I’ve always been interested in hypnotism, and that’s what lead my journey into the power of self-hypnotism.

Even at an early age, I can remember trying to hypnotize my cousin using a technique I had discovered in the Anarchist Cookbook.

He was laying down on his bed, and even though he claimed he was never hypnotized, I can look back on that day now and know he was.

He was taking my suggestions from the moment I started speaking them.

He wanted to understand what hypnosis was all about as well.

Something about it fascinates us.

There’s something that draws us to the idea of suggesting someone do something, and then them doing it.

It’s a sort of superpower that is attainable for us mortals in the here and now.

A superpower some can believe, while others look at it with great disdain.

I’m still into it now, and am actively studying to become a stage hypnotist.

I’ve mentored with the greats like Marshall Sylver…

Who, in fact, I will be visiting again very soon at his mansion in Paradise, Las Vegas.

The guy is a fucking OG.

But he’s not just a hypnotist, he’s the greatest salesman I’ve ever met.

Everything he does is designed to program you and convince you that pulling out your wallet and paying him is the best thing you could possibly do.

And it is…

The guy fucking delivers.

I was telling my new friend about him recently as we were discussing all manner of the mind…

Seduction, NLP, hypnosis… how to create your own reality.

He was taken aback by the idea of stage hypnotism.

He just couldn’t fathom the idea of clucking around on stage like a chicken; and still at the time of this writing he believes it’s complete horse-shit.

But then again, he’s never witnessed a stage show in person.

I’ve seen the power.

I was a skeptic as first, as we’d actually put on an event for Marshall one time.

I remember thinking to myself that our audience wasn’t the old ladies and geriatrics this guy was used to working with.

After all, Marshalls been around for a while.

So, during induction part of the performance I decided to slip out and take a bathroom break.

What I was really trying to do was avoid a train-wreck.

I’m not a big fan of watching people crash and burn.

I eventually got bored of meandering around in the lobby by myself (everyone was watching the show), so I decided to go back in, hoping maybe it would be over.

It was not.

What I walked into was the train-wreck, or so I thought.

One of our main clients, a huge buff guy we’ll call Don, was yelling at Marshall.

“You fake fuck!”, he was screaming. “Just stop with this shit. It’s FAKE and we all know it!”

I started to turn to walk back out the door but something told me to keep watching.

It kept going, and Marshall was trying to convince him everything was cool and to just take it easy.

Don wasn’t hearing it, and rushes the stage to beat Marshalls ass.

As he get’s about three feet away, Marshall places a hand in the air, and Don crumples to the ground.

Marshall then steps a foot on top of the fallen beast.

He’d conquered Goliath.

I was hooked.

Later I would watch people fly off the stage and go galloping down the aisles of a packed venue with their eyes closed, screaming wildly as if they were the Lone Ranger himself.

Complete surrender of mental faculties, open to any suggestion that will make them a better human being.

It was a life-changing thing for me to witness, and I will never doubt the power of the human subconscious ever again.

Despite my friends disbelief in stage hypnosis, he highly recommended self-hypnosis with great enthusiasm.

It’s very interesting, considering they are both the same fucking thing.

I hadn’t had the chance to experiment with self hypnosis, as I’d been more interested in memorizing my stage induction and fully immersing myself on the performance aspect of the craft.

I’m a very wound up individual, and I do affirmations daily but have been slacking in the meditation department.

One night, I was beating myself up about the minimal progress I was having in my social communications department.

My buddy shot me the link to a video on self-hypnotism on confidence that he’s found on YouTube.

The guy swore up and down by it, and I was at the house in a bad frame of mind so I said what the fuck and tried it out.

Actually it wasn’t what the fuck at all.

I was going all in.

After all, I’ve never had the opportunity to be hypnotized myself.

So, that evening, I turned out all the lights and got very comfortable, and even downloaded the video so I could watch it while all my devices were in airplane mode.

I turned it on during a day of bullshit going on within my business.

I was highly interested in seeing how well this would work at a time of turmoil.

Would it unwind my brain and get where I needed to be, or would my anxieties overcome the hypnosis?

Who would win?

Stay tuned, find out next week.

Just bullshittin’.

As the induction began, the mans voice was very soothing.

