One major thing I see that throws my newer clients off is the fact that they compare themselves to others.

This can cause serious negative effects on your subconscious, as it’s in our human nature to compete on the social ladder.

The only thing is, our mind was built for small tribes; not the unlimited amount of data that you experience on social media.

You may be seeing lambos and houses and next level shit in peoples lives that you are trying to emulate, but you’re only seeing the result.

Your mind is not equipped to comprehend the hardships they went through to get there, and in order for you to level up where you want to go you’re going to have to go through much of the same shit, if not worse.

That’s why it’s important to get your inner game to the point where you enjoy your own journey, and keep away from focusing on others as much as you can.

Their race will never be your race; so it’s pointless to even watch them.

Get you a couple of good mentors who are actively in the race themselves, just a few steps ahead of you and cut all that other shit out.

If you are following tons of people doing their thing already, it’s going to be damn near impossible for you to focus at the level you need to get to your point b.

Train your mind to love and appreciate your own unique journey.

In this livestream, I talk about how when you get caught up comparing yourself to others, it’s just your ego talking.

Let that shit go so you can enjoy this human experience.

Free your mind,


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