Something I’ve heard my whole life, even as a kid was that I’m crazy.
They tried to give me Zoloft, Lexapro …all the anti-depressants.
Anything to try and make me “normal” again.
Turns out, owning that side of myself was the only thing that ever made a difference.
Are you worried they are gonna think you’re crazy if you open your mouth and start to say what’s really on your mind?
Don’t be.
It’s the gift that allows you to lead the other people that are crazy enough to believe in you.
Smart motherfuckers only sound crazy to dumb mother fuckers.
Free your mind,
PS: Tomorrow begins the first day of training for my interactive mindset program Dreamwaves Interactive.
There’s nothing like it; I’m going to put it all on the line and show you what crazy/leadership really is.
How to own your truth and influence the world.
There’s only a couple of seats left.
Don’t miss out on it, the price will be going up after I’m done for those late, however if you want to pay me more that’s cool.
I’m down with that.

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