“Okay, Pat. Let’s say you’re right, and I’m in 100% control of my reality. I was born a leader and I’ve always had a message. What do I do about it?”

Glad you asked.

So, the most important thing you can possibly do right now is begin “broadcasting” your message to the world. This can be in the form of videos, writing, or even just speaking your truth to family and friends.

We also need a medium to record these broadcasts, that way we can use them over and over again in a process that will attract your “audience”, or as I like to call them: true believers.

These are people guided by your message; people you can affect on a level that no one else really can. This is a crucial limiting belief that people have about the universe: who would listen to me?

I’m here to tell you that your truth is so powerful it will be able to do things for people that Tony Robbins or even Oprah couldn’t do.

You have to believe this is possible.

You have to be 100% certain that it is the case, otherwise you still don’t get it and this won’t work for you.

In this fashion you will become what is known as an “influencer”, someone with the ability to get people to make decisions (good decisions).

The bonus side is that these true believers will buy just about anything you recommend, especially if it is your own personal product.

And that’s the “secret” of becoming a paid influencer.

So let’s go ahead and get all this set up. Don’t worry: the process is super simple to grasp:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Attract your true believers
  3. Capture their info
  4. Promote things that help them

1. Create a blog

So the home base where everything begins and ends is your personal blog.

You can consider this more important than Facebook, LinkedIN, Google, or any other website.

This is your website.

It’s super cheap, super simple and only takes about ten minutes to set up. Seriously.

WordPress.com is the gold standard for blogs. They will also host the blog for you and all of this costs less than $5 a month. Go ahead and click the image below to head over there and grab a plan.

They also happen to be the most easiest and have the best customer support that I have ever seen, and I’ve used countless different hosts and software over the years. This is as easy as it gets!

After you get to WordPress.com, click the green button up at the top right that says “Get Started” and it will take you to the plans page you see above.

Pick the personal plan or higher.

The personal plan will do everything we need, the free plan will not.

Pick a name for your site as well as checking some additional goals. This is the name for the wordpress site, not the domain, meaning this is just the name of the blog, it’ll be seen in the title if you share it to social media sites like Facebook.

Below you can see an example of what I put on mine.

(I put traveler blog just for shits and gigs about what it would be about; because honestly it doesn’t make a fuck.)

I went with my name for the title.

I always recommend this, because fuck everybody else. Fuck companies, fuck industries, fuck niches…

You are the niche, bitch.

Remember that.

You have a wide range of interests that will likely change over time. Your true believers are in on whatever it is you’re in on.

People get too caught up in names when they don’t really mean jack shit.

Just put your name down and rock on.

Here will be the theme for the site; basically what the general look and feel is.

You can change this and later on you will be able to have a much wider selection, so just pick something that looks cool.

I went with Lodestar because it had the word “lode” in it, and that’s what I’ll be blowing once this blog is up and running.

Here we go with this name shit again, except this time it’s for the actual domain, meaning this will be your .com site name.

You definitely want a .COM, and not a .org or .blog.

So if your name has been chosen, say you got a name like John or Glenn Smith, then choose something else.

They give some recommendations… You could go Trump style and choose like RealJohnSmith.com if that’s available.

Figure something out and don’t worry about what you pick.

Honestly, it’s not important.

Your message is.

This is simple a medium to broadcast and store your message.


Hell nah.

Okay so I got mypatrickgrabbs.com (for demo purposes), just grab that Register Privately (it’s free… it protects you from having your address found by interested parties).

Enter your info and keep moving…

Pick which pricing option best works for you and check out.


You should be looking at this page, which means you have successfully set up your first blog.

This is the beginning of something so amazing, you just have no idea.

Try typing in your domain up in the search bar and pressing enter, it should pop up with some basic information.

From here, making posts and changing things about your blog is a breeze.

Play around with it and write your first blog, and then shout me out and let me know when it’s up.

2. Attract Your True Believers

Alright so what’s next?

You got a blog up, you’ve got social media channels, how do you attract your people?

These “true believers”?

You create content.

You broadcast your message.

The blog is simply a place for you to hold all of your broadcasts and send people to over and over again; the message comes from you.

So just start writing and making videos, and every time you do, put it on your blog and share it to all social media platforms.

This cycle will begin to attract people, and the general rule of thumb is that when you have 1000 true believers, 1000 people that absolutely love you, you won’t have to work anymore.

You’ll just be able to speak your mind, and they will keep showing up to see what’s next.

They will buy whatever you recommend; be it software, affiliate products, or items off amazon.

And they will most definitely buy something that you create, be it apparel or say your own digital product (which is what I do).

I create and motivate the top of the top leaders, as I only want to work with the best.

