If you only knew how easy it actually gets to be; you wouldn’t be asking so many fucking questions.

The questions you ask yourself before you go to create something are the exact things that hold you back.

You gotta just let ‘er rip… and then see where your mind takes you.

That’s the problem with the world right now; it’s not the fear of public speaking, it’s the fear of speaking the truth.

Everyone is deathly afraid that one small nugget of truth is going to fall out in this world lies.

Might fuck everything up or something…

Yeah-All of this.

The place where everyone is trying to figure out the meaning.

The meaning is the at the moment.

I lost my respect for the moment over the years of selling out, and respect is hard to get back.

You have to go out and create them when you haven’t exercised that muscle in your body in while.

Speaking of muscles… I just signed up for a gym today that’s based around gymnastics strength training.

The first class: Stall Bars (hanging off of bars and becoming more flexibile)

I gotta admit, I was rusty.

I’d checked the place out and came back after running a few errands.

Namely… Finding a new place to live.

It’s about time I leveled up just a little bit more.

It’s terribly easy to live here on a small amount of money every month, but I had to live out that part of the story.

When I first made the move, I was working with my buddy as an income supplement for this move, but we ended up doing separate shit.

I am addicted to my art; and in truth it’s been hella fun even just the past three months in full creation mode.

My last program was full that; and due to that process was able to manifest the upgrades that are taking place now.

Not just the financial upgrades to the bank account, but also the way I view things.

I am get caught up in the black and white of things; as most humans do.

We compare the way we do things to mentors and everyone else except looking to our higher self for the info.

When shit changes and things turning around for the better, most of us are suddenly more than willing to give the reigns back to the lower self, when it was trusting in the higher that got them there.

It’s all good to stumble for a second, but you have to give yourself some time to catch your equilibrium and get centered again.

Also what’s fun to do during this time is watch yourself do what you do…

Watch the action you take in these moments after you receive something next level from the universe.

Check out your behavior on these level ups and see if you are making progress with how quickly you absorb it.

If your mind is still telling you to sabotage, or you get into a fearful and scarce state stop and give yourself a minute.

Allow yourself to go in that lower mode and do what you do, with knowing that it’s just part of the process.

You’ve basically just launched your rocket into outer space again and went through a meteor field, of course it’s going to get dinged up.

You either try to navigate the countless fragments that make up your own character, or you can just kick back and let them do what they do until you get out.

Once you come out the other side you can make the necessary repairs, but for now just allow yourself to experience it.

No matter what your age is or any shit like that…

It doesn’t matter if you “should already” be past all this shit.

That’s the one thing about this whole thing that I think all this social media comparison and programming has got people so uninterested in their own stories.

Just because you aren’t past any of this shit makes even that much more interesting.

I have been enjoying showing just how messy everything I’m doing is for the world.

Telling fart jokes on livestreams, being a nuisance.

I think I’m going to ratchet all of this up though.

Sometimes selling products that have one or two clients enrolled, staying in cheap places around Bali.

I’m still showing up though, because it’s fun and it’s what I do.

I feel like I’m planting seeds and creating art right now that people will come back and appreciate later, which is cool.

It’s going against my flow to be angry about it.

Some of my best work doesn’t get seen or appreciated; speaking of which I think I wrote a hell of a good blog on this.

Anyways things are turning around and turning up.

Of course I’ve manifested all of this, and will soon be in a new atmosphere with more inspiration to level up this movement.

I’ve been putting some things in place to make that happen even more; recently hiring the first full time member of my team.

Don’t ask me what the fuck I’m doing; I still don’t know.

I do still get annoyed by many things, but I’ve never been the type that avoids this feeling.

I feel like if you interact with me in any way, if you have something to comment on what I do, some criticism…

You should have at least watched some of my content and know what my product is about.

This is how I separate true believers from lames.

So here I am giving the game up again for free, something that my true believers will catch, but a lame will totally gloss over.

The key is to write for you and your true believers.

This is the winning combo; if you get caught up writing for these dumbfucks who will never spend a dime with you, it’s not going to end up well for you.

I honestly don’t give a fuck about these folks.

They’ll always be there, pulling their pud to the shit that I say (the small bite-sized segments that aren’t too much for their NPC brains).

Maybe they’ll get mad and block me but then another one will take their place.

Fascinating shit.

I can talk about them all day, and if it’s sammiched in between a bunch of words they’ll never be able to find it.

I could give em the keys to my soul, tell em how to take me down and get under my skin; I could tell them my weaknesses.

It’s too much for them.

Imagine how much hidden information people stash in books that they probably shouldn’t have put in there?

It’s empowering af for the people that vibe with you.

Side note: I wanted to empower you as well because I know I’m always harping on quitting your job and all that but there some gray areas I wanted to share with you.

Meaning that if you have current bills and things that prevent you from doing what I did and just flying the coup or going all in on your art at the moment, one thing you can do is take your skills and maybe try to find another job so long as they know who you are without the mask.

Make sure they know where you stand and that everything is cool from that standpoint.

Show up for them in a big way and show up for yourself even bigger.

You might have to take a pay cut to do this, but it’s a way I’ve been able to view things, in a little bit of a gray area when it comes to creating your passion business.

In all reality, it’s going to take you a while, but there are jobs online and other places you can see about utilizing whatever skills you currently have.

It always amazes me how easy it is to make money in niche marketplaces.

The goal is to get your value on that level; find the people that are missing YOU and deliver that to them.

Anyways I just wanted to share that with you, if maybe you’ve been reading what I’ve been saying and are beating yourself up about having to continue your current job.

There are still ways out and I will also not back done from saying that torching it all is still my favorite way of doing it.

And I’m always ready to torch it.

I say, be ready to fucking torch.

When you’re making concessions, remember that it’s not for the dollar.

It better not be for the dollar, or else you’re just like them.

You’ve assimilated right back where they wanted.

You need to be thinking how are these newly aquired resources going to allow me to further my message better?

What’s it going to do for you?

Is it going to allow you to move to another country quicker where you can get some experiences in and have more stories to tell?

That’s good.

Is it going to allow you to buy a new Gucci bag so you can get some more followers on the gram?

Fucking stupid.


Free your mind,


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