I just spent about four days in one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet: Singapore.

The towering skyscrapers each had their own unique architecture which included numerous arched windows, flat-white coloration, and stepped building floors with plants decorating the bottoms just to name a few.

Everything in the airport was automated, all the way down to getting your fingerprints digitally farmed by the big brother government that rules the small peninsula country.

The software for all of this ran seamlessly as if it was created by Steve Jobs himself.

Everything was sterile and organized.

I witnessed no crimes and felt safe enough to leave my bag in random areas when I would stop to snap pictures for the gram.

There were no homeless in the streets, none of the stray dogs with curled up “fight or flight” tales that run in packs around Bali.

The types of dogs that would rather trouble you for a smoke and bite if you didn’t produce, rather than answer to a whistle and a “Here boy!”

Singapore is organized, expensive, clean and safe… Everything that Bali is not.

It reminded me of what the future looks like; a place that I live in virtually, through my work, except on the beach in my gritty accommodations.

Yes, no matter where you are right now, you need to take a good look around you and realize that you’re in a time and place that allows for remarkable freedom in just about every area of your life.

About the only thing I have noticed that you can’t control is the law of the land, which is one of the reasons that I enjoy Bali.

This is the type of place that you can witness a fellow tourist getting curb stomped by the local Balinese mafia for making the mistake of drunkenly desecrating a religious fixture.


This world is a place where you can choose you enviornment, and there are many to choose from.

It’s been like this for a while, though.

On my flight back from Singapore, I was listening to Tim Ferriss classic The 4-Hour Workweek on Audible.

This was actually the first time for me to read the book about living location free and lifestyle design, even though I am already living out an infant version of my crazy ass lifestyle of waking up on the beach and surfing every day.

I guess I figured I would get around to it someday, as it is considered the Bible of people who do what I do.

The thing is, it was written in 2009.

I was riding around in a beater 1998 Mustang in 2009. It was a $500 ride I’d picked up when I first got out of prison in 2008.

I called it the “Pile”, because, quite simply, it was a pile of shit.

But it got me from Point A to Point B.

I had read a Tony Robbins book before getting out that set the wheels in motion for me to model people, which I did, but it ended up taking a decade to get where I am today from there.

If I’d picked up that book in 2009, it would have definitely accelerated the process, but as it happens I stumled around year after year like Moses, searching for that way out, which I thought was getting a job in IT.

That never happened, and I ended up getting into sales, but it’s amazing to me that this lifestyle I now live was there this whole time.


Would I have had the nuts to do anything about it back then?

I doubt it.

The simulation is strong out here, no matter what year it is.

Even though technology allows us to do whatever the fuck we want, achieve anything and live fantasy lives of our dreams, most of us still use it as a tool to fling shit at each other with.

That’s right: In case you didn’t notice, “shit flingin'” is our favorite past time.

Just as football used to be Americas pasttime, now we have the worlds pasttime.

And the same way our distant primate ancestors the chimpanzees pioneered the technique, we now do it digitally.

Don’t believe me?

Check the Facebook comments.

Any viral video you find, no matter if it’s a cute cuddly dog doing a fucking handstand – on the outside appearing to have no controvery what-so-ever – you will find a couple of homo sapiens in the comments having a shit fight with as much gusto as a middle school food fight.

They will be GETTING IT ON, straight up.

It doesn’t matter that it’s meaningless bullshit that doesn’t change anyones life, that’s not what it’s about.

It’s about that primal urge to fling and throw shit in the face of our fellow man via massive technological advancements.

We have muskets, gatling guns and tanks of shit; we have nuclear warheads that create a 5 mile radial blast by sending an electron from a shit particle into the nucleus of another shit particle that we unleash on entire populations.

Scientists are in the lab every day devising new ways to explode shit on peoples faces.

The thing is, you can be in the future as long as you want, and still be in the Matrix.

You can still be trapped in the simulation of your mind.

You can still find yourself falling in these traps, outside your passion and in the collective zone of “everybody else”.

But you are not everybody else…

You live in the future, old man.

You’re living in the future right now, and fortunately it’s a little different.

For one, you have a guy like me in your fucking face every day trying to unplug you.

That’s pretty dope.

And if it’s not me, it’s someone else, but that’s always the future it was going to be.

Your mind is creating all of this around you, and fortunately it’s created a tunnel for you crawl out of, but you have to take the action.

Some people think when I talk about manifestation and law of attraction woo woo that I’m saying you don’t have to work.

Fuck no, this is a fucking video game.

This is the fucking sims…

You have to do to push the buttons and enter the codes, find your passion and fuck and reproduce and all that.

You have to learn and you have to fucking win against your own mind, which has come pre-loaded with challenges to overcome.

A game; it just so happens that you play the game in your mind.

