It’s been a crazy three years.

Actually five if you count the day I walked out of the car dealership I was working at and told them they’d never see me again.

I quit cold turkey went to my old condo that I had paid off, with a few credit cards and no plan.

All I knew is that I wasn’t going back to work for anyone ever again, I was fucking done.

There’s a point you get that some places put you that force the entrepreneur to bubble up to the surface, and that job is one of them.

Maybe that’s just me and an elite few…

Because I know some people that will never leave.

You see, I’d had a couple of fucked up relationships that made me realize life is not meant to be wasted living on someone elses terms.

We’re here to help people and grow and become the best version of ourselves possible.

So I left and decided did whatever I could to make it work, burning credit cards, payday loans, and doing whatever I could to make money.

I tried all sorts of free shit online because I refused to pay for any information or mentors.

I had left the car business, but still had a scarcity mentality that I didn’t even know I needed to sort out.

I tried to start a bondage blog (just the first thing I googled that said I could make money quick. they were wrong)

I created a small survival gear website and had very limited success.

I even tried to start a blog about fucking trumpets.


Everything that didn’t align with who I truly was, and what my mission on this planet is.

The numbers just weren’t adding up.

Shit was going south and there were nights when I thought

“Damn, I might have to go back to work.”

Around this time, an old friend from the car dealership started to take notice of what I was doing.

This was the first thing I noticed things starting to shift within the universe…

Actually I didn’t NOTICE it happened, I was just happy something did.

Ryan Stewman popped into my inbox and said “Hey man, I see what you’re doing. I know you struggling. You need to come see what I’m doing and see if you like it.”

Well, I remember this guy from the dealership. He was always talking big shit, and he said he wasn’t gonna be there long.

Most of us were like “Yeah, right.”

That’s like people in prison saying “I’m innocent man.”

Well, I was down to my last nickels and I really didn’t know what he had going on or what he was up to (was this some MLM shit bruh? I aint feelin it. Break free academy? Dafuq is this?)

I pulled out my old suits, went to my first BFA, and didn’t know what the hell was going on..

All I know is Ryan said if I sold seats, he would give me money.

So I was like… aight I could totally use some of that right about now.

I just burned up my last payday loan and was running out of steam.

So I went to work for him, selling seats and digital programs.

At first, I didn’t know what I was doing and Ryan fired me.

He tried to train me, but I kept trying to do other stuff like the backpack business.

He brought me back on, and I still wouldn’t go all in.


Fired again.

Ryan does not fucking play, those of you looking into the gig.

Finally, one night I decided to fully go all in with the dude and quit all the other shit I was trying.

From there, sales started popping off like crazy.

I remember going to the mall as sales were rolling in, finally able to buy gifts for my niece and nephew at Christmas.

From there, shit got wild.

Me and Ryan worked out of his penthouse day in and day out for months, doing what we do.

I started getting into building funnels and I found out I was very good at it.

Turns out, all that experience from the porn and survival blogs paid off.

Me and Ryan became good friends, I spent a lot of time with his kids and eventually helped move his new wife Amy here to Dallas.

He made sure to take me to all the masterminds he went to, and I met amazing people like Katrina RuthRob SecadesKevin NationsAlex CharfenRussell BrunsonBrad LeaMarshall SylverJesse ElderSetema Gali Jr., and shit a whole bunch of other people who crush ass on a daily basis.

(thats right I just said crush ass.. thats my term now dafuq u gon’ do?)

We took amazing trips around the world, at one point in 2016 I traveled the world and experienced things I never thought possible.

We grew as friends and also in mindset.

He showed me how to help people who were like us, and that as long as you were aligned with your purpose you would be able to do anything.

We were constantly leveling up and talking about mindset and trying to fix issues we both had, I had shit from my past that was different than his that I needed to work out.

We went on spiritual journeys together.

One day, he gave me the keys to his own Maserati and let me go apeshit.

(This guy is a nut about his cars and property, so that was massive)

The level up was insane.

But it was a daily mental work that was as common as the hustle we had for helping clients.

As the company continued to blow the fuck up and Ryan got even more popular, things started to shift.

There started to come a point where the business was outgrowing the friendship.

Decisions had to be made.

He’d brought two of his best friends along for his entrepreneurial journey and now he had to be the boss that he had to be for the company to grow.

As hardcore and crazy as we all are, as alpha as we are and as much as we all three are friends, it was slowing the growth of BFA.

We came together as we do to create a solution: Which was that it was now time for me to fly on my own.

We always prided ourself on doing things the hard way, because we felt it gave us the experience to teach clients better.

I’m sure Ryan will continue to do things that way, because that’s his own unique style…

Fortunately, this decision was easy and it was just that time.

As I write this, I’m being removed from all of our programs and slack channels.

Things that I put a lot of blood and sweat into, and yet,

This is one of the greatest days of my life.

My best friend is helping me create my own business for the very first time in my fucking life, and seeing me off into the world as entrepreneur rather than an enemy or competition, to help people like myself.

It’s finally my time to leave the nest.

See, my journey is different than his.

I realize that we are both going places, but our destinations are different.

All I know is that we will continue to remain friends and look out for one another as we go down this rabbit hole of helping people achieve greatness, as we continue to push the limits of our own.

I am so thankful to this man for everything he’s done for me.

He’s been one of the greatest friends, mentors, bosses, and overall people I’ve ever met.

I’m ready to take on the world.

The time is right. fucking. now.

And with that, a new company is born in this great capitalist experiment known as America.

1700 millionaires are made every single damn day here…

There’s literally no other place and never will be another time and place like this again.

My goal is to help people like me who have been through some shit achieve whatever happiness and success they feel is out there for them, and get their slice of this American pie.

There’s enough for everyone and then some.

I will quickly level this company up to a point where I can join Ryans highest level coaching program: Push To Excellence, before the end of the year.

The price tag on this goal is $25,000. (small spuds for a true player)

I already have my first couple of clients, and will be taking on even more as the days, weeks and months roll by.

Let’s get it, and let nothing hold us back.

As a great man once said: Fuck Your Excuses

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