Exactly what you’d expect a clinical hypnotist to sound like.

Marshalls has a booming voice, and even he will tell you that he’s designed it to emulate a “Voice From God”.

But this guys voice was slow and steady, with a just a hint of robotic vibration in it, as if I were being hypnotized by an artificial intelligence.

As he counted down, he told me to visualize being at the top of a staircase, and walking down.

The entire self-hypnotism induction, I was fighting off the thoughts and frustrations that I’d been entertaining all day.

I was pushing hard to get them out of my mind, and with every word from the hypnotist is became easier and easier.

When I finally reached the bottom of the steps in my minds eye, he suggested I walk through a doorway into a beautiful garden.

My mind was having trouble picturing a garden, and I was standing in whiteness down the steps in front a doorway that opened up into lush greenery, but it was so bright I couldn’t make out the garden.

I could see a creek flowing through it, but the sunlight was bouncing off the water in such a vibrant form that I was unable to see anything else.

The voice suggested that I move through the door to the other side, and as I did I realized I was no longer controlling the movement or the thoughts.

I just started walking through, and when I made it the light flickered away I was laying on my back in fresh blades of St. Augustine grass looking at a bright red barn-house birdfeeder, with a wooden windmill rotating around it.

I remembered this place from my childhood.

As a young boy, my mom would take me across the street to this old man named Pheedies house.

He was our neighbor.

I was drawn to the grass in this mans backyard, the way it felt on my feet, my arms, my legs.

I could hang out in it all day, play with my toys in it, and would protest when my mom came to take my home.

Old man Pheedie never gave a fuck, he was happy to have someone enjoying the grass he’d planted.

Nobody else was coming by to see him.

I would try to get to that grass as much as I possibly could.

My dad lived right across the street, so when I’d go visit him, it wouldn’t be long before I was trying to find a way to get across the street and get into that grass.

Of course I would have to have permission, but when I did get there it was bliss.

What a yard, basically heaven on earth.

I would eventually tell my mom I wanted to get some St. Augustine grass at our house, and even though she bought a few patches to put out in front of our trailer home, it didn’t take to our muddy land and never ended up being anything like the setup Pheedie had.

The window of availability for me being able to go to Pheedies ended up getting shorter and shorter.

I could only get there every other weekend, as I was a child of divorce and that was my alotted time with my father.

One day, Pheedie died, and I knew my time with that back yard had come to an end.

I would never be able to go back with permission again.

A year or so later, when my little toddler nuts grew into cashews, I snuck in through the back gate only to discover that the grass was now dead and brown.

The yard looked horrible.

I can remember a piece of myself dying then.

Something about the magic and beauty of a place once so beautiful, a friendly old wrinkled smiling face watching me like the god of a hidden paradise, now barren and desolate and lifeless.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things die since then, things I quickly got used to forgetting about.

I guess I lost count somewhere along the way.

Under this deep trance I was finally able to catch a glimpse of the many callouses on my minds eye and I was able to have a realization that I needed to have.

And that is that I was mistaken about these things being gone.

These places that brought me a deep calm relaxation, these people that brought me happiness.

They are available and accessible through the power of the mind; the power of the subconscious.

Just as surely as we can tap into success and power and limitless freedom, we can tap into these other worlds.

If we have the ability to create places that we only dreamed of,

We also have the ability to create the places we’ve already been.

We have the power to create these worlds forgotten and dead, and breathe life back into them.

Breathe in a deep relaxation,

Breathe out all your anxieties.

Breathe in peace and tranquility,

Breathe out all your worldly concerns.

That’s what accessing the subconscious via self-hypnosis was able to do for me.

I highly recommend you try it out and see what wonderful places it can take you.

It can help you overcome fears, quit bad habits, and even help you lose weight.

(Note: If you need help losing weight and you want to try hypnosis, check out this link. I highly recommend this website.)

I had lost all recollection of Pheedies yard.

If I hadn’t ran into my new friend on my journey of leveling up through communication, who knows if I would have ever revisited that place and achieved that level of serenity again.

I do believe it all happens on the journey, though, as long as you are actually willing to take the journey.

Free your mind,


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      Amen, Brother!! I remember that day well. Life changing.

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      Wow! What a great read!💕💕

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