.

You’re the player of this game, this simulation; you’re the one pulling the strings.

Nothing like that will happen to you.

Why would you just go tits up all of a sudden?

It would ruin things for the both of us, that’s for sure.

Something I haven’t seen happen on video has been someone hitting a reef.

One potential really bad day for me could be attempting to catch a barrel on a reef break, getting swallowed up by a wave on a shifty turn and power bombed into a bed of sea needles.

That puts the laptop in perspective.

Those are the types of things I think about when I want to bitch about this laptop.

Or that I had to push a launch back a couple of days.

Or that my life will be just a teeny bit harder because I have to use my fucking IPHONE to do shit.

Give me a fucking break.

Get to work.

I couldn’t be in a better place for shit to hit the fan.

It’s been one thing after another since I got here…

I’ve learned to enjoy it.

Welcome to Surrender Island, population: YOU.

And by surrender, I mean to YOUR process.

What is your process for surrendering to the things you have seemingly ZERO control over?

How do you adapt when the shit inevitably hits the fan?

You’re the one making all this happen, remember?

You’re the fucker with this bright idea that you are the puppet master…

That you run this show.

When Dorothy and the Tin Man finally pulled back the curtain, it was you making it all happen.

YOU are the big reveal…

Do you create these things in your life, these Greek tragedies so that you can ball up like a little bitch when something goes wrong?

I knew my laptop was going to shit one day.

I’m riding around on motorbikes with a fucking MacBook Pro 15 inch screen in my backpack.

On an island.

With a jungle.

I’m ASKING for it.

Are you out on an island in your business?

Did you stop taking the advice of people who have made meeelions by using this “one simple trick”: changing everything about you!

Yeah, that personality… gotta go man.

You need Khakis and to cover those tattoos.

Stop cussing too.

Do what I do, you gotta dance if you wanna make money.

If you wanna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band.

Are you ignoring all this wonderful advice?

Well, welcome to the island.

Snakes, tarantulas, biting monkeys, sharks.

Fucking sharks I say.

You’re here for it all; and you should be.

You put yourself here for a reason.

You put yourself here to get those rare tastier experiences.

Those experiences that just fall off the bone.

You’re here for what most don’t get to taste.

The good shit.

And the really fucked up bad shit.

It’s all good though.

The ones that made it wish they could go back sometimes and do it all over again.

Your higher self would love to travel back in time and get a chance to do it all over again.

These days are the ones to enjoy, it savor, to tell the ships coming to save you:

“Aye! I’m alright… that white flag is actually my shirt drying.

I’m fine.

Keep going about your business.”

No need to sell out, settle down or stop at this point.

Not when you know who you are and the power you possess.

I’ll be fine, just as you will.

I’ll run shit like a boss from an iPhone, just like I’d actually always planned anyways (next level shit #leggo)

I’ll always figure it out; just like you.

Throw another log on the fire.

Roast another marshmallow.

We’re making s’mores tonight.

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