“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”
-William Shakespeare

I’ve always had a strange feeling about the nature of reality.

When I was about eight years old, I remember asking my little brother if he was real, as if this was all some big joke, and I was the punchline.

This was before the Matrix, the Truman Show, or even Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher.

Something has always felt a little off about this world:

What I mean is that based on what people have told me about their subjective experience versus what I’m actually experiencing seem like two totally different accounts that aren’t even in the same ballpark.

When the Matrix came out, I was obsessed for months and made everyone from my hometown watch it.

(If you haven’t seen it, go watch it, now!)

In the movie, machines have taken over the world and enslaved the human race in order to use them as an energy source.

They control them by keeping them hooked into a virtual reality system called “the matrix”.

While my friends and family enjoyed the action sequences, I didn’t think they grasped the deeper meaning of the whole movie or even questioned if it could be true or not like I did.

I didn’t give a shit, I was really into it and when I get into something I’ve gotta tell everyone.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist household, so I was always interested in higher powers and what happens after death.

Because I had been such a bad kid, I thought I was going to hell for sure, and my mind would make it real sometimes; triggering intense panic attacks with auditory and visual hallucinations that included demons grabbing me by the leg and dragging me to the lake of fire.

Once YouTube came out and I started watching people like Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens, the logic and reason liberated my mind from the shackles of an authoritarian deity that could look into my mind and judge my thoughts.

I felt free, and I no longer had panic attacks but I still had questions.

Along my studies through atheism, I discovered more and more information about artificial intelligence.

Many scientists believe that we are quickly reaching a point with technology where the machines will be able to reach human level intelligence.

Once this happens, it will be the beginning of an A.I. revolution; the machine will know how to make recursive upgrades to itself and will learn at an exponential rate, quickly using it’s power to turn itself into a vessel of super intelligence that we will no longer be able to control.

Some think this will happen far far in the future, some think it could happen early as tomorrow.

Everyone does, however, agree that it will happen.

Some, like Elon Musk, who are of a more mathematically inclined brand, say it’s already happened.

Yup, it already happened and the math has been staring us in the face as long as we’ve been around:

  • The infinite cosmos that’s been around for billions of years; no sign of intelligence except our own.
  • The fact that we are seemingly days aways from an artificial intelligence breakthrough, and yet it hasn’t happened.
  • That we happen to exist at this point in time, the most creme de la creme time to exist in, on the eve of this explosion that hasn’t (and maybe never will) happened yet is the ultimate coincidence.
  • That our carbon won the lottery by the universe popping into existence, then again by being in this galaxy, and then again by being on a planet that happens to be in the exact place necessary for life, and then again by being the fastest sperm out of trillions.
All in this exact point of time in this barren universe on the eve of mans greatest achievement…

And for those that think I’m ‘flat-earthin’ ya’, just go to your local mall and try on a set a virtual reality headsets and see if that doesn’t get your mind moving.

Your kid may have even convinced you to buy a device that turns their smartphone into one.

This is what really “red-pilled” me on the idea, as the difference between what I was experiencing and what was “really” going on had shifted completely.

I, like Elon Musk, feel like this could be the most likely scenario.

If we play this reality as a game, if we long ago conquered things like immortality (which would be the first thing we would handle if we had access to superintelligence), then wouldn’t the most exciting way to experience life be by living as a human with no recollection of past lives?

Maybe one day a long time ago we all put on a set of virtual reality goggles and never took them off.
In the Matrix, human beings were fodder for the machine that provided us an outlet to be entertained. In the Bible, we are Gods entertainment. With the Truman show, we were mans entertainment.
What if instead of being slaved to the machines we have access to their infinite knowledge, and maybe it’s not so much fun knowing everything.
What if we are here for our own entertainment?
What if we are the stars of our own movie, the players of our own game?
What if we had infinite control over the things that are happening around us, and that we can even manipulate them if that’s what we choose?
This is the philosophy that I now live by.
I really just took an idea and boiled the outcome into a few points that I use every day:

1. I am the one who is being entertained. This is my game, my show. I’m supposed to go as hard as I possibly can and have as much fun as possible.

2. I can control this place with my mind. Time does not matter, rules do not matter. Things will manifest themselves for me if I just say what I want and then take a couple of steps of absolute certainty towards it, it will happen.