And a game played in the mind has the ability to break manmade rules.

It has the ability to break all the fucking rules, you just have to realize it and believe it.

Or don’t…

Be one of these weird fuckers who believe they don’t have control.

There’s plenty.

A lot of people say they have this level of certainty, but their actions show a different story…

If you’re playing the game of working for someone else, clocking in trading your hours for dollars, you’re living in the past.

If you’re not sharing your message with the world, playing fearful: You are living in the past.

You’re trying to make the past work in a future game, and sure enough all of that is available for you to entertain.

But realize that in this world it is simply for your entertainment.

You reading this means that you understand what I am saying, you are grasping these concepts otherwise you would have retarded out after the tenth paragraph or so.

If you’re not creating your own lifestyle, going all in on yourself and unleashing your art on the planet, it’s for your own entertainment.

You are being entertained by weak ass programming of the past.

Consider yourself to be watching reruns of Jerry Springer in this simulation, while many people who understand whats going on are watching Game of Thrones.

You’re watching old VHS tapes of Ricki Lake, rewinding that shit and playing the same ones over again.

If you haven’t recreated your life in your image; if you haven’t created something that you wake up and go absolutely ape shit for every day, something that keeps you from flinging shit in the comments, you’re playing an Atari.

Look, the upgrade doesn’t take that long, and the fact of the matter is that it’s here and ready for you right now.

You have to make the decision to come out of the past, though.

You have to drop the ego, and drop any stupid fear shit that will keep you from going all in on this…

Because it’s going to require you to put yourself out there.

It’s going to require you to put your thoughts into this matrix, and leave you open for scrutiny…

It’s only going to work if you allow yourself to be the leader you were born to be, and realize that you’ve basically been acting like a bitch all these years even though you thought you were acting tough.

“I’m not going to put my thoughts and feelings out there, that’s not a manly thing to do.”

Yeah, go get fucked in the ass by life then…

That’s manly.

That’s hella tough.

It’s time to wake the fuck up and be you, even if it’s the last fucking thing you do.

You WILL fucking do it one way or the other, this life or the next.

You will bend the knee to your best self, who will take a quantum piss on your grave if you do it in your final moments.

Don’t suck, it’s time to quit sucking and you have the ability to handle that business right now.

You have the ability to quit being a fearful sack of lies right now.

You have the ability to quit being a coward, right now.

I know a thing or two about cowardice; many times in my life have I dodged a fight in less than honorable ways.

I even kicked a kid in the nuts when I was younger; not my finest hour.

I can think of these times that I died; times that I can’t go back and change but times that exist in the past only.

I faded memory that I bring up as cautionary tales; because I don’t run from shit these days, and neither should you.

Go all in on this beast, slay this fucking dragon right here and right now.

Do something great and amazing.

Take over the fucking world, seize this simulation so you can see what I’ve been trying to show you.

So we can look at it together; and be witness to it.

The greatest loneliness and knowing that I’m here in this place with no other like-minded indivduals to share it with.

That’s why I started speaking; that’s why I created my community and continue to try and surround myself with people who have been unplugged.

I don’t know what will happen when there are enough of us; I don’t know what the world will look like or the power that we will collectively be capable of…

What I do know is that it’s coming.

Something bigger than anything else that’s out there; something bigger than the world has ever known.

I know this because I’m actively pushing this movement; manifesting and taking the action needed to make it work, which is a lot of confrontation.

The biggest battles to be fought are in your own mind, fighting that fucking devil in your medulla oblongota.

They aren’t out here trying to stretch a dollar.

They aren’t out here trying to impress people you don’t like.

They aren’t in traffic.

They’re in your fucking mind; the things that have been stopping you for years.

Even if you’ve had some sort of limited success in your life, and you’re ready to give up and chalk that up as your win; your higher self is still out there making major fucking moves.

There will be a version of you where you are at right now who takes the ball and runs it all the way down the field and wins the super bowl.

There is a version of you who is losing this game in the worst way possible that decides to finally pick up the sticks and actually fucking play.

Fucking play and have fun with it.

What’s so wrong about being you?

What’s so wrong with unleashing every last piece of that on the world and attracting your people?

Attracting the people who believe in you and can help you go farther than you ever have…

What is a leader with no squad to help amplify the message?

All this must be built, but thanks to technology and where we happen to be right now at this point in time, it’s fucking easy.

It’s easy to get started; it’s easy to exponentially increase the results you’re already getting.

Shits easy.

What’s not easy is handling the lies you’ve been telling yourself all these years, the lies you’re telling yourself right now.

Breaking down the simulation.

That’s the shit people don’t want to help you with; but fuck it.

Let’s go, let’s get it.

Let’s fucking ride.

Two tickets to the future, VIP.

First class, like we were FUCKING BORN FOR.

Let’s go.


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