Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and learn from a variety of different entrepreneurs.

I say “fortunate” but I’ve actually put myself in this position by continually calibrating myself with the same course as these business owners.

Along my journey, I’ve noticed that there are essentially just two different types of entrepreneurs.

And when I say entrepreneur, I mean people who work for themselves, and no other man.

There are not four or five or ten different types, but two, which I’ll now describe to you and let you figure out which one you fit into.

The first is the strategist.

The strategist makes decisions based on the recommendations of others.

They will try anything that another person who appears successful recommends, and accepts a failure when using their methods as one of their own.

Sure, they recognize that this failure is yet another great leap on their road to riches and continue forth in their quest to find the next big “thing” that works.

A strategist clings desperately to these things and relies on them to progress.

They are constantly searching and prowling around in the dirt looking for the next nugget of gold

They believe that a new one is right around the corner and will even search frantically for the next mentor to pay to show them the way.

And some of them do.

Some of them find things that work and yield similar results as the original person that supplied the strategy.

They have been shown the shovel and the ideal soil, something a they paid the teacher to show them.

Something that will get them the results they desire in their life.

The strategist ties everything to these objects because they believe them to be the cure all, the gateway to happiness.

Some will say they want these things around to leave a legacy; anything and everything except personal completion and fulfillment.

They venture far away from the things that require work on the self…

Everyone around them knows that if they claimed such things they would be lying down to their very core, because everything they’ve appeared to be this entire time – their actions – have delivered products of the strategy.

They fear speaking from a higher dimension would be blasphemy to the people around them that are purchasing quick fixes in their own life.

Occasionally their “market” requests a version of higher purpose, so they deliver a novelty form that fits within the confines of the strategy.

Something as paradoxical and tragic as the outcome of the strategy itself.

There is no room for the deep inner work designed to break strategy, that would mean starting back from square one.

That would mean rejection of the true self, something that the strategist was never truly keen on dealing with in the first place.

These worlds and stories that they now live in that are designed to emulate what it means to have purpose…

The so-called “whys”.

The outcomes that the masses have deemed as appropriate measurements of success substituting the lack of a measurement created by the strategist themselves.

And so they continue a movement of blind leading the blind, living in a constant rhythm of fight or flight, battling anyone and everyone that would challenge the reality that they have accepted.

Their worlds collapse consistently, and every time they set out once more to build them the same way, all without ever confronting the self.

The strategist can be copied and duplicated a million times over

The scarcity that comes with being a strategist means that not only will they consistently fight to find the next “big thing” that works for them, they’ll also have to fight the hordes of other people just like them doing exactly the same thing for the same exact physical reasons

They exist in a world of constant competition

The artist

The artist appears as an alien to the strategist and the masses; and rightfully so.

They are alien

They are the ones who can’t be reasoned with, especially sold.

That trait is amusing to the strategist; the artists skill merely a tool to be used, their mindset completely useless and atrocious.

The mindset of creations that come from an outer world they are connected to, a place where they “let” things come to them.

This light can and will abruptly change directions, which the artist must be aware of, in tune with and ready for.

They must always be listening to the voice that’s been with them not just in the past few years, but their whole life.

The child that knew something was different and unique about their world.

The one who knew with absolute certainty that no one was experiencing it the same way…

It is only from this alien nebula that the artists creations can come from.

Just like other planets the atmosphere is different and something only a true citizen can survive in, let alone create from.

While here on earth, they must consistently discover ways to connect to their home world in order to bring forth a truth that serves their higher purpose.

Not because there is something tangible in the end for them; they naturally expect a universe that provides all things; even the things that strategist would die for (even though still “alive”).

And they do and they will if they truly desire and request it.

From their own happiness does happiness surround the other beings in their circle

They scrap bullshit ideas and things that don’t come from that light that guides them.

They don’t search for shovels, their mind is already the fertile soil in which they till through daily inner work

They wait around for no excavator to assist them with finding their gold, they know it’s there on the outskirts of a dimension beyond anything anyone on this planet can reach

They trust the guidance that comes from this place; and from other artists attached to their own higher purpose

People they recognize that speak a similar language

They recognize that their physical bodies are foreign and currently attached to some sort of construct that doesn’t belong to them

A place of made up fantasies and distractions

Thus they create their own reality; they craft this world in an image suitable for their existence

They create their own rules; their own time, space and and energy.

Their own oxygen.

The artist taps deep inside their own psyche

They build a world inside this one that occupies the space of the inhabitants who think what they are experiencing is the truth

The ones who are always effected by the changing landscapes and simulations that surround them

The effect from the artist cause ripples through the simple constructs of the outliers

The artist way confuses the strategist

It is chaos

Thus the artist cannot be figured out, and

Most importantly

Cannot be duplicated

Their only kryptonite is allowing themselves to be swayed by the opinions of those in this realm

Inside the simulation

They have no opposition other than themselves

And understand that any opposing force is a creation of their mind

Set in place to assist in forging a new wormhole of through the physical mind back to

The why comes from their higher self

They are all things

At all times

This world has no choice but to respect that


Free your mind,


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