My friends Joell and Paul both left today.

About two weeks ago they moved into the same homestay that I’m staying at.

I’m in room 6, Joell was in 5 and Paul was in 4.


Joell is a 31 year old Brazilian that travels around the world with his girlfriend and posts content on Instagram.

They are one of those couple travelers you see there with the joint account taking pictures under the waterfalls and shit.

They have a pretty big following and I learned alot from him about building my account.

He was by himself when he got there so he could catch waves.

His girlfriend would be arriving in a few weeks.

Like me, he’s obsessed with surfing.

Paul moved in right after Joell.

He’s a 56 year old Aussie (even though he looks more in his 30s), and surfing is his life as well.

He’s been traveling since he was a kid, doing random construction jobs just so he can get enough money to come back out for months at a time.

He has it down to a science.

Neither one of them ever missed a day in the water.

We all became friends very quickly, learning from each other about anything and everything.

Waves, travel, social media, how to make money while traveling, how to save money while traveling, how to stretch a dollar.


Sometimes in the water in between sets, right before I wave rolled in and somebody had to take off to catch it.

Some days when the waves were fucked, we’d scout out hidden surf breaks and pray nobody found them.

You never needed any coffee on the way to these breaks, as the morning commuters are literally fucking insane.

At least ten times on the way, you would be dodging someone trying to pass another car in your lane, not giving one fuck.

Sometimes, it was a trash truck…

It’s your job to figure out where you’re going to go in these situations.

Sure as the tides, when we would get back to the “hidden” beaches the next day they would be swarmed with people.

“That’s the way it goes, sometimes mate,” Paul would always say.

He never let shit get to him, whether surfers were dropping in on him or the perfect wave came and he wasn’t able to catch it.

Joell is the same way.

“The perfect wave is the one you catch,” he would remind me when I spent time talking about the one I “would have” got.

Laid back dudes.

When we got back from the surf, we’d spend time telling stories at a local Warung.

Paul had seen some shit in his years traveling.

In Sri Lanka, the village he was surfing at was bombed by a rebel military faction.

Neither side wanted to run off the tourism, so they both did their best to facilitate helping the surfers get to the beaches they were looking for, while they bombed the fuck out of each other with mortar rounds.

Occasionally when they got to the beach, him and a friend would go ahead and bury a tortured body that had been rotting for a few weeks.

It is what it was.

This morning they both took off to Ulawatu.

Joells girlfriend had arrived and Paul was on that way for the next part of his journey.

And myself, well…

I’m still in room number 6.

Me and my trusty surfboard.

This is the way of the location free lifestyle.

You make friends fast, and you lose friends fast.

I’m well adapted for this, as it was the case while I was in prison, even though the inmates were nowhere near as interesting as the people I meet out here.

This morning, the knock on the door came as they have every morning since my new friends arrived.

I was deep in a dream, one where I was my higher self.

I was having a retreat here in Bali; the energy level in the room was so fucking high.

We were all having a great time joking and laughing, talking about the adventure of the day before.

It was unlike anything I’d ever been a part of, but I only caught a glimpse.

Charismatic, care-free.

These are some of the traits the I am able to embody when I am totally present and not consumed with the things that I cannot change, as has been the case most of this journey.

The illusion of ‘needing’ things to be happy…

I have to admit permeates my brain most days.

The resistance is always there in some shape or fashion; tell-tales vibes of the lower self.

The knock woke me up, and for a split second my lower self told me that lie: “Go back to sleep.”

“You’ll be able to get back to that dream if you go back to sleep. You’ll be able to be him again.”

But I knew this was a lie, as I’ve only ever gone back into the same dream twice in my life.

On top of that, in the dream I was only viewing my higher self.

I wasn’t actually that person in the dream, I was simply an observer of what was possible.

I forced my eyes open and yelled through the door “I’m coming.”

“Alright mate,” Paul answered back.

By that time, the lower voice had gone away.

I had already made the decision to say “yes” to Paul, to say “yes” to myself and say “yes” to my higher self.

I caught a quick visual in my mind of him at the party, now by himself, with an accepting grin on his face.

That’ll do, pig.

That’ll do.

Another test passed, another opportunity to truly be that person, because here’s what is known that most people aren’t saying as they dangle carrots in front of your face for you to chase on your way to greatness:

You are already that person.

You are already your highest self in this reality; and the rest is a battle of the mind.

All of the wars you think you are fighting each and every day; wars with money, relationships, drugs or alcohol…

They aren’t things you can buy a physical remedy for, they’re all things that are handled in the puzzle of the mind.

The puzzle that is consistently tarred and muddied by all of the outside influences of the rest of the world; the people tugging and pulling the strings of your own, predictable human nature.

The people telling you that this person doesn’t exist; but he can.

One day…

When you have finally taken the necessary steps or swallowed the magic pill.

Followed every single direction of the diet…

One day, you shall have the perfect life.

I got up out of bed and put on my shorts, sans shirt and remembered where I was.

Remembered who I am, that person already.

I am that charismatic guy at the retreat doing crazy shit to make everyone laugh, I just happen to be early to the party.

Actually I’m right on time, and you are as well.

No matter where you are, whether you are seventy years old and not a dollar or an 18 year old fresh out of high school with no clue about what you want to do, looking for a way out of your confusion and uncertainty: You are on time.

You are on time because you are already here and you have everything you need to get started bringing you higher self to the surface right now, you just have to make the decision to get started.

You are playing a game with challenges; there are external forces looking to steal that energy but you created them and they are under your control…

…all you have to do is start playing the game.

Start solving the puzzle, because if you just sit there it will not arrive.

If you let the game convince you that you have no power or control, so it will be.

When I first started surfing, wave after wave would come in and they would constantly change.

When I would think it was coming from one angle and start getting ready, the break would change.

Until my new friends showed me the ropes, I would sit there waiting, and would never catch anything.

Sometimes I would just lay there, and go back into lower: thinking about my “problems”.

Thinking about the work that was ahead of me.

Thinking about thing I could have done different…

Next thing I knew, I wasn’t in paradise anymore: I was in hell.

Fortunately I have that reminder, something that it etched in my mind now and will never be unlearned.

I see the light, and as your imaginary friend I pass it on to you:

The perfect wave is the one you catch.

Every day you have that opportunity, every moment there is a chance, a set.

It’s not a dream, it is reality.

It’s here right now, and it’s ready for you to seize and take full control of.

Go out and catch your perfect wave.


Free your mind,


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