As human beings we are naturally hardwired to outsource our fulfillment.

We believe that it’s always waiting for us just around the corner, at the end of some long term or short term goal.

If we just follow what the guy with the things has to the T, one day we’ll have it all.

One day!

Listen; I’m going to break the news to you about the world you live in.

You aren’t getting any of that shit; you are never getting to that green grass pasture.

“But… but… but other people are doing it, Pat.”

Yes, but this reality does not belong to those other mother fuckers.

They are illusions in your world, figments or your imagination.

Mirages, designed to sidetrack you and keep your game interesting.

The challenge of this game is that it knows you are human and that you will chase after stupid shit.

It keeps things interesting.

Maybe, at the end of the story, you were the dog that chased it’s tail it’s whole life and then finally in his final hour, discovered that he possessed the tail all along, and finally died fulfilled.

That can be your story; and while it’s compelling, I’m here to let you know that you can have the tail right now.

In this broadcast we talk about the basic building blocks of fulfillment.

Come, roll up a bleezy and let’s get weird.

Free your mind,




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