As far back as I can remember, I’ve been interested in words.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom tossed out a word that for me and my older brother (six years my senior) to spell.


I’ve always looked up to my older brother, even though he didn’t really like us that much when we were growing up.

My and my younger bro always tried to be just like him.

To us, he was the best at everything he did… there was no defeating him, and… he always won in the game of fisticuffs.

I think I’ve maybe beat his ass once or twice in my life.

But here I was a youngster, and my mom dropped this on us.


I quickly spelled it before he even had the chance.

Smoked his ass, left him stutterin like Stanley.

He was kinda pissed I got him, and of course I didn’t want my ass beat so I just played it down.

But I realized I had something there… I had something I was naturally good at, and something that gave me power in our little tribe of brothers.

My older bro was supposed to be the best at EVERYTHING.

I felt like I had a loaded gun in my hands, something I had to be careful with and respect.

That was the first time I realized the awesome power available with words, something that most people probably gloss over in favor of other activities that would appear better sources of getting ahead in life.

I enjoyed reading books and especially writing and creating to get over the boredom of living in the country.

We didn’t consider it being bored back then; that was just what it was: Our ipads were notepads.

Nobody really encouraged any of this creative aspect in my life, it was just something to do.

I also noticed that people would break out of their normal routines when introduced with altering viewpoints.

To me, watching people go about their daily lives looked automated.

It looked as if everything was just set in some way already, as if I could see the future just by watching people.

It was like watching an ant farm; there were no surprises or deviations from the norms.

When I’d introduce an alternate viewpoint or idea, it was like kicking over the ant hill… routine would scatter and people would have to try and piece back together their normal “worlds”.

Most of this happened pre-internet explosion, so even my most simplest of ideas were enough to cause mayhem back then.

So much power in a word…

The ability for someone to become the cause of things around them, even when they would otherwise think they had absolutely no power.

Packed inside a word is an idea, something that can change a reality unlike anything else.

Mix your ideas with certainty and you have the basic recipe for influence.

Influence is something a kid understand a great deal about…

Convincing someone to make a decision that otherwise seems totally rediculous.

Let me give you an example…

I was obsessed with the movie “Hook”, still am to this day.

(damn good metaphor for life; same premise as The Matrix really)

One of the lost boys spends the entire movie trying to find his “lost marbles”.

That scene made me want a bag of marbles so bad when I was a kid that I begged my step mom to take me to Wal Mart for a week just to get a bag.

She didn’t need groceries, didn’t need shit from Wal-Mart really…

There was absolutelty no reason to drive eight miles into town for anything.

Anything except these marbles, that is.

Which I pestered and pestered and pestered her for until finally she gave in and took me.

Some would say that’s called be annoying as fuck, and maybe they are right…

But the fact is she gave in to the power of words, and I got what I wanted.

My little piece of magic.

These are just some of my earliest experiences with influence; and I’m sure you have some of your own but these were the genesis for me…

The awakening, an awareness.

For better or worse, words have been getting me in and out of trouble; but always situations in which I wanted to be in.

I experiment with life… I’m probably one of the crazies people you ever met in your life, or so you might think.

I don’t believe I can die, and neither should you.

I believe we already conquered mortality; it’s one of my favorite ideas. (we can debate it later)

I enjoy the good and the bad; in fact most of the time I do create the long ways just for the scenery…

Words have always guided me in and out of these situations, to new lands, from hell holes of desperation to dreamlike beaches…

The written word was an escape from the physical confines of a prison when I decided that’s where I wanted to be for a couple of years.

They got me out as well; not only in the form of manifestations but also in the form of a legal letter sent on my behalf.

I’ve realized the power of words my whole life, something you can use to create whatever reality you’d like to live in.

If you’ve ever witnessed the power of them, I’m here as proof that they can change everything for you when you unleash them.

Most people are afraid of what will happen when they do, though.

They’re afraid of being perceived as different or having changed; or they’re afraid it will ruin the relationships of the people around them.

That’s the testament to the way you can get trapped by your message as well…

If you don’t let it out, you will be incarcerated by it.

That’s the problem with being a leader… the message doesn’t go anywhere.

It’s there and it’s always going to be there.

It can take your ass to the grave or it can liberate you; it’s really your choice but it will do either one.

That’s what you need to understand.

Playing life like you are an ant in a farm just won’t cut it.

That’s why I’m here.

One of the main things I get asked by my clients is how to find their core message.

The core message is always freeing minds, I don’t care who you are.

I speak ideas that are designed to destroy your ant hill and everything that you’ve built in place of your truth.

I’m here to kick your shit over, all the fraudulant things you’ve constructed as ways to run from it.

I don’t care about any of the things that you do.

I’m not concerned in the slightest if you have a family, a wife and kids.

I’m not concerned if you already have an empire built.

I’m not concerned about anything you present to the outside world.

Ideas live inside your head; I am one of those ideas, something you can’t run from.

I am something here to create chaos in your life.


Because you know what the fuck you are, already.

You know that you have been playing small as fuck, no matter what you are doing financially right now.

Fuck that shit.

The reason you’re here is to create unlimited fulfilment.

A life that you wake up maniacally laughing your circumstances in life…

A place where you find joy and adventure in EVERYTHING.

A place where you are TRULY FREE in every aspect.

A place you can call home.

It’s possible, and it’s all happening right now.

It’s all available to you when you release your message, when you start understanding the power of the words you keep locked inside.

Not the ones you feel like you are free to speak right now; the ones you have LOCKED UP.

Those are things that need to become free if you intend to be free and enjoy a quality of life that’s beyond comprehension.

You don’t get to know what that sort of life is like until you get there.

You have to earn it through speaking your truth, and that’s all there is to it.

Until you get to that level; you can watch other people living theirs and wonder what that’s like.

In fact, you can even feel like you’re actually living that way, but you and I both know it’s just a fascade.

Good ole social media, amirite?

Here’s the kicker: You’re going to end up living that way no matter what.

No matter if you are on your death bed when it happens, you will decide to tell the fucking truth.

Your words are your power as a leader, and they have the power to give you unlimited fulfillment.

It will happen, I can guarantee to you that, but you have to fucking start somewhere.

I’ll be around here when you do.

Holler atcher boooooiii

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