The other day I made a post about abortion…

I wasn’t really trying to get anything started with it, I just told a story about meeting a girl who wanted to argue with me about it.

This post is not to argue the right or wrong of any of that (as I know will likely happen), but more on the subject of truth and speaking it.

So yes, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming, broadcasting inside your reality — even though that’s what I’m always doing, even if making a social commentary.

Which I will do.

Some people say: “Pat, you’re supposed to be above calling people fatshits.”

When the fuck did I ever say that?

What I preach is to play the game; I do not play by the same moral code that others have, and don’t know where people get this idea.

I think because I am something of a coach, people are thinking I’m supposed to walk in the same path as Eckart Tolle or something.

Eckart does not get laid.

I have attributed to myself my own moral code and character in this game.

This character I am playing happens to be a man, and he is an American.

He stands up for truth and innocents, and thus battles all manner of wretched evil doers along the path of his heroes journey.

When doing battle with an enemy combatant, he doesn’t censor his speech when hurling his insults in an effort to disorient his opponent.

Whatever medium that he is using — happens to be social media right now — he will use to the fullest of his abilities.

Social media is one of the many battlegrounds that I have frequented for many years.

It used to be a peaceful place; a place to freely express every opinion you had without the need to do battle with the butthurt.

Alas, times have changed and there is a dark cloud of hurt feelings all across the lands.

Although it’s not so much hurt feelings as it is pure indoctrination, in my opinion.

Recently I dealt with a full frontal assault by what I will now refer to as NPCs so as to take the heat off of my posts.

(One of my posts was taken down by Zuck; I didn’t find it singling anyone out and have requested a review of the policy so we will see what happens. I think I will win. I abide by the rules of the battle field.)

An NPC is a “non-playable character” in this game.

Let’s say you are playing a game like Grand Theft Auto or Fallout. Fuck it, let’s just say Mario Brothers so everyone is on the same page.

You’re playing Mario, and maybe your homie is playing the game with you and he’s playing Luigi.

Well you guys are playing the game, and you are conscious.

The turtle-bird-things in the game controlled by the computer are non-playable characters.

The little mushroom headed mother fuckers that you have to fight.

These enemies do not receive their programming from a conscious entity, but rather a computer or someone else.

They receive instructions that they follow without such burdens as processing the information with their own logic and reason.

They hear what you say, and they proceed forth with an attack.

There is no middle ground on any of their arguments; they have only one objective: To silence you.

Being that they aren’t that powerful – mentally or physically – they rely on moving as a collective and using a platforms to achieve this goal.

I spoke my truth – as I always do – and it happened to register on the radar of an NPC as an unacceptable thought.

The NPC dropped the post into one of their enclaves, and voila — the hive mind was activated.

The first thing they did was go on the comments and look for some arguments, which they found.

Next thing though is the kicker — they went to my business page and dropped all sorts of one star reviews and negative comments despite never having used my services.

This is interesting because they now aren’t seeking to attack any argument I had; they are now seeking to destroy my business, which… Good fucking luck.

Those comments only serve to attract more of the people I like to work with.

Those are badges of honor letting people know that I go to war and do not just roll over when it comes to my truth.

In fact, many of the people backing me were my own clients.

Yes, the people that pay me.

The only opinion that actually matters; but then again it doesn’t matter because I work with people like me.

Even if we don’t share the same political views, they are not NPCs.

They understand for and live their own truths, so they respect the rights of others to live theirs.

But an NPC doesn’t get this type of work…

They’ve found religion inside Big Daddy government and mass media programming.

You need no further proof that brainwashing is alive and effective as ever than just looking at the way an NPC operates.

I speak my truth day in and day out and sometimes I post on the nature of politics, but lately I haven’t been as much, or so I think I haven’t.

It doesn’t feel any different to me, I just don’t post on normal events that are going on like I used to.

There are other more knowledgable authorities on all of this than I you can check out.

I speak on the nature or reality and harnessing it to create the movie that is your life.

This does collide with politics every now and again though, and I am more than happy to fight the battle.


Because this is my game, and in this game the truth is part of the fulfillment.

The truth is your sword; and it’s a sword for a reason.

You want a life that is more than the mundane?

You will have to fight for it.

You will have to shed blood, and that’s all there is to it.

Use your truth to slice through the sludge of resistance that holds you back from achieving your purpose.

You’ve had your whole life previously to live as one of the dead, the comfortable.

If you want to know why it is that you seek more; the answer lies in the truth.

And not just that you THINK the truth, but that you speak it.

If it causes you to lose your job, or lose a client, so be it.

Seek out something where you build something founded on your truth.

A coward dies a thousand deaths; a warrior dies only once.

Many times in my youth I did cowardly things; I would run from fights or try to get my friends to fight my battles for me.

When I went to prison – all alone with no way out – I had no choice but to stand up and face my enemies head on.

When I did I felt the power of it; the answer from reality that no matter what happened, I would survive.

Something telling me that even though I would lose battles, I would always win the war.

You are at war right now.

Your back is against the wall until you escape the cowardice and decide to speak your truth.

Do not fear the NPCs that come out of the woodwork to come battle you as they are your opportunities to show reality that you are here to fucking play.

They are YOURS.

They are part of YOUR game; your dream, your simulation.

Choose how your character decides to vanquish them.

Is he noble?

Does he stay silent and just bounce off their heads?

Does he spit hot fireballs at them?

Whatever he does, let him do something.

Don’t just let these fucking turtle-ducks walk all over you the rest of your life.

I’ve been shown that my way is to cut their heads off and shit down their necks, depending on who they are and what their belief system is.

A genocidal maniac receives my worst possible words, and I will hit based on appearance and everything else under the sun.

The more they reason their disgusting behavior, the more graphic my verbiage becomes.

And that’s just how my character is, for now.

Either you can handle that or you can’t.

Doesn’t fucking matter in my game.

Free your mind,




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