3. This is a higher level game, one where all of the challenges and battles happen in the mind.

All I did was start looking at the world through a lens of absolute control.
I stopped letting ‘everything else’ rob me of the glory of my own failures and wins.

I began to rework the look and feel of my reality through things like journaling and messaging, which are basically just ways of me communicating my desires to this system.

Actually physically programming it in, rather than thinkingΒ about doing or wanting something.
I began writing in my journal every day, starting out in the office of company I worked for that I absolutely fucking hated. Sure, I had nice shit like an exotic car and a high rise downtown, but I was really starting to realize I was missing something.
I wrote it all out, a life of design, even though in the beginning it sounded like I was lying out loud:
I wrote of a different life.
One where I was a dude who spent his days on the beach, surfing and helping people live the lives of their dreams, rather than being somebodies little bitch.
I wrote tales of adventure and excitement, a place where something amazing was happening every day.
I decided that living a life without gods and devils was boring, so I decided that I would see magic every day.
I turned this ‘idea’ into a philosophy and started to use it to fill in that blank of “what happens after death”.
I decided to choose immortality; but more than that…
I started treating everything as if it were a game.
The experience and the gameplay are what’s important, not the destination.
This philosophy allows for something that others tried to rob me of: Full reality ownership. When you have full ownership your reality, you get the things you want because they are no longer left to someones chance or at the mercy of another.
They will happen one way or the other.
My mentor told me one day that in order to be a great salesman, you have to believe in something bigger than yourself.
This would certainly conflict with that, as it’s saying you are the Alpha and Omega of this simulation, but I’m not going to sugarcoat my message for anyone.
I believe it’s rather patronizing to assume that someone wouldn’t know how to handle their own reality, but hey–it’s all a game anyways, right?
Once I started to play it, the things I wanted changed starting happening.
Everything I wrote down started becoming true…
Of course I still did the work – if that’s what you want to call disappearing into my art and broadcasting a message to you – but it was like nothing.
Everything got easier, and I began to savor life.
I began to desire the failures, as they were all part of the gameplay.
And then I started winning.

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    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      #live brother

    • Avatar Raleigh Deen

      You have no sound…

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      We only are aware of a small fraction of what technology we are actually capable of

    • Avatar Patrick Grabbs

      i have no sound?

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      Like the movie the matrix. We are like a virus that consumes all resources and move on. We will destroy ourselves

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      Right. And we view money as a simulated reality. We work until death to achieve money or a level of happiness as society wants is to believe is happiness. In realty, we need to find happiness and success within ourselves first, then we are limitless. Even mortality, every commercial on tv is a new miracle drug or drink or pill. That costs money. You cannot achieve success or happiness until you find yourself within.

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      It is all just theories, even religion

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Red pill

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      🌟I believe in magic too πŸŒŸπŸ’œπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer


    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      An Earthquake

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Keeps it interesting

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      I am Neo! Lets do this!

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      I am Trinity Baby

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      I believe that too

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      Karen these theories and philosophies are for us to try on and play with. This way we get to keep what resonates and works for us and leave what doesn’t.

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      I reference the Matrix all the time. I love it

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Yeah I have my own philosophy Peita I just wrote a book on it… definitely different but allows for many beliefs πŸ’™

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Helping others πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      Cool. What is your book?

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      In edit right now should be published now, about the inner spiritual revolution

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Published Dec

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      You’ve changed my life

    • Avatar RJay Parthemer

      Boom! That’s exactly the goal I am working towards! Helping others!

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      So handy being on similar time as you for jumping on live. In Darwin, super close to Bali 😊

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Believe that!

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      Love that Patrick. Never thought about it that way. Being able to impact people in a way that Tony or Oprah don’t. Mind blown

      • Avatar Patrick Grabbs

        It’s there by design… YOU have a power that the greatest are missing. Look around and realize that everyone in your reality is missing a power that you have

      • Avatar Peita Campbell

        Thank you Patrick, I know I have epic juju but I never thought about my uniqueness factor when compared to my heroes. Some awesome rewiring going on in my brain πŸ€―πŸ˜„πŸ’– love all the Matrix references, my performer name is Trinity derived from that

      • Avatar Patrick Grabbs

        Hell yeah! Its your fucking show

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Super tease waiting another day for this for this to drop! Lol. All good got the title download, is rad

    • Avatar Karen Leverenz

      Your making up your self doubt πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    • Avatar Peita Campbell

      Have an awesome day guys 😁

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