And the best happen to be the easiest to help and get results for.

I have several friends that do this as well. They are all multi-millionaires and live lives of total ease, working with amazing people they also call friends, who just happen to also pay them large quantities of money.

It all comes as part of being a leader, being the controller of this simulation.

It may sound crazy, but if you don’t believe it then this isn’t for you, not at the level I’m showing you to play at.

Things get real easy when you let them, but you go to work on broadcasting and attracting your people.

Remember: You need a 1000 before you’ll start to really seeing a reality shift.

So, the more content you create, the quicker you’ll get there.

Step 3: Capture their info

So here’s the deal: social media giants like Facebook and Twitter don’t really put your in front of the people that “like” you much.

Say you write a life changing post that you know will be absolutely life-changing for your true believers; well, you’re kinda fucked if you only posted it on Facebook because only 5% of your audience will see it.

Meaning most likely none of your true believers will see it, and then it would disappear into oblivion (unless, of course, you set that blog up like I just told you).

Having a blog is one piece of the puzzle.

We also need to capture the personal information of the true believer, aka their name and e-mail address.

What we want to do is put them on your e-mail list.

Here, at least we have them all in one place and we won’t have to worry about them seeing the broadcasts.

The software I use for this is called Aweber.

You’ll want to create what we call a “list” in the internet marketing world.

My main list is called Your Imaginary Friend.

I get people to “opt-in” to the list by offering them something I think they’ll be interested in being a part of.

For example, one of the ways they give me their info is when I ask if they’d like to be part of my exclusive community of leaders and thought leaders.

They know because I’m cool af that others who like my shit must be cool af too, and they want to be a part of the community which I host on Facebook.

But I’m not just going to put them in the group, that would be dumb af.

I drop a link to opt in to my Aweber list on my blog and on Facebook.

If they want in, they have to give me their name and e-mail.

Another way I get people to opt-in is by offering them a free training pertaining to leadership.

I show people exactly how to set up a lifestyle business based around being themselves.

People want to know how I live like I live, so I show them.

You can do the same thing; or if you are really into dolphins you can offer them a free guide to everything dolphins if they sign up.

Or you could just say if you want daily value from me, here’s my e-mail list. Sign up.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Opting into your e-mail list is not a big deal for someone that loves your dirty drawers…

So let me show your how easy it is to set it up.

First, go to Aweber and pick up the 14-day trial.

Enter your info in, your credit card details (It’s going to cost around $19/month) and you’ll begin the trial.

Once you’re in, it’s going to ask you some more details.

If you don’t have a company, just use your name.

After setting up WordPress, you should have a website.

If not, go back up to the beginning of this blog post and go get one, then enter it here.

Enter in your business address or your home address.

You have to have this in order to comply with the legal aspect of sending out mass e-mails.

Yes, your prospects will see it.

Yes, you can do a PO Box if you’re all paranoid and shit.

Next, it’s going to guide you through creating your first list.

This list will be a place where you store everyone from a specific place; let’s say for example people who visit your blog.

So if you’re capturing everyone who comes in off you blog, you would just enter your name here as well as the e-mail you want them to see it coming from.

List name is pretty self explanatory.

Since you’re just now getting started, you could call it Blog.

Here, you just enter some details reminding people why the signed up.

They will be able to see this so make sure you put something that you’d be okay with them seeing.

Once you get through this, you’ll just confirm the rest of the steps.

Now, let’s add it to the blog.

Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Choose a headline like “Sign Up To Get Free Lessons

And put it on the blog.

Now, when you write something, it will give people an opportunity to stay in touch with you.

Once you start creating, you will notice more and more people signing up.

This is your audience.

You want to make sure you send them Broadcast e-mails every time you create any piece of new content so they get familiar with you and come to expect it.

Step 4: Promote things that help them

You need to promote things that help your people.

Ideally, these should be your own personal products.

As a leader with a message, an artist, you should own your own business and sell your own stuff.

Plain and simple, so make sure you get that going for yourself.

Then, you want to promote things that you use.

For example, now you are using WordPress and Aweber.

At the bottom of every company page you’ll usually find a place to sign up as an affiliate.

They will pay you a commission for everyone that signs up (with no extra charge to the person signing up), so make sure you do this with all products you enjoy.

You can do this with Amazon, teaching platforms, etc.

The things you use as your grow your online business will grow and change until you discover the best tools that work for you and your business.

Just go to my resources page to see everything I use or have used in the best.

I reviewed them all, and if someone decides to buy one they will usually use my links.

Make sure you do this with your blog.

It’s the first and easiest way to monetize it.

Make sure you believe in what you a recommending on your blog.

People are going to trust your opinion, so make sure you give an honest review or whatever it is you’re promoting.


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